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For ~fun and relaxation~ I've been sorting through my Akame fic folder and tidying things into folders and updating metadata and OMG, WHO IS THIS PANDA.

But anyway, I am left with three stories that I have saved as doc files but where made no note of the author (T__T), and I can't find them through googling. Akame peoplez, if you have or remember these stories, could you tell me who the author is?

Titles & intro )

Thanks a lot!!
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OMG, three posts in one day, what will be next, volcanoes?

But! Some fannish linkage I meant to do, or get to do! :D

First off, [ profile] pt_pirates finished posting last Monday and will have their reveals tomorrow. I was the Assistant Mod to [ profile] nightinbird, and while we had the occasional hiccup and a bit of a learning curve on some issues, all in all I was extremely pleased with how our first year turned out, and very happy with the new Akame fic people produced! :D Whether you read before or after reveals, if you've been looking for some new Akame fic, I recommend checking it out!

[ profile] haikuesque participated too and got a lovely canon/future story that I enjoyed very very much. *___* It's here: Kintsugi


Secondly, [ profile] b_akakame launched a new sharing community for a certain rat bastard: [ profile] jindependence

As I'd love to have a place for both putting and getting Jin stuff that is a bit less ephemeral than Twitter (and a bit more structured), I'm very thrilled and I hope people will share stuff there. ([ profile] 6nin absolutely allows Jin stuff but is a bit too random to serve as a real archive.)

Posts are member-locked, but I'm told joining is easy! :D Check it out, yo!

(I'm hoping this might finally motivate me to scan those eleventy hundred Jin pictures I got in those surprise packs in Osaka...)
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In case you missed it! [ profile] nightinbird is running an Akame fic exchange this summer! (I am humbly assisting her as the undermod. ^^)

 photo SummerLoving_blue-v1_cursive_banner_v2_700_zps2c3bf98c.jpg

[ profile] pt_pirates is the comm. Go check it out, at the very least for the lovely graphics that [ profile] frameofmind6 generously made for us. :D Sign-ups open tomorrow!
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Contains discussion of writing, porn, and noncon. And spoilers for Same Deep Water if you *really* care. )

* Porn, for the purpose of this post, defined as: porny slashfic, whether it's PWP or long-ass stories with porny bits.
** Except that's the wrong way around way too often. ;____;


This is unconnected to the porn ponderings. It may seem totally connected, because it touches on sex scenes but it's not! (EDIT: No, honestly. This part is not connected to power play porn. I am not looking for 'first times with evil Kame'. Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Basically: does anyone have recommendations for Akame first time stories? First times as in, the classic kind where there is a sex scene, and the 'how' of the sex is actually still about the plot and how the pairing got together?

I've recently been trying to think what stories I know that are actually 'classic first times' as I know them from other fandoms, and I couldn't think of an awful lot. To me, a classic first time is where the 'plot' is the actual getting together (there may be other stuff going on but the emphasis is on the relationship -- but there is a relationship plot and relationship development, not in medias res sex!), there is no fade-to-black, and the sex scene is not there for porny porniness but for 'continuing' the plot & characterisation. And rightly or not, but I strongly associate this with 'old school slash fandoms', and I couldn't think of all that many Akame stories that do this.

(And recently I've been craving it a bit, so I'm asking for recs and pointers. Feel free to self-rec, too, if you've written one like that!)
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1. We finished writing #RedK. It clocked in at 85,500 and made us *facepalm* at ourselves. It was still interesting, though. That's the first time that we've written something that's real novel-length. At the start, it seemed to go really fast, and after the first six chapters I thought, wow, we'll finish a 60k story in three or four months. But then August was a loss because of holiday, September was almost a loss because of work, and October was half a loss because of Chibicon, and this baby turned out heavy in the butt, and here we are and we spent most of a year writing the same story again. I was quite shocked when I went to [ profile] haikusociety to post Solo's unicorn and realised how long it's been that we posted a full-size story.

It was also the first time we edited such a long story in one go, and let me tell you, OOF. Solo is a bit more resilient than I am in this regard and she did the heavy lifting in a lot of places, but there comes a time when you dream about tracked changes.

I'm looking forward to posting it now, and I'm also looking forward to getting back to other business, which is, in that order, charity fic we owe [ profile] naricina and [ profile] edogawa, the Deep Water ficlets we promised, and then a bunch of other stuff, like maybe getting that Akamepi finished where poor Kame has had a boner now for well over a year.

2. Speaking of which, if you were curious why I kept calling that story the unicorn, which also was the prompt for how [ profile] 1002unicorns was called, it comes from a dark, sad time in my past when I did not appreciate the beauty and sparkledom of unicorns. I actually made fun of them. (I was young, Peri! I didn't know any better! *cries*) So when I had started to write that story for Solo's 2010 birthday, and then it stalled, and I admitted to Solo some time after her 2010 birthday that there was an unfinished 500 words for her somewhere on my hard disc, I explained it like, 'You... may be offended that I thought this is what you'd like. It's a bit like showing up with a fugly music box with a unicorn on top and going I saw this and I thought of you. Here, this is your unicorn.'

3. I watched the Chain DVD... a while ago, with Jolli and Heli and Solo and Nari, and it was really interesting to watch it back after I've been there and saw the same show live. The main thing I realised was that I'm really weird about the Jin thing and the 6nin-sung-with-5nin songs. They work really well for me by now, but I think that's only because there is a sort of... dual thing going on. It works really well for me the way the rest of the band stepped up and didn't leave Kame hanging all the time, the way is obvious in some of the more painful performances from Jin's 2006 hiatus. Two of the guys working together to bring Jin's parts really gives me happy band feelings, and I'm just happy that they worked so hard and rallied. BUT. I think this only works for me against the backdrop of also having seen the two non-filmed shows in Tokyo Dome where they fucked up the Jin parts pretty much ALL THE TIME. Somehow, those two things together make it work for me. I wouldn't like it if Jin was perfectly replaceable; I wouldn't like it if the 6nin songs all sucked now, mostly because I would hurt for Kame. This mix really makes it easier, weirdly enough.

4. I'm going to be in London from 16-18 December and I get to meet Mec! That was the latest development in my work travelling; I guess I should make a where-I'll-be-when post after all, when I thought I didn't need it anymore!

5. My haircut is two weeks old and already getting too long. ;__________;

6. I'm watching MONSTERS. It is not a good show, but Shingo is growing on me.

7. My Primark shoes died and today I bought a far more expensive Rieker replacement that I hope will see me through the winter and keep my feet dry, thank you.

Oh, whatevs, have a pic of the shoes! )

0. I'm pretty sure when I started out writing this post, I had some other stuff I wanted to mention, and now it's gone. Oh well!


Nov. 30th, 2012 08:49 am
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This was playing in the car as I was driving home from the station yesterday.

... and my head keeps providing the tinhattiest, emoest Akame vid to it. >.<

(Note: Solo, I find it hard to tell if that is Solo-safe. It may not be. #warning)
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This is a post about a plot problem. (PPP!) Or a fic discussion post. Or something.

The subject: Akame idfic that refuses to be as idficcy as it was supposed to be, and IDK where I'd find the time to write it all down, but nevertheless the fact that I have Plot Problems even in my head is very frustrating. I haven't done this before, because usually I'm all anti-spoiler on anything that might get written eventually, but since -- time issues aside -- this won't get written at all if I don't solve the plot problem, I'm throwing it out there to see if anyone has an idea, and also it might be fun. :-)

(If you click on the cut: SRSLY, IDFIC. I'm not claiming this is going to be a subtle work of art!)

Cut to spare the innocent. )
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You, in an apparent state of porn deprivation, start plotting out happy bad wrong idfic full of hot (censored) and evil wrong (CENSORED) and are really pleased how your id is insistent on getting all the fun stuff that never fit anywhere else in there.

And then three days later you have thoughts like 'but what is the plot?' and 'oh, that other thing would be more romantic' and 'but how do they get to a happy end from there? ;__;' and suddenly your evil wrong (CENSORED) does not fit in with the happy ending or the plot and you realise you will never get your evil wrong (CENSORED) idfic unless you dress it up in four hundred thousand words, and, just, no.

*sigh* It's really a pattern of some sort. Porn --> plot --> romance --> porn doesn't work with the romance --> argh stupid brain.


An admin note: I've been bullied into getting myself a Tumblr, though my oppressor is still mocking me for not knowing how it works. I'm, unsurprisingly, [ profile] jo-lasalle, and may or may not find some of you whom I know to be reblogging pretty pictures. HOWEVER. I don't plan on being social on tumblr, I'm just there for the pics and a very narrow interest. So if I follow or unfollow you, it's All About The Pics and not about whether I like you, okay? (Srsly, if [ profile] solo____ reblogged nothing but adorable baby kittens I would unfollow her, and I would expect her not sulk about it. (But she's doing well with the Pi and more appropriate animal types, so for now she can stay on.))
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Today I installed Whatsapp. [ profile] aya_3003 took my n00bish cluelessness under her wing and explained to me about emoji. Emoji practice turned into Akame fic. *g*

Read more... )

You just need the right incentives!
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I don't often announce fic here because I assume the people who are interested know our regular avenues of posting for our regular kind of stuff, but I still wanted to squee a little about the ART we have for it here -- I bid on [ profile] deshisoraba in a fannish auction and it was the first time I bid & won in one of those in general. And I'm so glad I did, because she is just lovely and I'm so glad we met. And apart from discovering all her other gorgeous art, we had this awesome banner made for us and I wanted to show it off because we loved it so much we ended up writing fic for it.

Aren't they yummy?

The other thing that I found interesting was that this was the first time we wrote, well, a first time after Jin went and got hitched. One of my original fears when I was worrying about the potential of Jin getting married (ha!) was whether that would mean I couldn't enjoy stories set earlier anymore, or write them, or always feel some looming doom in the shape of a break-up even in the happy ending stories.

Well, turns out we just wrote a first time story set in 2007, and the marriage, as far as I could tell, was no problem at all. I consider that... a good sign. :DD

IN OTHER NEWS, I think I am finally HALF caught up. I should really get in the habit of bookmarking. ;___; LJ and DW are so slow these days that I usually get by with scroll-back but I know there were some posts I meant to read again in peace & quiet, and now I have to dig for them. And IDK how this long, long weekend is already almost over...

Also, I bought shoes.

I couldn't help it. I was just shopping for a few last groceries before the long weekend and then this shoe sale assaulted me, held me down, put frilly pink pumps on my feet and was all you know you want it, bitch, and, um, I did.

IDK when I started being able to fit frilly pink pumps into my self-image, but I couldn't resist them, they're real leather and feel like well-worn sneakers and were half-priced and will go great with my blue dress. :D

Proof. )
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This is actually prompted by a conversation I had yesterday, in migraine-induced stupor, with [personal profile] solo, in which she linked me to this picture:

This led, VERY SURPRISINGLY, to us starting to speculate about knight!Kame and peasant!Jin and their adventures and ~class-transcending~ love. Though then I thought, Hmm, wait a minute. It might also be fun if for once* Jin got to be the knight and have swordfights and stuff while Kame is the scruffy poor one who is impressed -- or, um, not -- by Jin on a horse.

I mean, I love me some Kame with a knife sword and on a horse, and I cop to having a thing for Kame rescuing Jin from shit, but Kame the most efficient hard-working peasant ever who has no time for foppish pretty princes (and grudgingly learning the error of his ways about this particular prince) could also be great fun.

So, I am surveying opinions! Knight!Kame/Peasant!Jin vs. Knight!Jin/Peasant!Kame -- which one is more romantic/hilarious/entertaining/adventurous/pretty/hot/different, in your view? What do YOU think should happen to them?

Feel free to use the back of the sheet.

*I realise it's not true everywhere that Jin defaults to the princess a certain way but, erm, for the sake of the argument in this place and in these social circles...


Feb. 19th, 2012 10:53 am
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A conversation

Solo: Let me summarize this. We grudgingly decided to have warnings for rape and incest, and host them in a SEPARATE COMM to try and keep them as unspoilery as possible, but for Akame angst we're going to use spoilery whitespace warnings in the post now?
Jo: Basically, yes.
Solo: Okay.

ETA: OK, done.

Our Story (Wedding Bell Mix feat. Meisa Kuroki), [ profile] haikusociety post for all notes and warnings. What it says on the tin, plus some crazy seasoning. Thank god we got rid of shame a while ago.


Hello. When did it get so sunny outside my cave...
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I am back from my traditional New Year's holiday at Chez [personal profile] solo, where there was much boozing, some laziness, some whore epilogue writing, much being snubbed by the cat *sob*, fangirl visitors ([personal profile] mec and [personal profile] threewalls), YAMAPI IN A CAR CALLED AKKUN, Scottish breakfasts at garden centers, and rain. LOTS of rain. RAIIIN.

But have made it home, and have the weekend to resign myself to going back to the office in Monday.

As many of those Present And Snubbed By The Cat were involved in some sort of fic bingo writing, we were at some point joking and wondering about an Akame fic bingo, and, well, the idea had some appeal to me and sort of sunk claws into my brain.

I haven't given much thought to how exactly this would go, in part because I am currently brain-free, but I wanted to throw this out there to gauge general interest. The best-known example in fandom is probably [community profile] kink_bingo, just for cards and rules and concept, though obviously that has a a different thrust than an Akame-centric challenge.

So, basically, I'm asking: If there was a bingo-like challenge about Akame themes -- you get a bingo card with randomized prompts and try to fill those in by writing fic of a to-be-specified length over a to-be-specified-time-period -- would you be interested in participating?

The sort of prompts those cards would include would probably involve a communal brainstorming exercise and some more coherent thoughts on feasibility. I could see both specific things like 'Okinawa' or 'conbini sightings' or 'Yukan Club' and more generic things like 'hair' or 'rumours' or 'dating'. There'd also have to be some thoughts on how to deal with getting too specific -- if seven people have cards with 'pinky rings', it might not be the most interesting thing to have seven pinky ring stories, is my thinking, etc.

But that's sort of... detail. Mostly I'm curious if there'd be enough interest to maybe put some thought & work into how something like this might... work.

Any thoughts / discussion / votes?

Oh, votes: on DW I can haz poll!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 7

If there were an Akame_Bingo...

View Answers

I would be tentatively interested in playing
7 (100.0%)

ETA: Feel free to link this to potentially interested parties. I move in a small circle. *g*


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