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You, in an apparent state of porn deprivation, start plotting out happy bad wrong idfic full of hot (censored) and evil wrong (CENSORED) and are really pleased how your id is insistent on getting all the fun stuff that never fit anywhere else in there.

And then three days later you have thoughts like 'but what is the plot?' and 'oh, that other thing would be more romantic' and 'but how do they get to a happy end from there? ;__;' and suddenly your evil wrong (CENSORED) does not fit in with the happy ending or the plot and you realise you will never get your evil wrong (CENSORED) idfic unless you dress it up in four hundred thousand words, and, just, no.

*sigh* It's really a pattern of some sort. Porn --> plot --> romance --> porn doesn't work with the romance --> argh stupid brain.


An admin note: I've been bullied into getting myself a Tumblr, though my oppressor is still mocking me for not knowing how it works. I'm, unsurprisingly, [ profile] jo-lasalle, and may or may not find some of you whom I know to be reblogging pretty pictures. HOWEVER. I don't plan on being social on tumblr, I'm just there for the pics and a very narrow interest. So if I follow or unfollow you, it's All About The Pics and not about whether I like you, okay? (Srsly, if [ profile] solo____ reblogged nothing but adorable baby kittens I would unfollow her, and I would expect her not sulk about it. (But she's doing well with the Pi and more appropriate animal types, so for now she can stay on.))
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I've just done some flist/circle adjustments, largely based on fannish drift and new acquaintances, and shifted one or two people over to read on DW. I've also edited my filters for very personal posts to better reflect who's actually reading those.

Work stuff, should there be any, will still only be posted to DW.

I've also deleted my twitter account. The good thing is that you won't even notice I'm gone.
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And Not In Honour of Kame's Hair Which Needs a Cut If You Ask Me Which Of Course You Did

Is it just me, or are the pants Kame wore to Music Japan the hottest pants he's worn since the bondage pants from Real Face?

Pants. )

Also, was very happy to see Kame much more energetic than on Music Station and (especially) Shounen Club. I don't really know what was going on, but the Music Japan talk was funny, at least to my non-comprendo ears.


In very different news, [personal profile] solo and I just finished the chapter that... basically concludes the main dramatic arc of the whore epic.

I realise that 'basically concludes the main dramatic arc' does not sound as snappy as 'guys, we're DONE', but guys, we BASICALLY CONCLUDED THE MAIN DRAMATIC ARC! We actually finished all the chapters that are still outlined in our outline!

We have... a bit of mop-up, maybe three chapters of denouement & conclusion, and then we might actually be done. and freeeeee. Free for editing, anyway.




In less bouncy news... I already complained to Solo about this earlier -- the fancams of Jin's Time Square broadcast have started to appear, and I have to say, I am so, so GRRRRRRR that it's been 9 months since his first solo concerts and 5 months since the next solo concerts, and we STILL haven't got ANY official source of Jin's new songs (any of them -- I'm not even greedy, I'd take a *few*) that would be rip-able in decent quality that I can hardly enjoy the cuteness of the fancams. I WANT SOME SEMI-DECENT VERSIONS OF SOME JIN SONGS FOR ALL MY HEARTACHE. Grrrrrrrr.


ADMIN NOTE about LiveJournal and Dreamwidth: I realise this may be totally irrelevant to most of you given how little I post, but just so you know: I will generally continue to crosspost from Dreamwidth to Livejournal and while I've let my paid account lapse, I don't see myself stopping with crossposting any time soon. However, any posts that contain work-sensitive comments will only go on Dreamwidth in the future.

Long version: I don't think Dreamwidth is a perfect fit for me (though they let me have more icons on my free account, whee!), and I've whined about the downsides of the fannish landscape over there before, to a couple of you. And I didn't care about a number of the snafus LJ committed that had other people all up in arms. But I found the recent accounts of LJ staff sockpuppets and breaking of flock and stalkerish comments on locked entries both creepy and believable. Thus my new rule of thumb is going to be, everything I really, really wouldn't want my boss to read, ever, is going to be on DW only. (While I'm not particularly keen to ever have a conversation with my boss about the gay porn I write on the internets, it is -- in theory -- a conversation I would be willing to have and able to survive. A conversation about how I called Badly Anonymized Colleague X a douche is one I might not. And while I trust all the people I have on my 'work, boys/girls & psychotic episodes of my mother' filter, I don't trust random LJ staff who snoop around in flocked entries and delete your journal for disagreeing with them.)

You won't miss much -- a dating-only post (or, god forbid, a psychotic mother-only post) on that filter will still show up here on LJ. Only work content will make a post a DW-only post. So if you really, really don't want to miss anything, you might wanna friend me on DW.

Just FYI.

My admin note is longer than anything I've posted in the last two months. Um, yay?


whores. climax. squeak.
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Another admin note: if for whatever reason you wanna be in touch with me on Twitter, I'm kjulia28. So if we're regularly talking here (or not) and you'd like to talk over there and you're called barndanceshimmy or something else that I will never ever guess, just add me. Everyone can. (I'm cheap and easy.)

State of the Collaboration, 32: Very Special Edition

[22:56] kjulia: Hey, we FINISHED A CHAPTER today!
[22:56] Solo: We did.
[22:56] Solo: Now we can write another one.
[22:56] kjulia: Yes. With some of us having more wife content than others. mwahahah
[22:57] Solo:
I don't hate you.
Hardly at all, even.
And I'm not sending my cat to eat you.
Because it's dark out.
And I worry about her.
A lot.
[22:57] Solo: /poem
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First of all, if you haven't seen it, [ profile] becroberts has written a story for [ profile] solo____ and me, illustrating perfectly why Jin should just quit it already with the hats and sunglasses (and get a haircut). It's very cute and hilarious and there are even no Yamazombies just for me: Sleeping Jin and the Unholy Trinity.So sometimes you get nice things for whining, even if you can't get Jin to leave off the sunglasses.

Thank you very much, [ profile] becroberts, for writing our prompt! :-)


In other news: I have a dishwasher!!! It took two hours, a fairly wet kitchen, a number of 'switch off the water!!' runs into the cellar and an emergency trip to the DIY to finally connect it without leaks, but now it is, and the wall looks dry and the towel I left under it overnight feels dry, and I think I can really use this thing now. I've been joking about the social climb this represents ('from unemployment to dishwasher owner!') and the truth is I never would have bought a dishwasher just for me even if I had a full-time job, even with dirty dishes being somewhat of a health hazard in my household on occasion. BUT THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! And it's actually a pretty good one, a very well-kept Bosch that would have served my aunt and uncle for a good while if my aunt wasn't on a wild 'this will be the last kitchen I ever buy!' spending spree and wanted a dishwasher with a timer and, I'm told, special lighting effects.

Oh, and in more hand-me-down-and-come-around goings-on, the grandpa car, of which I'm still in charge, has a CD player now! Which used to belong to my mother, and she didn't need it anymore when she got her new car so she gave it to a friend, and then that friend bought a new car recently and didn't need the second CD player anymore, and now we got it back.

That is a very pointless story. But I like the CD player.


Next backlog post I'm going to write: Japanese class. Because you all need to appreciate the full horror of 8 hour homework and the fact that I start going nnnnng now over a class that is on Thursday.


Brief admin note: I've taken some LJs off my flist that I friended randomly in the first flush of new fandom love without realising they were so flocked or empty there wasn't actually anything for me to read, or the owner had already moved on to other fandoms. You shouldn't even know I'm gone, but if you do, and internet psychology being what it is, rest assured it's nothing personal.


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