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This exploratory study of recent developments in the relationship between one Jin A. and shirts refutes claims by colleagues in Shirt Theory that Jin A. has recently been shifting his focus from hoodies to one of the most esteemed garments, the Shirt.

Jin A., also sometimes known as Rat B., has a long and well-documented relationship with the Hoodie, sometimes in combination with the Poopypants. But in recent weeks, a shift seems to have occurred, and this article argues that contrary to expectations and the tenets of Shirt Theory, shirts have not been the main replacement.

Admittedly, Jin A. has been observed socialising with shirts even recently.

 photo DVDJinAkanishi-MiAmorMaking9m49s1280X720KALavi_snapshot_0436_20141117_083004Custom.jpg

But these efforts were not of a long-term nature. Note the sense of urgency implied in the position of the shirt, hinting at a less than amicable split.

 photo DVDJinAkanishi-MiAmorMaking9m49s1280X720KALavi_snapshot_0500_20141117_082954Custom.jpg

Arguably Jin A. has been far more drawn to non-shirt garments in the recent past, as can be seen in the following documentation.

Tank tops.

 photo B2iuanYIEAAhAkvCustom.jpg
 photo DVDJinAkanishi-MiAmorMaking9m49s1280X720KALavi_snapshot_0342_20141117_083430Custom.jpg

A nun's habit.

 photo DVDJinAkanishi-inShanghaiDocumentaryFootage7m09s1280X720KALavi_snapshot_0542_20141117_083053Custom.jpg

But as the relationship with former shirts already implies, something else has been far more prominent and, given the history of Jin A. as documented in the literature1, is far more noteworthy and suggestive of a paradigm shift.

 photo B2iv_nBIMAEGQVGCustom.jpg

Contrary to previously established principles, Jin A. has been enganging in shirtlessness in a variety of situations. These events seem to have occurred free from outside pressure. Unlike in the case of the shirt, no ambiguity in the relationship can be detected.

 photo DVDJinAkanishi-MiAmorMaking9m49s1280X720KALavi_snapshot_0738_20141117_082855Custom.jpg
 photo 20141111FancamMiAmorZeppSapporoSlownopicMIAMOR1080pmp4_20141117_082346743Custom.jpg
 photo DVDJinAkanishi-MiAmorMaking9m49s1280X720KALavi_snapshot_0935_20141117_082927Custom.jpg

We believe we have shown that recent cases of shirtlessness are both more frequent and a sign of path departure. Due to space limitations, we cannot propose theories as to why at this point. Further research investigating potential causes is required. Theories and alternate explanations may be submitted for a future issue.

1 See in particular Fur and the Pet (2004) and The Third Layer: Jin A. and Clothes under High Wattage (2006).


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