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the paranoid android ([personal profile] jona) wrote2014-09-28 07:51 pm

Links: of red turtles and rat bastards

OMG, three posts in one day, what will be next, volcanoes?

But! Some fannish linkage I meant to do, or get to do! :D

First off, [ profile] pt_pirates finished posting last Monday and will have their reveals tomorrow. I was the Assistant Mod to [ profile] nightinbird, and while we had the occasional hiccup and a bit of a learning curve on some issues, all in all I was extremely pleased with how our first year turned out, and very happy with the new Akame fic people produced! :D Whether you read before or after reveals, if you've been looking for some new Akame fic, I recommend checking it out!

[ profile] haikuesque participated too and got a lovely canon/future story that I enjoyed very very much. *___* It's here: Kintsugi


Secondly, [ profile] b_akakame launched a new sharing community for a certain rat bastard: [ profile] jindependence

As I'd love to have a place for both putting and getting Jin stuff that is a bit less ephemeral than Twitter (and a bit more structured), I'm very thrilled and I hope people will share stuff there. ([ profile] 6nin absolutely allows Jin stuff but is a bit too random to serve as a real archive.)

Posts are member-locked, but I'm told joining is easy! :D Check it out, yo!

(I'm hoping this might finally motivate me to scan those eleventy hundred Jin pictures I got in those surprise packs in Osaka...)