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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing for me! This is my second proper Yuletide and I'm actually no less nervous about the sign-up than the first time.

First of all, I want you to have fun writing a story in one of these tiny fandoms, and if my thoughts on them don't inspire you, feel free to ignore these very optional details! I'm hoping this letter will be useful for you if you want some prompts or ideas of what specific things I'd like, but it's not supposed to make you go omg she wants what?? If the stuff in the letter doesn't speak to you, please write a story you're comfortable and happy with!

My fandoms this year all happen to be Japanese TV dramas, which usually don't run for long and so I guess it makes some sense that a lot of my (optional details) requests are 'so what happens after?'

Now on to the fandoms I requested!

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Hiroto

I changed my character sign-up this year to reflect that in this fandom, I'm really All About Hiroto. I went back and forth on this because I like the canon pairing of Hiroto & Nao, and if you offered to write both of them, I will be very happy with a story that is about them as a couple. But mainly with this show, I am All About Hiroto, and also Whatever My Baby Wants He Should Get.

My ideal story in this fandom would be one that explores how Hiroto's life continues after the end of the show, whether he and Nao can make it work or not. Extra special cherry on top if it maintains the realistic flavour of the show and things don't turn out magically happily perfect but poor Hiroto does catch a break at some point in his life. Hiroto is so All About Nao that I would never break them up. (This is my approach to Nao: I like her, but she's important to me because Whatever My Baby Wants He Should Get, and clearly Nao is what Hiroto wants.) But if you think they're going to split eventually, I'm okay with that, as long as Hiroto ends up in a good place and I can see how he got there.

A few prompts and questions if you find them useful:

How do Hiroto and Nao become part of each other's lives again after Nao comes back from Hokkaido? Or don't they? Does Hiroto eventually find a better job? Does Hiroto's family finally pull it together?

If you're not that much info futurefic or mapping out what happens to them, a missing scene from the show would also work well for me!

That I'm All About Hiroto and Whatever My Baby Wants He Should Get doesn't mean you have to write pure fluff start to finish. Like the show, you may torture me for a while and make me angst and cry and I'll bravely cope with that. As long as there is some justice in the world and Hiroto gets the happy end he deserves. (Because he does.)

In short: I'd love more of the universe, and for Hiroto to be happy. The end.

Note: I may be a die-hard Akame shipper but I'm not a huge fan of the concept of breaking up Hiroto and Nao in order to pair Hiroto with a Jin character. Especially since I have my doubts that the Jin characters that could fit would actually make Hiroto happy. (And Hiroto needs to be happy!) It's not a total dealbreaker for me but I'll be honest and admit that Hiroto is one of the few characters I wouldn't throw same-sex attraction at because that poor boy already has so much on his plate omg and lives in a 'realistic' universe, so I do think this kind of thing would be tricky to pull off realistically and with the happy ending Hiroto deserves.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (TV 2010), Kyohei & Sunako

I already got a wonderful story for this fandom in my first Yuletide in 2012! I just love this crazy show so much that I still want moar!

I ship Kyohei and Sunako pretty hard and their skull kiss is one of my favourite kisses on TV ever. I would love a story that explored their relationship after the end of the show.

What will happen to them when Kyouhei graduates? Does Kyouhei ever sort things out with his parents? Will Sunako find a job, or will she be the gothiest housewife in all of Japan? I'd also be happy to read a whacky plot adventure like one of the 'cases' in the show, if that's something you find interesting and if it's possible within the Yuletide timeframe.

While I really enjoyed the whacky hijinks tone of the show, I also liked its more serious (and occasionally darker) moments. If your inspiration takes you to a darker twist on this universe, that could also be interesting – a number of the plots on the show were just a quarter-turn of the screw away from being pretty dark, so that could work for me. This is also a fandom where tropes such as hurt/comfort or undercover adventures could be great fun!

Though speaking of darkness, I would prefer not to get a story that consists only of an impressionistic vignette of past canon events (like Kyouhei angsting on the floor of his parent's kitchen or Sunako being depressed over her high school sweetheart). As part of a story that not only takes place in the show's past, that would be fine!

Yamanade is also a fandom where I'd be very curious how their sex will go, eventually, but if smut's not your bag or you don't feel comfortable writing it in this fandom, a PG-rated romance would also be cool. I'd love to see how they negotiate their various issues while being much happier together and at the end of the series than they were at the start. Just plz don't break them up or have Sunako become 'normal'! (At least not permanently. For either.)

Note: I don't know the manga. Like, I really don't, and I nominated the TV show, but Yuletide somehow sorted this under 'All Media Types'. If you signed up with the manga in mind, I hope this won't throw you for a loop too much. I just wanted to point it out because I won't really understand manga-only background or characterisation.

ダンダリン 労働基準監督官 | Danda Rin , Danda Rin

Labour Standards Inspector Danda Rin fights health and safety violations and illegal overtime!!!

This show was a surprise find for me. I didn't know that a thing like an Anti-Overtime Jdrama existed, but it does, and it was essentially my catnip.

This is a show in which bureaucrats are heroes, and the main character's superhero outfit is a frumpy skirt and a safety helmet. I loved the line the show rode between realism (not every case turns out well for everyone) and optimism (it is very much a You Can Make A Difference show), and I also enjoyed the balance between the sometimes surprisingly blunt pointing out of injustices and the way it was still entertaining and often funny.

I requested Danda Rin only because I would love a story focused on her. Past, present and future is fine by me; I'd prefer something canon-compliant, and ideally I'd like to see how Danda Rin's life continues after the drama at the end of the series. That could be a plotty story about another case, or future fic, or an exploration of her love for rules…

I liked the other characters too, especially the relationship with her younger co-worker. If you wanted to make that romantic and explore how that will impact them – and how Minamisanjo will deal with her very special ways not just in the workplace but now at home too – that would be fine by me! I'm also up for a story about how she made all her previous bosses lose their hair, or how she drives Doteyama nuts.

One thing I found a lot of fun about the show is that Danda Rin does her world-improving and ass-kicking in an entirely un-flashy way. She doesn't have attitude or a lot of flair, she just thinks rules to protect people are really important and is painfully earnest about this. (She also doesn't seem to have any sense of embarrassment or, to be fair, a sense of humor as we know it.) So I'd like it if that could come through in the story, and if she didn't suddenly turn into a romance drama heroine or started physically busting down doors, because that's not what she's about.

(Though speaking of attitude and flashy, a crossover note: dear writer, if we got matched on this fandom, and you happened to have watched Ogon no Buta too, and you happened to think that throwing Tsutsumi Shinko and Danda Rin together – in whichever way, pure gen or femslashy – would be a natural crossover and great fun, I would be totally on board with that, just saying. ^_^)

Majo no Jouken, Hirose Michi & Kurosawa Hikaru

For this fandom, my request is a little different from the others, in that my favouritest story here would actually not take all of canon into account.

I loved this show to bits for about the first seven or so episodes, until about the time they ran away together. It was much bolder about this teacher/student romance than I ever would have expected, and while in general teacher/student isn't a trope I have any sort of strong feelings on, these two really sold me on their against-the-odds, forbidden love type relationship. But I have to admit that I found the later plot around the pregnancy and the coma and whatnot really not my beautiful cake, and so…

My ideal story would be one that takes the initial arc up until the running away, and then writes a different continuation from there, or assumes a different continuation and is just a snippet from their life in a parallel universe from canon.

If that doesn't work for you, I would also enjoy a story set in the future and with some noticeable distance to the final few episodes that doesn't focus too much on the final arc and the miscarriage/coma shenanigans.

Regardless of universe, show me how they live now, what jobs they've got, if they ever did have kids or how they're dealing with the age gap and their crazy backstory a few years down the road.

(And in either case, please don't break them up. ^^)

A few general likes and dislikes, which again I hope might be helpful rather than constraining.

I read slash and het and gen, usually in that order, but just as during my last Yuletide my requests are all more on the het or gen side. I'm very fine with all levels of explicit for my shippy requests, but will also read PG-rated romance or intense friendship, so please don't stress if you can't or don't want to write sex scenes or it just doesn't fit the story!

I like fluff. I like genuine conflict and earned resolutions. I like angst, within reason. I like jealousy in small doses that doesn't turn anyone into an ass. I like hurt/comfort and people being good to each other. (But if it's Hiroto hurt there has to be comfort! Lots! Please!!) I like characters who have devoted, intense, OTP relationships and still have friends and interests outside the relationship. I like thoughtful portrayals of parent/adult child relationships.

I don't like plots that hinge on really silly misunderstandings or people withholding information from each other. I'm not into vampires and magic. (Though for Yamanade, canon-levels of magical realism are ok!)

Most of my requests this year are towards canon-compliant stories, so I'd prefer that over AUs for these fandoms. (And even my AU request is towards a 'realistic'-type alternate universe.) However, in general I'm not anti-AU and if you have a killer idea for an AU in these and really want to go for it, it's not going to traumatize me. ^_^

Despite being a person who watches a lot of Jdrama, I do have some beef with a number of Jdrama tropes: I am not fond of what I call 'the Jdrama forgiveness crap', where unearned forgiveness has to happen at the end of the story no matter what a dick someone was to the protagonist. You are allowed to have a grudge if someone did something grudge-worthy! I'm also not keen on plots that hinge on 'someone ~collapsed~ and is now in the hospital with an unnamed illness/'heart disease'. And I really really like it when people remember that things like public transport, phones and Skype exist, and thus they don't really need to break up just because one of them moves to Osaka for a year.

On sex scenes, if you are so inclined: I like mishaps during sex and people not really knowing what they're doing and trying to figure it out. I like porridge sex (it ain't a four course dinner but it's happy-making and good for you) and I like magical first times. I like difficult first times and amazing established relationship sex. I like small scale sex clashes (one of them wants to do it on the washing machine, the other thinks that's bloody uncomfortable! one of them works nights, the other needs a lot of sleep, when will they ever fuck!) and bodies being weird and sometimes inconvenient. I also like sex that goes really well and makes everybody happy.

I don't think in this moment that there's much kink potential in my requests, but if you disagree and want to show me otherwise, that's cool! (And Sunako might surprise me, anyway.) I like most softcore and a lot of mediumcore kinks as long as they fit the characters and their relationship. My requests being what they are, I don't really want to go through the whole kink_bingo list, but if you want to do anything specific and feel unsure, a look at my fic might help, or you can ask [ profile] solo/[ profile] solo, who knows these things and would be very happy to advise. :-)

A few things I'd rather you avoided: I'm not really into crossdressing or genderswitch outside of crack or plot stuff. (Like Kyohei disguising himself to escape the fangirls.) I don't like gory things or gratuitous extreme violence, though where violence is appropriate, it's appropriate and I'll deal. Unlike the small scale sex problems above, large scale sexual incompatibilities (sexual/asexual, only-kinky/only-vanilla) make me really anxious and I'd rather not read about them. I would prefer not to receive asexuality fic, so if your die-hard interpretation of one of these characters is that they're asexual, you'd make me happy if that wasn't the front and center point of the story.

This got kinda long again – I hope the verbiage doesn't scare you off, and I'm just going to stress again that I know that optional details are optional, and that you should know that I know. If you do have any questions after all this, my usual writing partner [ profile] solo/[ profile] solo has agreed to be quizzed and interrogated, so please do avail yourself of her. :D
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