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So, Kara. I've been wondering.

Spoilers up to 3.06 )

BSG 3.06

Nov. 4th, 2006 04:43 pm
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A Saturday without Livejournal. And the world still turns...

BSG 3.06 reactions, stress-free (hi [ profile] asta77! *g*) and short.

Honestly short! )

BSG 3.05

Oct. 29th, 2006 01:17 pm
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There's only one way I could possibly love my show more right now.

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My main reaction hasn't changed: it could be awesome when the show returns in October. It could also annoy the fuck out of me.

Ranting, love, and WTFs. )


Jan. 23rd, 2006 10:58 am
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So, out of all my many, many gripes with Epiphanies, at least one issue has clicked into place, after two separate threads in my post of rage yesterday. Sadly, it's not the main issue, but it was kind of nice anyway.

I said, regarding Roslin and the president: Read more... )
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Hm. The cryptic tag cut brought to you by my desire not to warn for spoilers in a way that reveals said spoilers. I had some thoughts on the thing I was spoiled for the other day -- if you know what I mean, it's safe to click, as there are no other spoilers -- and this happened. With my tongue firmly in cheek I present you...

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And a slightly more serious question. )
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After Ellen Tigh, a little more character rambling about the second season. I don't think this season has been equally good for everyone.

For instance, I don't think the season has been as great for Kara. Or, you know, my enjoyment of Kara, which is of course the most important thing here. :-)

And it's not about the ponytail. )
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Ellen Tigh is a character I love to hate. And the second season has made me hate her and love her even more.

The hate, the love, the politics. )
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So, after fighting with technology for a bit, I watched the new BSG.

The squee. )

The Hmmm. )
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Right, I've sorted through most of the post-holiday mess. Laundry is done, exam situation screw-up has been ironed out, and I have found time to watch those lovely, lovely episodes again.

This is fairly disjointed, mostly because I'm just very, very pleased by the eps and not feeling too analytical about them, but I wanted to squee some anyway. And, you know, there's a lot of stuff in those three eps.

By the way, I'm sorry for mostly not commenting on other people's posts. Coming home after three weeks away from LJ, I found myself in the situation that on the one hand, I did want to know what the BSG contingent of my flist thought about the episodes, but the sheer backlog seemed so daunting that I didn't look at much.

But speaking of being away, if you've got stuff to link me that I missed and that you think I might enjoy -- you know, stories and the Great Essay on Roslin/Lee4Evah *g* -- I'd be ever so grateful!

Anyway, just a few more things about the latest three episodes. Read more... )

Unrelated to these episodes in particular, I'm still wondering why I have such a hard time referring to Roslin as 'Laura'. It feels about as strange to me as talking about Adama as 'Bill'. It's like, 'But we haven't been introduced!' I'm probably in a minority of one in that I really would have preferred for the general ship label to become Roslin/Lee instead of Lee/Laura. I suspect I'll eventually give up on that term that's quickly becoming odd, but if you're wondering why I'm not calling it what everyone else is calling it, that's why. Or not really why, since I don't know why. More like, I know I'm doing something odd, and you know that I know, and whatever. *g*
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So, no sleep and the latest episodes of BSG?

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So, so good.

I'm sure there are a lot of deep thoughts to be thought about this episode. Not many of them are behind this lj-cut. There are, however, a great number of exclamation marks. My exclamation marks are feeling social tonight.

More shallowness, mostly, from someone who should really be in bed by now. )
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I was going to go to bed. I also wasn't going to watch the new episode at eleven at night. I had a hunch it might bring out my wimpish tendencies.

Mostly Roslin, and why I'm a wimp. )


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