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In case you missed it! [ profile] nightinbird is running an Akame fic exchange this summer! (I am humbly assisting her as the undermod. ^^)

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[ profile] pt_pirates is the comm. Go check it out, at the very least for the lovely graphics that [ profile] frameofmind6 generously made for us. :D Sign-ups open tomorrow!
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I feel strangely devoid of blah blah. This story must have eaten up all the words. But anyway, we've started posting The Same Deep Water As You.

Chapter 1

Akame whorefic, RPF, explicit.

Our notes and acknowledgements

... and boy am I glad to have my internet back. People, I had no DSL for nine freaking days. Also no phone. I could sort of barely check e-mail via the mobile, and was 'surfing' the web with the pictures turned off, and with coffee breaks while the pages loaded. God.

Never leave me again, internetz.

I may be out of words but I have opened a little bottle of champagne. Whorefic. Two and a half years. Oh boy.
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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, Solo and I have been running pictures of Jin and Kame through a face morpher. This as such would not be that newsworthy. After all, we tried to create their digital love child once, too.

And first results were interesting but cute. Like for example Kame as a girl.

girl!Kame )

Sweet, no?

Then we tried Jin.

This is Jin as a girl.

girl!Jin )

For contrast, this is Jin as a guy. As suggested by the face morphing program.

guy!Jin )


Last night Solo and I were comparing Hayato/Ryu and Akame, and the ways they map onto each other (and the ways they don't). And we ended up theorizing that in terms of desire to maintain a certain kind of public face, Jin-today has almost come *back around* to Hayato. (Who is still a puppy at heart. We were also wondering how he ever became a leader of delinquents.)

(And this summary suffers perhaps from the fact that it is very summarish and does not elaborate on General HayaRyu Theory.)



State of the Collaboration, 34: Authors sidetracked by irrelevant face morphing and job applications. Jin misses his parents, while Kame kind of wishes he could avoid his right then. On the other hand, Jin has friends.
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News, of varying degrees of importance:

1. Today I have cut down the time it takes me to do my Japanese homework to four hours. Go me! (Kindly disregard the fact that it was only two exercises this time. They were LONG SENTENCES. So there.)

2. I did not get elected to the mysterious quasi-unimportant thing, which is maybe a good thing given how much fretting I managed to cram into one weekend. While my defeat was crushing and glorious, I did get told by a number of people that I looked much better than the other guy, which I guess is something. (He is bald.)

I did get elected as Person To Look At Cat Pictures, by parties that shall remain nameless, so hey, not like I hold no quasi-unimportant offices at all.

3. I may really go on the really frivolous holiday. I haven't had time to do anything about the booking but... mmmmmmmm. Might even take a scuba diving option. Mmmmmmm.

4. Regarding fannish things and angst and stuff, [ profile] solo____ and I have engaged in TheraPorn, and this time even bothered to type it up and remove third knees and -- we hope -- the majority of typos.

Lift me to the sky

Of course Jin will go.

Rated TheraPWP. (We mean it.) Other notes etc. iz over at the fic comm.

5. Is there such a thing as... summer boots? I've grown quite fond of the skirt-and-boots stuff over the winter, but what with the winter lining and all, it's getting kind of... sweaty.

6. I really need to do my laundry. Today was the second day in a row where I was already showered before I realised I had to sneak down to the laundry room in the cellar for a clean pair of panties. Whoops.

Now I must go and humiliate myself in class again.
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Special Offer: Kizuna Cookies


Since [ profile] solo____ and I can't help being Smug Bastards being glad that we've finished our [ profile] kizuna_exchange story (though we weren't first to hand it in! rats!), we were wondering if we could do our bit for the war effort boost morale and encourage people NOT TO PROCRASTINATE STARING AT PICTURES OF NAKED KAME ON THE INTERNET, by offering to write drabbles (real ones, mind!) for anybody in the exchange who wants to be rewarded for being good and not procrastinating.

(We realize that we are being foolish and rash in trying to go up against pictures of naked Kame, but allow us our foolish rashness...)

The rules, as determined by our own cookie system in times of writing/working/housecleaning struggles: you comment, and say you wanna play. When you've managed as much writing/creative staring/sweaty concentration/progress of whichever kind as you'd hoped, you comment again, and say "I WANT MY COOKIE!!!" and give us a prompt (word, picture, whatever). The principle is self-assessment, and judgement is solely between you and the pictures of naked Kame. :-)


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