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So, Jin. JIN PUT OUT A TEASER FOR HIS COUNTDOWN TO JINDEPENDENCE. And it's making me very very optimistic that what's coming on July 4 is going to be AWESOME, rather than a sort of weird bzuh?, which I had been sekritly fretting about. I've had long convos with [ profile] b_akakame about the various possibilities for July 4 and everything that's come out since then has been pointing towards the AWESOME possibilities rather than the notsoawesome ones.

This is kind of a repeat from Twitter, but with more words because I'm me and also because I'm not ready to shut up about it yet.

 photo promo13.png

This is the closing image. And it's a STATEMENT. This guy still wants to go places and he's got a plan.

 photo promo21.png

For one thing, Jin looks really, really happy in this. And I'm so happy he's happy, both in general and that he seems happy with his work! He must have enjoyed the hell out of hitting send on that tweet and then watch the reaction on Twitter. :D

 photo promo09.png


 photo promo14.png
 photo promo01.png

Pretty thoughtfulness, also on his pretty face!

 photo promo18.png

Can I just point out the pink bicycle, randomly thrown on some other crap? Jin, you beautiful slob.

ETA: [personal profile] naricina brought this to my attention, after Chinese fangirls dug it up:

 photo lovebike01.jpg
 photo lovebike02.jpg

*sits on the obvious*

 photo promo15.png

I'm not even going to make the obvious comment.

 photo promo08.png
 photo promo07.png

I would not say I forgive him for smoking but he is probably the only guy who even comes close. Well, Jin and Helmut Schmidt. That's how good he looks. (Jin. Not Helmut Schmidt.)

 photo blurrypromo.png
 photo promo19.png

This is a very blurry section but I for one CANNOT WAIT to see what that's all about. It looks dark and delicious and zomg.

 photo promo11.png
 photo promo05.png

Given the bouncing, I'm guessing this is a new PV. Can I just point out that that would mean a PV with un-sunglassed, nicely shaven PRETTY PRETTY JIN? If the teaser music is part of a new single, I'm hoping the single itself will be slightly more punchy on the whole than this excerpt, but the sound itself is one I could live with!

 photo promo16.png

At the start I thought this was from the Japonicana tour documentary, but I guess Jin just looks adorkable with dorky hair more frequently!

 photo promo17.png

And I realise this is a short promo, so I don't want to read too much into it, but still, the fact that this said 'piano track' made me a teeny tiny bit MOAR excited. ^^

Than you kindly, Jin, for making me so happy. Even if you totally fucked with my Friday!!!

 photo promo04.png

Date: 2014-06-30 05:02 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jae
Okay, wow, I don't even find the guy hot, but those are some gorgeous images.



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