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For ~fun and relaxation~ I've been sorting through my Akame fic folder and tidying things into folders and updating metadata and OMG, WHO IS THIS PANDA.

But anyway, I am left with three stories that I have saved as doc files but where made no note of the author (T__T), and I can't find them through googling. Akame peoplez, if you have or remember these stories, could you tell me who the author is?

Titles & intro )

Thanks a lot!!
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 photo abgang_475.jpg

So this is two cheerful posts in one day. One less planned than the other.

I was out for a walk and grocery shopping when my mother whatsapped me to tell me that Helmut Schmidt died this afternoon.

This is neither surprising nor in any way tragic. The man was 96 years old; he had a rich life with many successes, he was everyone's favourite former chancellor, he had an exceptional marriage for 68 years, he was spared dementia and got to stir the pot almost until the very end, and the people who are still writing he was 'respected but not loved' are somehow still stuck in 1992, thank you.

So I know I was projecting all over the place and that nearly bawling at the supermarket checkout had much more to do with my life in the last week or so than Helmut Schmidt dying.

But I still feel bereft.

I feel bereft that I live in a Germany that doesn't have Helmut Schmidt anymore.

This isn't about how he was always right and perfect; he wasn't. But that's not the point. It's also not the point that I feel immediately compelled to point out that I know it's easy to be a moral authority giving good advice when you're no longer actually in politics. Because I do know that.

The point is, a lot of those I consider great Germans have died in recent years. Marion Dönhoff, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Richard von Weizsäcker -- Helmut Schmidt was the last one to go now, and to me the most important one. The people I'd point to with a sentimental, 'There, that is my Bundesrepublik.'

I don't know who else is left who does that for me. I don't know if there's anyone in contemporary politics who could grow into that for me.

One of my very earliest television memories is watching Schmidt lose the chancellorship in a no-confidence vote. He was a pragmatist and a conservative Social Democrat, and I did a lot (though not all) of my figuring out what sort of Social Democrat I am by reading up on his struggles with a party increasingly to the left of him.

He was sometimes vain, often arrogant. But straightforward. An intellectual whose best autobiographical book is about his love for the arts and philosophy. A guy who made the tough calls in the face of terrorism and didn't lose himself or the country its soul. Who's in it because he thinks he knows better than everyone else but also because he has a true idea of public duty. Who's not married to his fourth wife and who spent his time as an Elder Statesmen writing knowledgable books about European integration, not making a fortune from Russian oil companies.

I don't know if everyone who's said in recent years, 'We'd need a Chancellor like Helmut Schmidt' would really mean it if they knew more about the nitty-gritty of his chancelorship and the flaws that came with the package. I think I'd mean it, though.

Danke, Herr Bundeskanzler. You were right a lot more than you were wrong, especially about Karl Popper. And, yeah, the missiles. And you will be missed. And you're still the only guy who'd ever get to smoke in my flat.

English obituary, if you're curious.
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So I woke up and my desktop PC couldn't connect to the internet. I'd been having wifi issues for a while even before I went to Japan, timeouts and weird interruptions. When I got back from Japan the wifi didn't work either on my PC or my laptop anymore at all; the O2 guy I talked to the day after I came back from Japan reassured me that nothing was wrong with the router, and told me to do a reset. Stuff was sometimes working after that but still wonky, and at some point I went for the idiot solution and just plugged my long emergency LAN cable. But this morning not even the LAN cable wanted to work anymore. (My mobile phone, weirdly enough, can still connect to the wifi, but after trying a LAN cable and two different wifi adapters on the PC, and resetting everything there, I really don't think the problem is the PC.)

So I called O2. (A riveting start to any story.) )
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Disclaimer: Personal con report, things get blurry, and I don't claim to be a disinterested reporter, so you'll get my personal impressions mixed in with the descriptions. I still can't read Jin's mind. (DAMN!)

Administrative note: I don't live in Japan, though I am currently on an extended stay there, and Jin helpfully planned his tour so that I will get to go to a number of concerts. If you'll see future reports from me, I feel the need to put the crazy into perspective and point out that I did not take months off work for Jin, much as I like the guy. I don't know if you needed this disclaimer, but I, um, wanted to put it out there...

 photo Jin01.png

Saitama Concert Report )
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In short, and not very analytical, just because.

The Good Wife: This show has been making me kind of depressed. >_< I was never very fannish about it but I always looked forward to it, but the season 6 election storyline, combined with the showrunner's apparent unwillingness to actually shake things up, and many once-interesting recurring characters having outstayed their welcome, have me really very... bored. Last week's episode was a bizarre 42 minute exercise in treading water, and worst of all is that I don't think I like Alicia anymore. :-| There's something going wrong when I'm more on Peter's side in the whole infidelity issue than Alicia's, and having read some backstage gossip I wish I could unsee (but that would explain a lot), I'm having some RL bleedover too. It's all very sad.

Jane the Virgin: it's a bit funny in that like The Good Wife, this is a show I really wasn't going to touch because the title put me off. But damn, is that an adorable show.

The Fosters: I'm not really watching watching this, so technically this doesn't belong on the list. I checked this out last year, very belatedly, because somehow I had missed that there was a TV show about a lesbian couple and their biological-adopted mix of kids. It kind of sounded like something I would like and could potentially like a lot (lesbians! found families!), and, well. I will give it one thing: Teri Polo as one of the mothers is really amazing, and when the plot isn't too stupid, I really enjoy her character. But from the start the show wasn't helped by an ill-advised star-crossed lovers plotline, plus it turns out I have a limited patience for watching a particular style of American (TV?) parenting. Also, in general, this is a show where everyone continously makes terrible choices, and whenever the choice is, 'Do I do this slightly uncomfortable but basically sensible thing where I get help with my problem and, like, don't break the law?' vs. 'Do I do the thing that is easier for exactly five minutes but guaranteed to blow up in my face later?', GUESS WHAT THEY DO. I think hatewatching is too strong a term because I don't feel that strongly about it; I basically get an episode now and then to see who is picking door #2 this week. And get a kick out of Teri Polo being a nommy lesbian.

The Americans: is having an absolutely amazing third season. Somehow I don't click with the fandom at all, so I'm just enjoying it all by my lonesome, and quietly shipping the two married leads something fierce.

Second Love: Kame's spring drama, concluded last Friday with just seven episodes. Spoilers for the whole thing, though not very deep )

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: A recent trial. I don't know what to make of that one yet. The lead is extremely likeable and I enjoy the mix of funny with the macabre premise, but... IDK yet.
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Assortment of posters and bonus goodies, scanned by [ profile] b_akakame and me, and puzzled together by me. (With assistance by [ profile] solo's superior computer in the home stretch.)

The resolution is generally either 300 or 600 dpi, though somehow, I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW, the large versions of the Come Here and the In Fact poster ended up being only 72dpi, and after fighting with these for about two weeks and starting over on one of them and still having the same result, I give up.

'Large/big': whichever size they first came out of the program before I started shrinking them. If you want to resize to a size of your choice, these might be the ones you want, but be warned that they are huge, and even opening them when your PC has less than 8GB RAM is going to be tricky.

And do let me know if any of the links don't work. These were a bugger to keep track of and I had some file-naming SNAFUS.

Kame Come Here Poster

 photo KameComeHere2400_tn.jpg

350 MB, large | 9 MB, 2400px | 2.1 MB, 1200px

In Fact, Mi Amor bonus )

Credit: [ profile] jo_lasalle & [ profile] b_akakame/[ profile] jo_lasalle & [ profile] RedTurtleNinja
Note: I'm normally not too fussed about credit, as there's a lot of give and take in fandom. But the last time I scanned a poster, I literally spent an entire day on it, and within half an hour of posting, someone had uploaded it on Twitter without credit or even commenting and passed it off as something they'd 'found'. This batch took me several days. I'm just saying, don't be that kind of dick.
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Happy New Year, everyone! Greetings from Scotland!

Scotland, by the way, is a total troll, and after I was lured here with the promise of FIREWORKS!!** the fireworks got cancelled because of 'strong winds'. (According to a definition of 'strong winds' that must have included 'is capable of moving a very light feather'. Really, it was bizarre.)

[ profile] solo & I then went to see if we could catch a glimpse of different fireworks, but our time management and organisational skillz were a little off by then. We literally were here when the clock struck midnight:

 photo 2015-01-01013614Andere.jpg

New Year's on a deserted playground. It was its own kind of special. <3

**I have not seen fireworks at New Year's in forever because in the last mumbleyears I was either visiting Solo, and it was too rainy or too foggy or too in-a-hollow to see any at her old house, or I was in Osaka Dome.


In other news, Yuletide reveals happened. I had a bit of a weird writing time with this and ended up writing one story as my main Yuletide story and its second part as a treat. They're up on AO3.

Silent Beat (6504 words) by Jo_Lasalle
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 47 Ronin (2013)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Kai (47 Ronin), Oishi Chikara, Asano Mika
Series: Part 1 of Silence

For Chikara, the silence after is the hardest.

Demon Song (7993 words) by Jo_Lasalle
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 47 Ronin (2013)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Kai (47 Ronin), Oishi Chikara
Series: Part 2 of Silence
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Disclaimer: I do not take notes during concerts, so it's possible that I'm confusing the order of events here and there. I also only have intermediate Japanese, so when I say, 'And Jin went blah blah' this is what I believe I heard, but I may have been wrong, though I also point out where I was especially unsure of whether I got it.

Crossposted to [ profile] jindependence.

Where we were at )

Jindependence 1 December )
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This exploratory study of recent developments in the relationship between one Jin A. and shirts refutes claims by colleagues in Shirt Theory that Jin A. has recently been shifting his focus from hoodies to one of the most esteemed garments, the Shirt.

Jin A., also sometimes known as Rat B., has a long and well-documented relationship with the Hoodie, sometimes in combination with the Poopypants. But in recent weeks, a shift seems to have occurred, and this article argues that contrary to expectations and the tenets of Shirt Theory, shirts have not been the main replacement.

The Argument )
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So for the longest time all my requests had 0 offers on the sign-up sheet, and none of my offered fandoms were requested. I was getting a little concerned I might be unmatchable.

Now I don't know if it counts as shaking the box if there isn't a box yet, but it's maybe looking at the number of shopping bags mamaaaa brings home from Christmas shopping, or something? Because two of my requested fandoms have been offered, and all of my offered fandoms have requests, so that at least makes waiting for the assignment more interesting. :D

And now I want my assignment. \o/
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing for me! This is my second proper Yuletide and I'm actually no less nervous about the sign-up than the first time.

First of all, I want you to have fun writing a story in one of these tiny fandoms, and if my thoughts on them don't inspire you, feel free to ignore these very optional details! I'm hoping this letter will be useful for you if you want some prompts or ideas of what specific things I'd like, but it's not supposed to make you go omg she wants what?? If the stuff in the letter doesn't speak to you, please write a story you're comfortable and happy with!

My fandoms this year all happen to be Japanese TV dramas, which usually don't run for long and so I guess it makes some sense that a lot of my (optional details) requests are 'so what happens after?'

Now on to the fandoms I requested!

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi )

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge )

ダンダリン 労働基準監督官 | Danda Rin )

Majo no Jouken )

General likes and dislikes )

This got kinda long again – I hope the verbiage doesn't scare you off, and I'm just going to stress again that I know that optional details are optional, and that you should know that I know. If you do have any questions after all this, my usual writing partner [ profile] solo/[ profile] solo has agreed to be quizzed and interrogated, so please do avail yourself of her. :D
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OMG, three posts in one day, what will be next, volcanoes?

But! Some fannish linkage I meant to do, or get to do! :D

First off, [ profile] pt_pirates finished posting last Monday and will have their reveals tomorrow. I was the Assistant Mod to [ profile] nightinbird, and while we had the occasional hiccup and a bit of a learning curve on some issues, all in all I was extremely pleased with how our first year turned out, and very happy with the new Akame fic people produced! :D Whether you read before or after reveals, if you've been looking for some new Akame fic, I recommend checking it out!

[ profile] haikuesque participated too and got a lovely canon/future story that I enjoyed very very much. *___* It's here: Kintsugi


Secondly, [ profile] b_akakame launched a new sharing community for a certain rat bastard: [ profile] jindependence

As I'd love to have a place for both putting and getting Jin stuff that is a bit less ephemeral than Twitter (and a bit more structured), I'm very thrilled and I hope people will share stuff there. ([ profile] 6nin absolutely allows Jin stuff but is a bit too random to serve as a real archive.)

Posts are member-locked, but I'm told joining is easy! :D Check it out, yo!

(I'm hoping this might finally motivate me to scan those eleventy hundred Jin pictures I got in those surprise packs in Osaka...)


Sep. 4th, 2014 11:09 am
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I want to watch this film NAOOOOOOOO!

I mean, like. When he looks sad! And when he smiles!! AND GETS IN FIGHTS!!! And has the most adorably weird nose in serious depri profile. <3

(And I've only watched it with the sound off because I'm in a certain place where I'm not supposed to be watching videos on Youtube. It makes the serious depri profile even more serious.)

(Dear Jin: be a dear and time your concerts so I can WATCH THIS MOVIE, ok?)

(([personal profile] jae, Kame is in a film about a Canadian baseball team!! I suspect this is not at all relevant to your interests but I felt like pointing it out anyway!!!))
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I'm at home, sick with a major cold. I feel mostly gross and a little bit twitchy, but I also appreciate the fact that I got sick a week after my holiday, not during or (oh god) on that horrible plane. So, uh, well done on timing, germs?

Anyway, it lets me write LJ posts about the JLPT, where I tried to pass the N3 in July.

Aaaaaaand... *drummroll* )
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"Wegen der Verwurzelung der Gewerkschaften in der gut ausgebildeten und berufsbewußten männlichen Facharbeiterschaft war es für sie schwer, in die Kreise der ungelernten und der weiblichen Arbeiterschaft vorzudringen; und diese sahen sich vielfach von den Gewerkschaften nicht ausreichend vertreten, wobei bei den Frauen neben den vereinsrechtlichen Beschränkungen noch das traditionelle Rollenbild und die Mehrfachbelastung von Erwerbstätigkeit und Familienarbeit die gewerkschaftlichen Aktivitäten begrenzten."

Does anyone want to take a guess which period we're talking about here?

No? OK, I'll tell you. )

(This note is brought to you from a 36°C hot office, in which whiny pandas are on the brink of whiny collapse.)
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I'm just back from a weekend in Düsseldorf, which included the lovely company of [ profile] ina, [ profile] nightinbird, [ profile] b_akakame and [ profile] aya_3003, my first booze since the Great Gorilla Hangover of 2014, not a great deal of sleep, fic exchange matching at [ profile] solo's mom's kitchen table, and the first time I was at a ramen restaurant in Düsseldorf and didn't order ramen.

That last part is probably the most shocking. ^_^

Being a cheapo, I opted for bus over train, and while that meant a long-ass trip, I had no crazy ladies sitting next to me. (I did have a hen night party and various 'travelling to Cologne to get drunk' parties on the same bus as me, but them's the breaks.) I arrived at home yesterday at 4 and had to hit the ground running as I had an English student and then politics until late, so I'm feeling kind of knackered, but I honestly had a wonderful weekend that was a proper break from work stress and current work deadlines -- much thanks to the fangirls who came out to play! <3

Now for the obligatory JLPT recap!

(1) Vocabulary & kanji
I think I did pretty well. There were three terms I'd never heard of before and three more where I was more guessing, but I'd still kind of expect a score around 80% on this part. The most interesting difference to N4 was that the 'how to use this word correctly' part (as in, you get a term like 内容 and then four sentences using this word, and only one is correct) got noticeably trickier in that all four sentences, literally translated, seemed potentially correct (in the 内容 example, they were all about some type of 'content') and you needed to know which context the word is normally used in. To me that was new, and N4 was still more 'I put the elephant in the drawer' vs. 'I see the elephant at the zoo'. At the end I had five minutes to spare.

(2) Grammar & reading
Not great. I made a strategic error, in part because I underestimated my reading comprehension -- not that that's OMG SUPER AWESOME but in relation to my grammar skillz, it was unexpectedly better. During N4, I'd done okay on the grammar and then struggled with the MASS OF READING, and I'd also struggled with understanding the answers. Meaning back then I generally understood the texts fine but didn't always know WTF the potential answers meant. So now I did the exam part in order, starting on grammar because I figured those points would still be 'easier' (more points in less time) than the reading points. But I was utterly terrible at the grammar -- I'm pretty sure I didn't get a single of the 'arrange the words into the correct order' questions right, and I spent a lot of time on those. And then I found the reading part surprisingly enjoyable. Time-consuming, yes, but I felt much less bamboozled by the answers and actually had fun with the texts. But then I did run out of time and for one text, with four questions, I ended up just making random dots on the answer sheet because the time was up. After this section, I figured I hadn't yet failed; I don't think I did so badly that I'll fall below the 'sectional minimum', and I was thinking that if I did well on the listening, the vocab & listening could still cancel out the grammar problems. I'm kind of expecting a 40-50% score on this one.

(3) Listening
Well. Let's just say that I did not to 'really well' on this one. Better than at grammar and reading, but probably not well enough to pull up my overall score to 'pass'. It was an interesting experience in that I felt exactly what the step up from N4 was (the 'near-natural speed' part of the speaking), and this was also exactly what I struggled with. No lie, I knew nearly all the words and the grammar constructions or baby keigo didn't throw me, but I could feel my brain going 'wait!!! WAIT!!! GIVE ME TWO SECONDS TO PROCESS!!' all the time. Basically, I still would have needed a two second break after each sentence just to sort it in my head, but the 'near natural speed' part was still beyond me. I'm guessing I'll score around 50-60% on this? Maybe?

If all my guesses are correct, I'm probably somewhere just around the fail/pass threshold. My gut feeling is 'failed but not totally tanked'. Exept of course all my guesses could be wrong, too! We will see come September. ^_^

Anyone else take the test this July?

I still owe some comment replies on other matters -- they will be gotten to shortly!
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This post isn't actually related to Jin's teasing teaser the other day -- I had three quarters of it written two weeks ago, but then I didn't have the time fill in the gaps and edit the edges. In any case, it's been brewing for a while.

So, this is a post about Jin, and my feelings on Jin, the evolution of my feelings on Jin, and some Jin theory. As such it's a bit of a messy post with some back and forth, because these things are related but only to a certain degree. Also, if you've had the misfortune/luck of being my roommate on certain fannish sleepovers or locked inside my car on long drives lately, you've heard most of this before as it was brewing away. ^_^

Please be advised that any speculation about how Jin felt or what Jin was thinking is speculation, and just because I don't go 'I think he might have thought' all the time doesn't mean I'm claiming I can read his mind. Okay? (This should be obvious but you never know, sometimes this fandom takes mind-reading very seriously.)

Part 1: Me&Jin )

Part 2: The Jincident and Unfair Ultimatums (or 'Jin is really fucking angry') )

Part 3: Jin Theory )

This post is open for discussion and also disagreement, but note that I will shut down any hatefests, should any be started.

Footnotes )
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So, Jin. JIN PUT OUT A TEASER FOR HIS COUNTDOWN TO JINDEPENDENCE. And it's making me very very optimistic that what's coming on July 4 is going to be AWESOME, rather than a sort of weird bzuh?, which I had been sekritly fretting about. I've had long convos with [ profile] b_akakame about the various possibilities for July 4 and everything that's come out since then has been pointing towards the AWESOME possibilities rather than the notsoawesome ones.

This is kind of a repeat from Twitter, but with more words because I'm me and also because I'm not ready to shut up about it yet.

 photo promo13.png

This is the closing image. And it's a STATEMENT. This guy still wants to go places and he's got a plan.

Seriously, I haven't been this fannishly happy in AGES. )
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In case you missed it! [ profile] nightinbird is running an Akame fic exchange this summer! (I am humbly assisting her as the undermod. ^^)

 photo SummerLoving_blue-v1_cursive_banner_v2_700_zps2c3bf98c.jpg

[ profile] pt_pirates is the comm. Go check it out, at the very least for the lovely graphics that [ profile] frameofmind6 generously made for us. :D Sign-ups open tomorrow!


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