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Today I went swimming for perhaps the first time in six months. I did one kilometer, with breaks in between. (Partly because my goggles got messed up and partly because I also cannot do 1 km just out of nothing, sadly enough.) Swimming is really good for me; good for my back, and I love the sort of all-over muscle fatigue you have afterwards, instead of 'ouch my [insert specific body part here] are killing me!!' But there's always the hassle of getting there and blah blah blah lazycakes.

Anyway, today, I finally managed, and I was still able to do what I expected. I switched from swimming breaststroke to freestyle last year because of my back, because breaststroke does shit to exactly those discs that are giving me trouble. I was pleasantly surprised how okay I was doing with freestyle; in my teens I was very very bad at it, for an otherwise fast swimmer. But with goggles and ear plugs, I started enjoying it. It does have two main drawbacks for me still. One is, I find it harder to pace myself than with breaststroke. That's the reason for all the breaks; I find it nearly impossible to swim at a pace that keeps me, erm, afloat that I can maintain for twenty lanes. But when I was going regularly, I did eventually manage, by building up stamina and getting just a bit better at swimming more slowly, so there's hope. The second thing is that I also find it much harder, if not impossible, to find that zen place where I'm doing my thing but thinking of other stuff. I was able to do that with running and I could largely do it swimming breaststroke, but I guess I'm a bit too busy concentrating on my breaths and not drowning in freestyle, and that, regrettably, makes it really bloody boring after a while. And I haven't found a solution for that yet.

Other worrying observations: my hair is currently so long that for the first time I found myself contemplating buying a bathing cap. >_< I always had a very phobic reaction to them; I'm just old enough that I have very distant memories of how they were mandatory in some public pools, and they always looked stupid and felt gross and served no purpose I could see. But if they could keep my ponytail from getting stuck under and around my armpit, they might be worth considering.


Only tangentially related, this afternoon my mother rang my bell, worried that I had killed myself in a fit of depression. No, I am not making this up, and yes, my apparent depression was totally news to me. Maybe this was a mother thing? )
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In three words: oh god why. This is, you guessed it, referring to the specularly dumbest song of all dumb songs. I'm not going to go into the particulars here; I was quite shocked and disgusted last night, got largely over it, and now I'm mostly going, 'why Jin why. why so dumb.'

This is not a very thinky post, but as I have been whining at Solo: I think it's high time Jin did something that actually pleases people and doesn't piss off half his fanbase. You keep on pissing off half your fanbase, you're going to end up with... very small halves.

I may be looking at it from an overly critical position after the fun of reading those lyrics last night, but I don't actually remember him doing much at all since the split that was just joyful without some sort of BUT. Test Drive seems to have gone over well, but had a stupid PV that would leave a passerby with no clue what he actually looks like. His recent promotion material has some good stuff, and some stuff that is almost willfully fugly. People HATE the sunglasses and the hats, AND THE BEARD. (I realise I may be taking this disproportionately personally.) And then he went and got surprise!married, and while I personally disagree with the 'rules' saying that he shouldn't get married, it was handled rather badly and almost as if it was designed to piss off or hurt as many people as possible.

Now he has an album, and what's being talked about is his supposed DATE RAPE SONG, and I don't know if he could have shot himself in the foot more thoroughly if he'd... uh, hacked off the foot with an axe. This is just so DUMB. And a waste. And what was maybe once 'awww, Jin, you tough little hiphopper' when he was 19 and in a glittery band is just flat-out annoying in a 27-year-old with two years of solo experience.

I think Seasons is the one recent thing I can think of that didn't piss anybody off, but then AFAIK it didn't sell spectacularly well either and he didn't do an awful lot of promotion in Japan.

Please, shape up, Jin. Don't make it so hard to like you. :-(

My mother

(Yes, this is a sudden change in subject.) I do not understand some people. I do not understand people whom you call, and ask, 'Can you tell me when you're on holiday so I can plan my holiday with that in mind?', and they answer, 'Oh, the second two weeks of the holidays,' and then you ask, 'Which holidays?' and they go, 'The school holiday,' and you say, 'well, when are they?' and they go, 'I don't know...' and you go, 'well, when ARE YOU ON HOLIDAY?' and they say, 'the second two weeks of the holidays!'

And then you call your aunt and it's 'the last two weeks of the holidays' and you want to bang your head hard against something.


. . .

Who has everything all set up for shit to download while she's at work and then AS HER FINAL GESTURE BEFORE LEAVING shuts down the PC. *sigh* I could have watched The Good Wife with my dinner...
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This is, obviously, a very profound post.

So the last few weeks, when I wasn't working or doing other shit that I'm sure I was doing only I don't quite remember, I've been trying out gyms in the neighborhood. Not necessarily because I want to fit in a bikini, but because a funny thing happened when I was last travelling for work, on that short trip to London/Manchester in July: I went to the gym three times, not even long, just 20-30 minutes on the elliptical trainer, and I was pain-free for the first time in six months.

That happy state of affairs continued for about ten days after I was back, until my back reminded me that maybe a one-off didn't fix it.

Cut for gym blah blah. )

In other news, while I am Home Alone On A Saturday Night Booo Hooo, we are finally writing again, and it makes me very happy. Today was very easy-going writing to a kink_bingo square we can't post about until we have written this other thing, so it was a nice way of easing back into it.

In yet other news, last weekend I was at a family birthday, and accidentally got so drunk it was just that last Ramazotti that wasn't my fault, honest that I started speaking only English on the way home, where I proceeded to fall out of my mother's car. Now every time I call my mother and get my brother on the phone, Dudley quotes my drunken lines back at me and has the time of his life mocking me. The upside is that after I, um, fed the birds out of that side of the car, he no longer wants to sit in the front seat, and we can stop having wrestling matches over it. (My mother has taken it with remarkable poise, though. It's weird, she gets her 'omg, you have alcoholism in your genes!' on whenever I mention I had a glass of wine at home, but apparently getting literally fall-down-drunk at parties is totally ok!)
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First, and unrelated to the subject line: today is the birthday of [ profile] mnemonic_psych, who is shiny and sparkly and sometimes tastily dark, like good espresso. I hope you're having a great day, Moni!


I'm just back from the first of six piano lessons I got for Christmas. Both my brother and my mother are learning to play keyboard with the same teacher, and sometime late last year I decided I wanted to give it a go again.

He teaches in groups of three or four, keyboards and e-pianos, and on Friday he's here in this village. (My mother and brother usually drive out someplace else.)

I had piano lessons when I was young, which were a well-meaning attempt on the part of my mother to introduce me to some of the finer (i.e. middle class) things in life that hadn't really been an option for her when she was young. I had a very strict Russian ballet instructor type for a teacher, who believed that unless you practiced an hour each day, you'd never get anywhere, so naturally I didn't even practice an hour a week, and never got anywhere. Certainly never anywhere fun. I dumped those classes basically as soon as my mother let me.

This guy is getting lazy Dudley to practice, and he teaches other adults with more stressful jobs than mine, so he has a flexible approach to just how much time people can devote to practice. (Just as I have a flexible approach towards the 'anywhere' I want to be getting.) So I thought I'd give it a shot with a six week test course -- less to test him but, as I told him too, to test whether I have enough motivation. If I start going 'oooh, do I have to go this week?' three weeks from now, it may not be for me.

But the first class was fun. He started by giving me a melody to play, first with just the right hand, then with both, to 'warm up' my hands. It was a little part out of Ode to Joy, which, if I'm getting his teaching style correctly, I'll be playing a lot the next few weeks. There were two more melodies on the same page of the book, and I played those too without difficulty. (They were extremely basic: five keys, i.e. no need to move the fingers, and no more difficult speeds than full notes. Still, hey, that could have been worse!)

Next, he'll try to teach me chords for the left hand. Without actual sheet music and without a bass clef for that part; just the melody will be on paper. He says it gets people to something that sounds good quicker than making them read the notes first, and it's better for motivation. It's more fun, he says. Since I never got to fun the traditional way, I'm very happy to give this a go.

Dudley is going to lend me his first, soon-not-fancy-enough keyboard for practice. I still have an ancient out of tune piano standing around at Dudley's father's place, but I wouldn't have the room for it, and it was never very good to begin with.

I'm looking forward to next Friday. I was all 'bzuh?!' when I realised well over an hour had passed.

(And then Dudley's father called and was bitchy on the phone because he had cooked and where were we, and my brother rolled his eyes and told me everyone knows Crazy Teacher Dude always takes longer.)


In other news. I am despairing quietly over my decluttering plans. I conveniently threw out my back yesterday, which dimishes the energy level with which I approach heavy boxes, and also, the moment you've finally sorted your crazy desk into little piles is not when you want to discover your hole punch thingie has gone AWOL.

My living room, currently: Despaaaaaair. )

And limited time tomorrow to fix it all, because I'm visiting my mother, who's in a hospital in Heidelberg. (Nothing bad, scheduled procedure, and if she hadn't managed to forget her insurance card (!) I wouldn't have to go at all.)


Jun. 5th, 2010 02:56 pm
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For reasons that don't need explaining at this juncture, I ended up joining my mother, my brother, my mother's BFF and three other kids on a trip to a climbing adventure park yesterday. The weather was gorgeous, the forest was lovely, the mosquitos were huge and the Julia was a big scaredycat. But it was fun. :-)

Climbing adventures with pictoral proof! )


Brief KATTUN-related musings: I was very very pleased when No More Pain leaked; after Going! I was really worried the whole album would be like that -- maybe an overreaction, but SRSLY, the music they did the other time Jin was gone really didn't work for me either. So when I heard NMP and thought 'wow, this is actually cool!' I got way more hopeful about the rest of the album.

As for Kame: not happy with Sweet. :-/ I did finally watch some fancams of the vampire solo, though (I'm sorry, Kame! I am a rare freak who really doesn't care about vampires! It wasn't you!) and am wildly entertained that Kame has progressed to essentially making out with people on stage. Go Kame!


In other news, this morning I bought sunscreen FOR MY FRIVOLOUS HOLIDAY WHICH IS STARTING NEXT FRIDAY YAY. I have been mostly laid back about the holiday; I was still in a slightly different place when I booked it and that desire to 'get away from it all' has abated. But standing in front of the sunscreen shelf, I had a little Moment that I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY WITH SUN AND COCKTAILS AND SURFING LESSONS AND POOLS AND YAY!! I bought four different types (two for face, two for body); my forearms notwithstanding I currently resemble feta cheese, but I do hope I won't need to slather on the level 30 protection at the end of the week anymore. And it felt just like buying... really nice clothes or something. It was AWESOME.


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