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For ~fun and relaxation~ I've been sorting through my Akame fic folder and tidying things into folders and updating metadata and OMG, WHO IS THIS PANDA.

But anyway, I am left with three stories that I have saved as doc files but where made no note of the author (T__T), and I can't find them through googling. Akame peoplez, if you have or remember these stories, could you tell me who the author is?

Far beyond these castle walls
Summary: Jin saves Kame's life on a rainy afternoon and everything goes downhill from then. Features Scientist!Kame and Diva!Jin with a dash of guns and a ballroom of denied feelings. And plants.

A trail of kisses
Starts: The first time Kazuya kissed Jin was unexpected for the both of them.
They had just finished rehearsing for Shokura and barely managed to get out the showers and started getting dressed to leave the agency, when the youngest member of KAT-TUN was already bidding his respectful goodbyes to everybody, bandmates included, as he headed to the door.

Los Angeles - Tokyo phone
Starts: Time and maths, they're two things in life Jin's never quite gotten the grasp of. Kame is well aware of this, so when Jin calls at 4:17 in the morning, Tokyo time, he just rolls with his phone to his ear on his back and says, "I have work in the morning." (Originally posted in, so I'm guessing it was commentfic, but the LJ has since been purged.)

Thanks a lot!!


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