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This got a little long, but I've wanted to talk about some of this since I put the finishing touches on the vid.

"The views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the producers": Vidding Tom Zarek

POV, happy, learning, random, long. Watch me ramble. )

In other news: I've washed it, I've tried to get excited about the colour in daylight, but the sad truth is: I really hate my hair. Really hate it. I've had this cut done for the fourth or fifth time now, and for the first time, I look like a poodle. I might as well tie a ribbon in it and change my name to Daisy. I'm going away for five days to the German political science convention next week and I look like a poodle. *SOB*

Anyone have a good My Worst Hair Ever story? Yes, it would cheer me up.
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[ profile] asta77!! Thank you very much! I was so busy with cleaning and packing today, I only checked my mail now; bestest Christmas card ever, and a present, too! You so rock!! I blame you if I end up putting that poster on the wall; god, I haven't done that since I was fifteen and had my room wallpapered with DS9 posters. :-)

In other news, DSL is back. And we shall never disclose why it was in a coma, as I might have to change my name and move to another country from the shame. Okay: it was totally my fault. However, I still blame T-Com, because for once, they didn't try to blame me or my provider. I'm told on Sunday morning, "Yes, this is a problem at our end. We'll get back to you." Today, they tell me that no, they cannot find a fault, and did I check with my provider? Well. At least it's comforting to know that I can continue to resent them. Right after I stop banging my head against the desk. Should I add that I'd probably have the deleted scenes from the mini by now if I'd had access the last two days? *sigh*

To celebrate my return to a civilised connection speed: picspam, from my recent endeavours to defeat the screencap conspiracy. Read more... )

I'm taking the train to my parents' house tomorrow, but I'll be around. They have DSL now, too. *bangs head some more*
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I admit, knowing how the second season arc turns out makes watching Fragged a little less traumatic.

A little.

A very little little.

Assume season 2 spoilers. )
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So, I was talking to [ profile] asta77 earlier, uh, tonight, or last night or whatever. Before I lay down to notsleep. And we were talking about a certain ship. Specifically, we were talking about 'getting them together' and who'd have to make the first move, and I found myself kind of losing the argument that Lee wouldn't.

This has led to more thoughts. Assume second season spoilers. But first, a poll! (My first, too. Come play!)

Poll, poll! )

Lee, first and second season, but really most about me and writerly things. )
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Just one little thing about Resistance for now.

Because... )
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I found this through [ profile] galacticanews, so I suppose most of you have already seen it, but reading [ profile] fairestcat's thoughts on shipping and slashing issues in BSG fandom here yesterday, I found myself nodding in agreement quite a lot, and it made me try to pull some things together that have been going through my head about BSG fandom. Read at your own risk.

Cut for OMG! more meta ramble. )
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Title: Foundation

Author: Julia

Author's Contact Info: kjulia at

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Up to and including Colonial Day. Set right at the end of that.

Characters: Lee, Roslin.

Summary: It's a victory party. Somebody must have won something.

Much thanks goes to [ profile] rheasilvia and [ profile] meret for the beta, and for being so nice when I kept bugging them about details. Mistakes and clich├ęs remain my own.

Written to distract myself from the story that's eating my life, and because I love the episode. Angsty fluff. Questionable nutritional value.

Foundation )


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