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What I have accomplished:
-- bought a suitcase, picked it up
-- half-packed. rest must wait for pants to dry.
-- did all my laundry. now the laundry needs to do its bit, see above.
-- found my remaining yen-in-cash
-- put passport in REALLY PROMINENT SPOT on the sofa
-- liberated backpack from the sludge of disintegrating shopping receipts, mints, old pens, band aids and the odd free-floating ibuprofen
-- charged netbook
-- wiped the stairs and cleaned the front door

What I just have, no accomplishment:
-- allergies
-- a cold sore (fucking allergies...)
-- allergy pills I hope will kick in any minute

What I must not forget tomorrow morning:
-- remaining pants
-- eReader
-- phone, phone charger
-- my passport in the REALLY PROMINENT SPOT

My shiny new suitcase!

When my old large trolley broke in London, I knew I had to get a new one, but I wavered for AGES between a) a really posh one, Investment For Life, b) another shoddy but cheap one, and c) something in the middle that might make me unhappy about the money spent one way OR the other.

When it turned out that several relatives had a different idea of what constituted a 'large' suitcase and couldn't actually help me out, I really had to get something QUICK. So I ordered this while I was still in Berlin, and after whining a lot at Solo, I went with the c) option, and I'm actually quite pleased with it. It's a four-wheel Samsonite that didn't burst my budget; heavier than the Investment Suitcases would have been but, well, and I'm kind of fond of the green.

I've been so up and down and all around that I haven't really had the time to appreciate that we posted the very last chapter of our whorefic yesterday. It felt weird for a moment, and then I was busy busy busy. Maybe it'll sink in on the plane.

But speaking of fic and planes. Can someone do me a favour and tell me which stories in k_x I might enjoy reading on the plane, and by 'enjoy' I mean 'not cry, feel depressed, or like I just saw puppies killed'? I am really, really not up for excessive angst, and also not for unhappy endings of other kinds. So, recommendations? You'd be committing a public service and I'd have stuff to read on the plane!

I'm leaving tomorrow morning, back on the 24th. And, it's weird, I'm soooo looking forward to the food and the karaoke and the meetings we've got lined up and the food and all that stuff that it also hasn't really sunk in that I'm going to my very first KAT-TUN concert in a week! Huh. :-)

PS: If anyone needs to urgently reach me... e-mail Solo? She's the one who'll have the data sim card, if we can get it activated.
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So, guys, I'm going to London on Thursday. I haven't packed and I haven't ironed, and until an hour ago I didn't have a suitcase. (Thank you, Grand Master Aldi.) Until two hours ago I also hadn't heard a peep from my boss on my questionnaire for the interviews, and had sekrit little horror scenarios where he's all 'OMG THIS SUX YOU ARE WASTING OUR MONEY' a day before STARTO in my head.

But when I got home, he'd replied to my 'hi there I'm sending you the questionnaire AGAIN *cough*' e-mail and found very nice things to say. So yay, at least that feels a little soothing.

I'm flying on Thursday morning, because on Thursday afternoon I got a very last minute interview with [someone very important] from [somewhere REALLY important], and to tell you the truth, I don't know if I'm more nervous about that, or about... the fact that we're going to post the most authorial-wibble-inducing chapter of the whores that same day.

P-R-I-O-R-I-T-I-E-S. Can I haz them?

Other things I'm going to do! I've actually ~looked around~ and am going to a newbie meet-and-drink of London lesbians in the first week -- while I haven't actually missed queer venues terribly much lately, I feel almost obligated to go to some parties if for once I'm in a city where queer things happen not just more than once a month, but, like different things to choose from in a day omg wow. Aaaand I'm going to go on a day trip to Cardiff and meet up with [ profile] beccatoria, wooo! And Solo is coming for a weekend, and I plan to freebie my way through some local gyms and eat mushy peas (they still have them, right? RIGHT?) and sit in cite cafés SIPPING CARAMEL LATTES LIKE A REAL ACADEMIC.*

Now for a weird thing: I really feel like... I will miss my piano. Given my skill level and everything, this is really rather unexpected. But I'm so enjoying having a realish piano standing around and just going over there a few times each night and playing some simple little song... Pi-chan, I will miss you!

*solely for the benefit of [personal profile] jae.
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This is the grab-bag post that didn't happen when I ended up posting about hair.

So on Friday I quit the church. It was really quite... odd. But on Wednesday I did my taxes for 2010 and realised that I'd paid about €30 in contributions to the SPD, and €120 in church tax, and...something was wrong with that picture.

So since I was at home on Friday, I had a chance to visit the relevant office (it's the same that handles deaths and marriages, interesting, ne?) and signed a piece of paper and I am now officially unoffiliated with any organised religion.

It felt pretty weird, I have to admit. (To all the non-Germans about to go, 'That is a bloody weird system,' you'd be right.)

Second, because I don't sound old enough and haven't talked about my twinges and woes enough: I have finally seen an ortho guy about my back, who finally gave me a plausible-sounding diagnosis beyond 'just wait another week and take more ibu, it'll be okay!' Apparently I have 'hypermobility' in one vertebra, and he a) prescribed some 'manual therapy' (IME: 'massage') with a specialist that's supposed to help and b) I'm getting an MRI of those bits of my spine to make sure it really is nothing else.

That'll be my second MRI in a span of three weeks. Awesome, huh? (I'm guessing I've also now cost my insurance about as much as I paid in in 2010. Doing one's taxes is so educational.) My first MRI was the weekend before last, when I exerienced a sudden numbness in my right leg, my right arm, and the right side of my face, leading to nine hours in the emergency room and lots of worrying over whether I'd had a stroke. (I didn't. I also don't seem to have anything else. The neurologist who did the outpatient follow-up tests asked me, 'do you have a lot of stress?')

Medically I am getting around this year! (But it can stop now. 4srs, thxbai.)

A semi-public, sort of service announcement: if you say stuff about/to me/our writing on twitter, there's a good chance I'll never see it. There's also a chance Solo will see it, and maybe tell me about it, but that's... about it. I'm not really on twitter.

I wanted to get that out there because Solo passed on a few Deep Water-related tweets to me, and it seemed topical to at least be clear... uh, somewhere.

Some ramblings on why, feel free to skip. )

In other news, I have a bumblebee dilemma:
A bumblebee is 'nesting' (if that is what they do) in the holes of the frame of my balcony door, at the bottom. I like bumblebees, we generally don't give each other trouble, and I've spent too many years in a house where we actively cultivated bumblebee nests (in chunks of wood at the side of the house) to not shudder at the thought of doing something about my squatter. But. This is a very busy bumblebee, and basically every time I open the balcony door to let in air, she drops by two or three times. Where I hang my laundry is precisely in her flight corridor, and the thought of her flying up my floppy trouser legs one of those times, or making it a habit of flying into my flat, makes me go meep. (It was the most unpleasant set of clothes-hanging I've ever done the other day, and I really don't need more reasons to avoid laundry.)

But! Bumblebees! They're cute and harmless and hard-working and I can't just block MamaBumblebee's nest! :-( What do I doooooo?

In yet other news, I discovered that the text I agreed to present in my one actual seminar on Tuesdays that sounded so interesting in the teacher's summary has scary social science math that I am not trained for and simply do not understand. :-(((( I have yet to inform my co-presenters of this, but I get now why one of them already hogged the introduction chapter...

Also, Chapter 4 is up on our website. See how easy that was, Moni? ;-)
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I feel strangely devoid of blah blah. This story must have eaten up all the words. But anyway, we've started posting The Same Deep Water As You.

Chapter 1

Akame whorefic, RPF, explicit.

Our notes and acknowledgements

... and boy am I glad to have my internet back. People, I had no DSL for nine freaking days. Also no phone. I could sort of barely check e-mail via the mobile, and was 'surfing' the web with the pictures turned off, and with coffee breaks while the pages loaded. God.

Never leave me again, internetz.

I may be out of words but I have opened a little bottle of champagne. Whorefic. Two and a half years. Oh boy.
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And Not In Honour of Kame's Hair Which Needs a Cut If You Ask Me Which Of Course You Did

Is it just me, or are the pants Kame wore to Music Japan the hottest pants he's worn since the bondage pants from Real Face?

Pants. )

Also, was very happy to see Kame much more energetic than on Music Station and (especially) Shounen Club. I don't really know what was going on, but the Music Japan talk was funny, at least to my non-comprendo ears.


In very different news, [personal profile] solo and I just finished the chapter that... basically concludes the main dramatic arc of the whore epic.

I realise that 'basically concludes the main dramatic arc' does not sound as snappy as 'guys, we're DONE', but guys, we BASICALLY CONCLUDED THE MAIN DRAMATIC ARC! We actually finished all the chapters that are still outlined in our outline!

We have... a bit of mop-up, maybe three chapters of denouement & conclusion, and then we might actually be done. and freeeeee. Free for editing, anyway.




In less bouncy news... I already complained to Solo about this earlier -- the fancams of Jin's Time Square broadcast have started to appear, and I have to say, I am so, so GRRRRRRR that it's been 9 months since his first solo concerts and 5 months since the next solo concerts, and we STILL haven't got ANY official source of Jin's new songs (any of them -- I'm not even greedy, I'd take a *few*) that would be rip-able in decent quality that I can hardly enjoy the cuteness of the fancams. I WANT SOME SEMI-DECENT VERSIONS OF SOME JIN SONGS FOR ALL MY HEARTACHE. Grrrrrrrr.


ADMIN NOTE about LiveJournal and Dreamwidth: I realise this may be totally irrelevant to most of you given how little I post, but just so you know: I will generally continue to crosspost from Dreamwidth to Livejournal and while I've let my paid account lapse, I don't see myself stopping with crossposting any time soon. However, any posts that contain work-sensitive comments will only go on Dreamwidth in the future.

Long version: I don't think Dreamwidth is a perfect fit for me (though they let me have more icons on my free account, whee!), and I've whined about the downsides of the fannish landscape over there before, to a couple of you. And I didn't care about a number of the snafus LJ committed that had other people all up in arms. But I found the recent accounts of LJ staff sockpuppets and breaking of flock and stalkerish comments on locked entries both creepy and believable. Thus my new rule of thumb is going to be, everything I really, really wouldn't want my boss to read, ever, is going to be on DW only. (While I'm not particularly keen to ever have a conversation with my boss about the gay porn I write on the internets, it is -- in theory -- a conversation I would be willing to have and able to survive. A conversation about how I called Badly Anonymized Colleague X a douche is one I might not. And while I trust all the people I have on my 'work, boys/girls & psychotic episodes of my mother' filter, I don't trust random LJ staff who snoop around in flocked entries and delete your journal for disagreeing with them.)

You won't miss much -- a dating-only post (or, god forbid, a psychotic mother-only post) on that filter will still show up here on LJ. Only work content will make a post a DW-only post. So if you really, really don't want to miss anything, you might wanna friend me on DW.

Just FYI.

My admin note is longer than anything I've posted in the last two months. Um, yay?


whores. climax. squeak.
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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, Solo and I have been running pictures of Jin and Kame through a face morpher. This as such would not be that newsworthy. After all, we tried to create their digital love child once, too.

And first results were interesting but cute. Like for example Kame as a girl.

girl!Kame )

Sweet, no?

Then we tried Jin.

This is Jin as a girl.

girl!Jin )

For contrast, this is Jin as a guy. As suggested by the face morphing program.

guy!Jin )


Last night Solo and I were comparing Hayato/Ryu and Akame, and the ways they map onto each other (and the ways they don't). And we ended up theorizing that in terms of desire to maintain a certain kind of public face, Jin-today has almost come *back around* to Hayato. (Who is still a puppy at heart. We were also wondering how he ever became a leader of delinquents.)

(And this summary suffers perhaps from the fact that it is very summarish and does not elaborate on General HayaRyu Theory.)



State of the Collaboration, 34: Authors sidetracked by irrelevant face morphing and job applications. Jin misses his parents, while Kame kind of wishes he could avoid his right then. On the other hand, Jin has friends.
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So, while hanging out in chat this morning with [ profile] mnemonic_psych and [ profile] flamesword and [ profile] ayuzak and some other chick I've never met before, I had a few funny moments when I realised that my fannish abbreviations weirdly enough do not always match up with other people's brains. (Disconcerting, I know. After I was once again reminded I'm scary, I think I should at last be capable of some mindo controlu.)

It made me think about the JE fannish glossary. What do you call the various songs, dramas and Other Stuff involving Johnny's when you can't be bothered or don't have the character count to type out the full thing? With one-word titles, it seems kind of obvious, but what about the more long-ass things?

I would put this in a poll, but I wouldn't know how. So I'm just randomly surveying you all.

Stuff I came up with for what I usually call things:

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi = Tatta
Gokusen = GKS
Real Face = RF
Bokura no Machi de = Machi
Don't U Ever Stop = DUES
Kami no Shizuku = KnS
KAT-TUN= KT (which, from a shipping POV, is really quite iffy...)
Queen of Pirates = QOP
Break the Records = BtR
CartoonKAT-TUN = ctkt/CTKT
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge = Yamanade
1 Pound Gospel = the boxer (lately OPG)
Nobuta wo Produce = Nobuta
Majou no Jouken = Majou
My Boss My Hero = mbmh


In other news, I'm celebrating my scholarship failure by running away to Scotland for a week. Any local/local-ish/widerUK people/previous victims of Yami The Cat want to join me and [ profile] solo____ for a fannish day in the period between 12 and 19 May? We even managed to plan this one with a convenient weekend in the middle of it!


Thoughts of the day: I should really update my user info. Possibly with minipigs. Also, tomorrow I may or may not go to a climbing and adventure park with Dudley and his BFF and my mother. But only if I can get my jeans to dry before then.


State of the Collaboration, 32: Jin is making professional progress, but he's not happy about it. Also there is cake.
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Another admin note: if for whatever reason you wanna be in touch with me on Twitter, I'm kjulia28. So if we're regularly talking here (or not) and you'd like to talk over there and you're called barndanceshimmy or something else that I will never ever guess, just add me. Everyone can. (I'm cheap and easy.)

State of the Collaboration, 32: Very Special Edition

[22:56] kjulia: Hey, we FINISHED A CHAPTER today!
[22:56] Solo: We did.
[22:56] Solo: Now we can write another one.
[22:56] kjulia: Yes. With some of us having more wife content than others. mwahahah
[22:57] Solo:
I don't hate you.
Hardly at all, even.
And I'm not sending my cat to eat you.
Because it's dark out.
And I worry about her.
A lot.
[22:57] Solo: /poem
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I really, really wanted to write a post last weekend, just to get some updates out there. But first I had a guest, and then I had to prepare for my last scholarship interview on Monday. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, now with more politics and cheeseburgers. )

Things I meant to post about, all those days I meant to write posts:
What it says. )

State of the Collaboration, 30:
The authors have finished k_x and returned to the whores. Kame is worried. Tego is worried, but not about the same thing. Jin is cautiously optimistic, and Koki is intrigued. Yassu is wriggly. The epic has eaten its last remaining beta. *nom nom*
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We left the house. Twice. Three times! In two days. This is starting to feel newsworthy. :-)

Today [personal profile] solo had to work and I got to hang around in Glasgow for a few hours, which I mostly enjoyed walking around on non-slippery, properly de-iced ground while listening to KAT-TUN rips and then eating utterly gross British pizza that was just perfect for the moment. (Not so enjoyable: finding out that Primark won't take my VISA. I'm now wondering if it's somehow to do with the current money chip drama going on in Germany. Thankfully Solo gave me some pocket money so I could pay for the pizza.)

And this morning we even walked all the way to the post office. We are so outdoorsy.

Even better, yesterday we met up with [profile] mananeh, whom I totally neglected to call Moo at any time but hope I still get to do that because I think it's an awesome nickname. We met up for 'coffee' which was quickly amended to drinks which turned into dinner at [personal profile] solo's house and watching more concerts. We had fun! [We are good at understatement.] And we even behaved (I hope) and didn't get too tinhatty, nor did we bring out the chainsaws.

Psst, [profile] mananeh, you still have to link me that chart! And thanks again for coming, I'm really glad we got in touch in time for my Scotland visit, it was excellent fangirling! (Solo, who is currently entertaining the cat with a sock over her hand, is nodding vehemently.)

Tomorrow we must. write. more. Possibly after Solo has bought herself a new computer and I have bought some chocolate. (Little treats for everyone. :-)

Oh, and I have an appointment with the dude who'll give me the key to my flat next Tuesday! YAY! I finally get to, like, see it and all. Possibly useful. *g*

State of the Collaboration, 30: Tego advocates pet ownership. Jin says no to drugs. Kame doesn't say much. The authors say 'more wine, please.'
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In light of my departure for Scotland and [personal profile] solo's cupboard under the stairs tomorrow morning, I figured it was a good opportunity to get at least one efficient day in. And I think I kind of managed.

Today I:

-- Did my taxes for 2008.
this is actually very small potatoes if you were a) poor and b) 'self employed' in 2008, but I like saying I did my taxes anyway
-- Cancelled my contract with the place where my furniture is stored.
-- Went for a run.
-- Wrote list of instructions re: flat/key-giving-person for mother.
-- Wrote to internship boss about internship documentation and for keeping up with my former project
-- Made my mother's small trolley fit for Ryanair cabin baggage regulations

Proof. )

-- Copied sparklyboy video essential data onto my portable HD.
-- Packed.

Postponed project:
-- Editing all the currently open chapters.

I will be gone for 10 days, and generally online but possibly busy/drunk/braindeadfrompretty. Countdown! SMAP/KAT-TUN show! Cat! Cocktails! Food! And an actual room of my own. *g*

State of the Collaboration, 28: Jin, Kame, and the authors want out of the 5 chapters that are currently under edit again. The world ahead is so much nicer, why did we all have to go back?
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OMG I am not sure I will get around to posting again before the internship is over. The summary: internship still going reasonably well, no news on Dresden contract, can finally book Dresden tickets because have more than € 19,20 in my bank account, my brain is broken.

Slightly more narratively... I haven't fully adjusted to the hours yet, but I don't know how much that is due to the fact that now it's *never* quiet. I aim to start work at 7 and am usually the first person in the entire department, and while I am a morning person in terms of work most of the *really* early start is about the fact that I have *an entire room to myself*, sometimes for as long as an hour and a half. And then it's six to eight hours being in an office where somebody's is ALWAYS talking. And I get home groggy and someone is ALWAYS fighting over homework. Family is actually pretty non-crazy at the moment, but the little things are enough to make me want to go wah wah wah sometimes, when people can have fifteen minutes of nag-fights over 'why didn't you take the lemonade out of your sports bag!?!' a meter and a half away from my desk.

Um, okay. Apparently I can post about things.

Tomorrow morning I'm seeing the lady from the town council admin-y place who is in charge of town-owned flats. To see if she might consider putting me on the list for small and affordable places. On Wednesday I'm looking at another flat here in town. I'd really like to stay in the town, though at least four streets removed from my mother, but unfortunately this isn't really the place where single people move to live. (And thus there are not many flats for single people.)

Also, I really like wind turbines. No kidding. I'm always happy when I see some.

And gyms. I love gyms.

And I have the most bizarre stress dreams. But if I write down the one with the Russian millionare or the one where I went on a third Japanese course and forgot I had to be at the internship place, this will turn into an actually lengthy post, omg.

Oh, and the unemployment agency in DRESDEN, where I was on benefits for May 2009, wrote me a letter telling me to produce documentation and a new full disclosure of my finances in *2008* because of some money I had in the bank back at my old bank *that I already told them about*. I was *right there* when the lady made the copies back in March 2008. I wrote them a friendly little letter asking them to CHECK THEIR FILES PLZ. If I weren't hoping to get a job in Dresden, I'd say that place is following me around and trying to bash me over the head all over again. Or nibble me to death, or something.

Oh, and back when I thought this was going to be a three-line post, I meant to repost this, because Solo linked me and it cheered me right up while people were arguing over whether people's fathers are right to take people shopping or whether they should have gone to some other place or what. fucking. ever.

This is like THE BEST ILLUSTRATION EVAR of the essential essentialness of NEWS, Kanjani8, and KAT-TUN in direct comparison. A mini guide to JE fandom.

Read more... )

State of the Collaboration, 26: Koki dreams of LA. Jaejoong dreams of cockroaches. Kame dreams of nothing, which he's not complaining about. The authors dream of editing eight thousand words of sex, Russian millionaires and forgetting to track livejournal posts. Jin dreams up tests.
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So, yo.

I have been lying a little low. The reason is that the thing I would most have liked to post about was a thing I didn't want to post about until I have it in writing in my dirty little hands, but that's not going to happen before December, and maybe it's better not to let the world think I've died.

So there's a black cat crossing from the right side... or left? )

In other news! I'm starting my internship with a local-ish renewable energy firm on 16 November. The thing will last four weeks, pays a little bit but little enough so I don't have to pay my own health insurance again, I got it okay'd by the unemployment agency and they're even helping me out with the commute costs. I'm actually looking forward to this. And not just because they had really nice sushi on their Open Door Day in August. (Though it helps.)

I also got my interview date for the next step in the scholarship application. I've never heard of the guy, though if I'm unlucky, he's part of a program I applied for this spring, where I was rejected. Still, I'll have this week, where I'm not working yet, to prepare for that.

Aaaand for once I'm not going to spend half a day going OMG WHAT WILL I WEAR and fretting over the growth of my ass vs. the tolerance of my one pair of suit trousers, because last weekend I spent most of the Saturday on birthday-money enabled clothes shopping with my mother, and what promised to be an exercise in hair-tearing turned out very successful, with three pairs of office-appropriate trousers, two blouses, one dressy pair of black shoes AND proper winter boots. (After getting through a Dresden winter on a pair of light sneakers and woolen socks I decided... not to do that again.)

State of the collaboration, 22: Kame has to freeze some pasta. Jin has to unfreeze Kame. The authors are making bad puns and drinking wine for the longest sex scene ever. (Well, not quite, but we don't ever want to write that one again anyway.)
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So, we're about to enter week 3 of the Japanese course, and once again my wish to keep a proper diary of it got swamped by OMFGBUSY. As you may have been able to guess from my two short drive-by posts since I got here. However, we are generously given the Sunday off, and I have finished both my essay and my presentation on CATS, and I can semi-relax.

The course. )

State of the Collaboration, 18: Jin doesn't have the plague and self-diagnoses as crazy. He gets soup anyway and can evaluate the effectiveness of emergency interventions. He should turn his phone back on. The authors are interrupted by cats, each in their own way.
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My mother has a rather odd approach to showers. She's under the impression that they are best left unused, as their purpose is to look shiny and clean. We have had some discussions, and then some discussions, and then some eye-rolling over this, and after I moved in I got her to accept that I START TO SMELL KIND OF BAD if I'm not allowed to shower, so on the provision that on Saturdays cleaning the shower wall is my job, shower use restrictions have been lifted.

Except on days when we (well, I) actually clean the bathroom, and then the sheer horror of me actually wanting to use the shower ON THAT DAY causes her great woe.

Yesterday was cleaning day. In the ensuing discussion over whether I was going to shower before bed or not, my mother came up with a tactical masterstroke.

Read more... )

In other news, I had my campaigning debut in this village. It went well, I actually got over myself fifteen minutes in and started approaching people, and nobody asked me any tricky questions that could have embarrassed me or was unfriendly. It was also kind of weird because... well, just between you, me and the internet, I can't say I'm particularly eager for my guys to win this one. AND NOW THERE MUST BE MUCH SOUL-SEARCHING, because one thing that's always driven me mad about some corners of the social democrats is the longing for the opposition. And now here I am wanting just that. But anyway, soul-searching postponed because of hunger and lesbian dance thingie I might go to tonight if I don't fall asleep.

I really dig the all-red pencils we handed out, though. Scored two of them for Japanese homework. Yay!

State of the Collaboration, 12: 166,821 words.
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State of the Collaboration, 10: Senior citizens have been forgiven and must no longer die, while Muggles have been eliminated and librarians were shown their place. The future bits have been sent into helpful queasiness with eventual intensity, Jin is properly attentive to holiday pictures, and Kame doesn't want questions, intelligent or otherwise. The American bananas have been integrated into another, censored story. We still like sheets. We do not talk about kissing. Or cell phones.

(Admittedly reading edition 09 is helpful. As is alcohol.)
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Especially when I'm fighting with the same 'chapter'* for like the third weekend straight (third, yes, [ profile] solo____? or does it just feel like that?) and wondering idly if this story will end up giving me an alcohol problem...

And that would be Jin's facial hair. OMG WHY, Jin, WHY? I'm looking at the April Myojo pics, and there's some nice stuff there, but there's also, tragically, weird stuff growing on Jin's chin! It's so tragic!!! It looks terrible! At first glance I was glad because it wasn't the even more terrible mustache-y beard-shadow he seems oddly fond of lately that's made me flail (and not in a good way) over other recent photo shoots, and then he does the goat thing. Why so heartless, Jin?

On the other hand, I'll admit that the Countdown shop pictures making the rounds are making me very happy indeed, and I have been randomly staring at this just to cheer myself up: )

*Currently just under 22k words before bracket-filling edit. Just wait for more flocked groaning.


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