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Disclaimer: Personal con report, things get blurry, and I don't claim to be a disinterested reporter, so you'll get my personal impressions mixed in with the descriptions. I still can't read Jin's mind. (DAMN!)

Administrative note: I don't live in Japan, though I am currently on an extended stay there, and Jin helpfully planned his tour so that I will get to go to a number of concerts. If you'll see future reports from me, I feel the need to put the crazy into perspective and point out that I did not take months off work for Jin, much as I like the guy. I don't know if you needed this disclaimer, but I, um, wanted to put it out there...

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jona: Jin, of KAT-TUN, joyful (JE - Jin joy)
Disclaimer: I do not take notes during concerts, so it's possible that I'm confusing the order of events here and there. I also only have intermediate Japanese, so when I say, 'And Jin went blah blah' this is what I believe I heard, but I may have been wrong, though I also point out where I was especially unsure of whether I got it.

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Okay, so, before I get around to the post about the awesome weekend I originally meant to write, let me get something out of the way that goes:


The longer version is: I'm most likely going to Japan again in the summer.

Because KAT-TUN ANNOUNCED A TOUR! At the start of the year I was actually sure they would, but the longer we went without new releases, the more I thought it would be a winter tour / Countdown again. Well, now it's a summer tour with Countdown.

Anyway, this is post is for reference, in case it's of interest to anyone when I'll be where, and so I can remember the venues.

The dates actually line up pretty nicely for me, though I share [ profile] ina's sadness over no focal point for international fans like Tokyo Dome. Also, [ profile] solo can't go in September, so that saves me the agonizing over potentially doing the September dates with Tokyo. (Short version of nipped-in-the-bud-agony would be: Yoyogi sounds tempting, but it's much easier to get time off in August.)


I'm currently thinking of flying out before the Yokohama cons on 24 or 25 July, and flying back after the Sendai cons on 18 or 19 August, Frankfurt-Tokyo. Potential concert line up currently has two versions:

Concert list, bold is options. )

I'll update this post as plans become more definitive.

Oh man, now I have a Japan 2014 tag.


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