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In short, and not very analytical, just because.

The Good Wife: This show has been making me kind of depressed. >_< I was never very fannish about it but I always looked forward to it, but the season 6 election storyline, combined with the showrunner's apparent unwillingness to actually shake things up, and many once-interesting recurring characters having outstayed their welcome, have me really very... bored. Last week's episode was a bizarre 42 minute exercise in treading water, and worst of all is that I don't think I like Alicia anymore. :-| There's something going wrong when I'm more on Peter's side in the whole infidelity issue than Alicia's, and having read some backstage gossip I wish I could unsee (but that would explain a lot), I'm having some RL bleedover too. It's all very sad.

Jane the Virgin: it's a bit funny in that like The Good Wife, this is a show I really wasn't going to touch because the title put me off. But damn, is that an adorable show.

The Fosters: I'm not really watching watching this, so technically this doesn't belong on the list. I checked this out last year, very belatedly, because somehow I had missed that there was a TV show about a lesbian couple and their biological-adopted mix of kids. It kind of sounded like something I would like and could potentially like a lot (lesbians! found families!), and, well. I will give it one thing: Teri Polo as one of the mothers is really amazing, and when the plot isn't too stupid, I really enjoy her character. But from the start the show wasn't helped by an ill-advised star-crossed lovers plotline, plus it turns out I have a limited patience for watching a particular style of American (TV?) parenting. Also, in general, this is a show where everyone continously makes terrible choices, and whenever the choice is, 'Do I do this slightly uncomfortable but basically sensible thing where I get help with my problem and, like, don't break the law?' vs. 'Do I do the thing that is easier for exactly five minutes but guaranteed to blow up in my face later?', GUESS WHAT THEY DO. I think hatewatching is too strong a term because I don't feel that strongly about it; I basically get an episode now and then to see who is picking door #2 this week. And get a kick out of Teri Polo being a nommy lesbian.

The Americans: is having an absolutely amazing third season. Somehow I don't click with the fandom at all, so I'm just enjoying it all by my lonesome, and quietly shipping the two married leads something fierce.

Second Love: Kame's spring drama, concluded last Friday with just seven episodes. This is a drama that started rather weak, with a first episode that made me laugh in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons. (Though I never thought it was OMG THE WORST DRAMA EVER and WAAAH KAME'S CHARACTER IS SUCH A CREEP, and found the raging hateboners going around for this drama rather puzzling. It just wasn't very good, but then neither was Tokyo Bandwagon or Sapuri.) Basically, not something I would have watched if it didn't have Kame in it. Then it dialled back on the ridiculousness in the second episode, and with the third and fourth really managed to sink its claws into my cold mocking heart, because suddenly this love story was awesome. The conflict introduced in ep 5 and running through to ep 6 made me want to slap Kame's character, but you could kind of see how they got there, and so overall, the drama was a mixed affair IMO. I only saw the last ep this morning and without subs, so chances are high I didn't catch all the dialog and all the nuances, but what really impresses me in retrospect is the very clearly defined arc the female lead has. Yui starts out as a rather passive person drifting through life without a lot of goals and without a lot of resistance to people making demands on her. And over the entire course of the series -- when she's happy with Kei and the pressure is coming from the outside, then when things are rocky in her relationship, and at the end when Kei comes to atone for his bullshit -- she's just getting better and better at standing up for herself and deciding what she really wants, and how much sacrifice it's worth. It's really kind of awesome the more I think about it.

(My favourite bit of the final episode, for those who've also watched it, and given that we were all CHEATED out of another sex scene, was when she goes to karaoke with her ex and a former colleague, and is enjoying herself -- it's a pretty cool scene of her being at peace with herself, and the past with her ex, and enjoying the life she's made for herself.)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: A recent trial. I don't know what to make of that one yet. The lead is extremely likeable and I enjoy the mix of funny with the macabre premise, but... IDK yet.
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