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So, I have been working out to a new exercise regime for two and a half weeks now. It's a bit early to give substantial verdicts, but the experience so far has been interesting.

I picked up this tip by stalking a conversation between [personal profile] solo and [personal profile] akk about [personal profile] akk's experiences with bodyweight exercises: strength training without the need for a gym.

It sounded appealing, and it sounded like a low-grade investment (you basically buy... the book. nothing else.), and since I've been struggling with weather-and-cramps issues re: running and boredom-and-busy issues re: the stationary bike, I ordered the book.

This is the book. It's been lying around my house; both my mother and my girlfriend have had gigglefits at first sight.

Book )

The book is written by a dude who used to train US special ops military guys. It promotes an idea of fitness that is achievable with a regime of exercises that take nothing but your own body and maybe a bit of household equipment, like, say, a door with door handles. It lists about 120 exercises with generally comprehensible explanations for people who want to build their own exercise regime, but also four 'courses' at four levels of difficulty. The time investment is 20-30 minutes, 4-5 times a week. (When you do the math, you see that's it's closer to around 35 minutes a day, most days.) The author's argument is that strength training is a much more efficient way to both get and stay fit than cardio, and that strength training is much better done using natural movements of the whole body rather than specialised gym equipment.


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Jo flakes
So I clearly flaked out on the March Posting Project two days in a row. The reason being a) that nothing interested happened and b) I was too tired to make anything interesting. (The latter being kind of the point of the March Posting Project.)

That's basically the summary of my last three days: very very tired. Which was a little weird, because I slept enough, and I had moderate-not-murderous exercise, and mentally I felt fine. But both on Friday and on Saturday I woke up tired, even after a solid seven and a half hours, with that kind of heavy-bones-lethargy I only know from being in a serious funk or having a flu, or seriously hungover. And I was neither in a funk, nor did I have the flu, nor had I had any booze.

I ended up wondering, what with the headaches last week, if I'd caught some sneaky bug that my body was fighting off so effectively I didn't notice and the fatigue and the headaches were the only symptoms. Or whether it was the weather.

Today it's better, though I woke up freakishly early after very weird dreams about fandom. (Someone on [ profile] fail_fandomanon was closing a thread that [personal profile] lulumeow was very interested in, and I had just opened the comment field to defend [personal profile] lulumeow's right to have that discussion, when I woke up. WTF, head, WTF.)

/my interesting life

Jo runs
On Friday morning, I went for a twenty-minute run, and on Saturday morning, a thirty-minute run. And while my legs felt like bloody CONCRETE, my back has not even twinged. I consider this AWESOMESAUCE, because I would love to be able to mix up the bike and the swimming with running again. I plan to up the time gradually and see how it develops; it would also help if I got a new pair of running shoes, but this is where I run into the finances of a grad student -- a pair of good running shoes is still this BIG INVESTMENT, and I'm shying away from the hassle. But YAY RUNNING!

Jo tries to be helpful NORLY
I came across this a few days ago on the DW network: Instapaper, a site that lets you collect and download-as-epub-or-mobi-or-PDF various types of online texts: very very handy for downloading fic that was posted to LJ, and even handier for downloading multi-chapter stories in a low-fuss kind of way. As someone who moved from printing everything to wanting everything on an eReader, I'm finding this an excellent resource.

Where I found it, and the instructions for downloading multi-chapter stories.

I've tested it with a few multi-chapters that were posted to [ profile] akame_, a website like, a blog post on blogspot, and random single-entry LJ posts. The blog post didn't work, and with the first multi-chapter, the epub file didn't produce all the line breaks, leading to run-on paragraphs. But that story in particular also had curly quotes, and I'm suspecting this was due to the author using special formatting and not the LJ default. With other stories, it worked perfectly fine, and I'm very pleased I found this. I always thought I would probably read more sporadically-updated-perhaps-never-finished multiparters if they didn't have to clear the hurdle of being worth the formatting hassle first. (SRSLY, with the stories that worked, it gave me just the text, no comments, and the chapters/parts neatly behind each other, like MAGIC!)

Oh, and it might come in very handy for eReader types when k_x starts posting and if it's still posting to LJ this year.
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But only very briefly. I cycled into work and back today, twenty kilometers each way. It was great fun, but now I can barely walk. I'm too tired to even whine about it much. But Tell Me Where is a great song for cycling.

In other news, I think Kame is trolling me. Turtletroll )
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Today I went swimming for perhaps the first time in six months. I did one kilometer, with breaks in between. (Partly because my goggles got messed up and partly because I also cannot do 1 km just out of nothing, sadly enough.) Swimming is really good for me; good for my back, and I love the sort of all-over muscle fatigue you have afterwards, instead of 'ouch my [insert specific body part here] are killing me!!' But there's always the hassle of getting there and blah blah blah lazycakes.

Anyway, today, I finally managed, and I was still able to do what I expected. I switched from swimming breaststroke to freestyle last year because of my back, because breaststroke does shit to exactly those discs that are giving me trouble. I was pleasantly surprised how okay I was doing with freestyle; in my teens I was very very bad at it, for an otherwise fast swimmer. But with goggles and ear plugs, I started enjoying it. It does have two main drawbacks for me still. One is, I find it harder to pace myself than with breaststroke. That's the reason for all the breaks; I find it nearly impossible to swim at a pace that keeps me, erm, afloat that I can maintain for twenty lanes. But when I was going regularly, I did eventually manage, by building up stamina and getting just a bit better at swimming more slowly, so there's hope. The second thing is that I also find it much harder, if not impossible, to find that zen place where I'm doing my thing but thinking of other stuff. I was able to do that with running and I could largely do it swimming breaststroke, but I guess I'm a bit too busy concentrating on my breaths and not drowning in freestyle, and that, regrettably, makes it really bloody boring after a while. And I haven't found a solution for that yet.

Other worrying observations: my hair is currently so long that for the first time I found myself contemplating buying a bathing cap. >_< I always had a very phobic reaction to them; I'm just old enough that I have very distant memories of how they were mandatory in some public pools, and they always looked stupid and felt gross and served no purpose I could see. But if they could keep my ponytail from getting stuck under and around my armpit, they might be worth considering.


Only tangentially related, this afternoon my mother rang my bell, worried that I had killed myself in a fit of depression. No, I am not making this up, and yes, my apparent depression was totally news to me. Maybe this was a mother thing? )


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