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Assortment of posters and bonus goodies, scanned by [ profile] b_akakame and me, and puzzled together by me. (With assistance by [ profile] solo's superior computer in the home stretch.)

The resolution is generally either 300 or 600 dpi, though somehow, I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW, the large versions of the Come Here and the In Fact poster ended up being only 72dpi, and after fighting with these for about two weeks and starting over on one of them and still having the same result, I give up.

'Large/big': whichever size they first came out of the program before I started shrinking them. If you want to resize to a size of your choice, these might be the ones you want, but be warned that they are huge, and even opening them when your PC has less than 8GB RAM is going to be tricky.

And do let me know if any of the links don't work. These were a bugger to keep track of and I had some file-naming SNAFUS.

Kame Come Here Poster

 photo KameComeHere2400_tn.jpg

350 MB, large | 9 MB, 2400px | 2.1 MB, 1200px

In Fact Bonus Poster

 photo InFact2400_tn.jpg

181 MB, large | 5 MB, 2400px | 1.2 MB, 1200px

Jin Mi Amor Bonus Poster (Shinseido version)

 photo JinShinseido2400_tn.jpg

270MB, big | 11.3 MB, 2400px | 2.2 MB, 1200px

Jin Mi Amor Bonus Poster (Tower Records version)

 photo JinTower2400_tn.jpg

265 MB, big | 10.6 MB, 2400px | 2 MB, 1200px

Jin Mi Amor Bonus Poster (Tsutaya version)

 photo JinTsutaya2400_tn.jpg

275MB, big | 10.2 MB, 2400px | 1.9 MB, 1200px

Jin Mi Amor Bonus Poster (HMV version)

 photo JinHMV2400_tn.jpg

316 MB, big | 11 MB, 2400px | 2 MB, 1200px

Jin Mi Amor Bonus Postcard (Fan club only)

 photo JinMiAmorpostcard_tn.jpg photo JinMiAmorpostcardback_tn.jpg

14.8 MB, front
3.5 MB, back

Credit: [ profile] jo_lasalle & [ profile] b_akakame/[ profile] jo_lasalle & [ profile] RedTurtleNinja
Note: I'm normally not too fussed about credit, as there's a lot of give and take in fandom. But the last time I scanned a poster, I literally spent an entire day on it, and within half an hour of posting, someone had uploaded it on Twitter without credit or even commenting and passed it off as something they'd 'found'. This batch took me several days. I'm just saying, don't be that kind of dick.
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