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So as I mentioned before, I'm on Tumblr now. It's been a bit of a weird experience because even after I figured out how to reblog and stuff, I still feel like I have NO CLUE how the whole thing works. But as a ten minute brain cleanser, it can be pretty fun. (But I can still see how I'm just not Tumblr's target audience, because the mute reblogging of pics really is only fun for about ten minutes, and my overwhelming urge is sometimes to comment on pics I find ridiculous, and so far I figure that's a bit of an etiquette no-no. I mostly restrain myself.)

But what I actually wanted to post about was lesbians.


First, my NEVERENDING complaint that the 'girls kissing' tag brings up all this fake-lesbian porn. WHY. If I want porn, I'll search for that! You don't need to SNEAK me porn, I CAN FIND THE PORN I WANT ON MY OWN. *SADFACE* *GRUMPYFACE*

I did follow a few Tumblrs that post pretty girls kissing pictures, and that's nice to have pop up in between all the JE pictures... but when it comes to reblogging, I get terribly self-conscious. Because a lot of what's getting reblogged seems to be not artsy photography type stuff, but snapshots of girls with their girlfriends. Overwhelmingly, late-teen-early-twenties girls with their girlfriends. And every time I go, 'This is a really cute picture...' and go for the reblog button, I feel like... I am a dirty old woman or something. >.<

And it's not entirely logical because I do know on the rational level that these are pics these chicks took because they wanted to put pictures of themselves making out with their girlfriends on Tumblr, and it's not like they're TWELVE or anything. But I have this WEIRDEST FEELING of 'I am too old to reblog pictures of nineteen-year-olds kissing.'

It doesn't make a lot of sense, I guess.

Twitter, Tumblr and Everything Else That Moves Fast, And Stuff That Doesn't Make Sense

(Disclaimer: if this post makes you think "omg she's talking about me", rest assured that I am not, because I really don't have anyone specific in mind. This is a thing I've had brewing for a while, and I'm not judging, I'm just puzzled.)

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On the AO3

Jul. 26th, 2012 04:45 pm
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(Randomly, this gives me the chance to say, if I've subscribed to you on DW recently and you have no idea why, it might be because I saw you posting OTW commentary and I have been trying to follow the various conversations going on.)

1) Dear AO3: plz do not allow meta/episode commentary/discussion posts? You're a fanfic archive, plz focus on your core competences? (Plz don't be a European car manufacturer that needs to be bailed out by government because you started producing pepper mills.) I vaguely wonder if this is coming from fandoms that are primarily on Tumblr and people realising that Tumblr doesn't work well for discussion, but just reading that the AO3 is considering this makes me go meep. DNW.

2) Honest question, even if occasionally I'm leaning on the snarky side on this: I've read quite a bit of commentary over how the OTW has failed to do outreach, or how anime and manga and other non-Western fandoms aren't 'welcome' on the AO3. And I don't get it. It's a fanfic archive, it's sitting there. It wants your fic, but you gotta want to have your fic there. As long as it's open to use -- their current invite code situation notwithstanding -- why would specific fandoms be (feel) unwelcome?

Some fandoms post more to the AO3 than others; my fandom posts significantly less to the AO3 than others, and I just, uh, got an account and posted my stuff. I wasn't courted or made to feel 'welcome'; neither did I feel 'unwelcome' just because most writers in my fandom don't/didn't post there. What am I missing?
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Hello, I'm back. Arrived at home at 9 last night, only to realise that my plan for energy saving by turning off the heating also meant no hot water #failbunny but eventually I made it into bed. And woke up again around 6.30, when what I really needed was a solid 12 hours of sleep or similar. (I had 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours before I got home.)

Stupid jetlag, I guess. So I went into the office earlier than planned and did some admin, figuring that was sufficienly low-brain for my first day back. And I'm sure it was, only doing expense claims when you can't even remember the days you were on your business trips much less the details of what you're supposed to have receipts for is not as low-brain as you may think. Though I am exactly as low-brain as you may think.

All in all, my flight was okay -- the flight attendants were nicer than on the trip to Japan, I had [ profile] vc_mel and [ profile] karu_chan for company, and I made my connection fine. But Frankfurt airport really had it in for me again. I missed my train by ten seconds (literally; I was there waving at the train lady through the just-closed door) and the next one was delayed and I nearly got sucked under a luggage cart and had my suitcase fall on me and wanted to get into a fistfight over it. (Though on the plus side, all that aggression and adrenaline very effectively killed the headache I'd carried around for nine hours.)

Also all you people who didn't cater to my whims and send me handy files of k_x stories suck, just so you know. Pffffft. #notthatimjudgy #orentitled

My Kame poster got squished in my suitcase, even though I had plenty of space. >.< Poor Kame. When I have BRAINZ back I'll take pictures of the goods I bought -- which will make all you old JE bunnies used to buying tons of stuff laugh, but at least this time I didn't do the 'omg can I really afford another fifteen euro INVESTMENT?' thing I did with Dreamboys. *g*

I also really want to write up what I still remember from the concerts, though that will take me another day or two. And a brain. And sleeeeeep.


The other admin thing I dealt with was follow up on interview dates. I just made an appointment for a trip in SEPTEMBER. The travelling, it never stops.


LJ admin notice: I have gone and defriended a bunch of people where it's become increasingly clear they have either left Livejournal or we are simply not in each other's orbits anymore. No hard feelings. It's been a good run with some of you, and maybe we'll run into each other sometime in other venues.

PS: Item #5

Mar. 7th, 2012 08:20 pm
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(The author does not exclude herself.)

Drinks, people. Let's all have a pina colada and imagine a footrub. (If you are actually getting a footrub, don't tell me about it, because that would be GLOATY AND EVIL.)
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On JE fannish things:
I am very, very much in love with Pi's Ai, Texas. I hadn't really paid attention to any of the promos because a) I admit the title made me suspect it might be a bit st00pid and b) the outfit he's wearing in performances made me suspect it might be a bit st00pid EVEN MORE. But people, I love this song. I love the melody -- I really want a word for these melodies that Pi sometimes has, because there's definitely a pattern, and normally it's in his love songs, where... I want to say 'ordinary', only not in a boring, everyday sense. You know, where love songs can be like OMG DRAMA OPERA I WILL DIE FOR YOU and then you have a melody that's more like 'yeah, I love you, now let's go and milk the cows'. This song is bouncier than Gomen Ne or Love Song, but it still does that, with the melody.

And I love the quirky drums on the chorus, and what his voice does on the bridge, and I just want to SQUISH THIS SONG.

Fannnish bitchiness:
I have been following the discussions on the Smallville fanfic archive moving to the AO3 with some interest, in various places. And, you know, I concede that it's a multi-faceted issue, and I really want to read those discussions in the spirit of openness to both sides. But then inevitably I come across the comment that goes, 'I uploaded my stories fifteen years ago and I moved fandoms since then and I changed my pseud and I don't even use that old e-mail address anymore and I haven't spared my fic in that archive a thought in the last fifteen years BUT NOW THE AO3 WANTS TO ARCHIVE IT THEY ARE EVIL EVIL EVIL. PS: yes I totally, consciously only wanted my fic archived for ~the natural lifespan of an archive~ when I put it up.' And I just end up wanting to mock people TO THEIR FACE for being special snowflake idiots.

*sigh* Fandom, always good for bringing out my impartial and dispassionate side.

On journal admin:
Inspired by [personal profile] solo, I've been wondering if I should try for 'a post a day' in March, too. They'd probably vary in substance, and IDEK. But I actually like DW/LJ being a bit livelier. (Well, in theory.)


Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 12

Should Jo do A Post A Day in March?

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Yes, dooo eeeet.
9 (75.0%)

No, I'd rather see fewer but longer posts.
1 (8.3%)

Who is Jo?
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Should Jo tag those posts so you can filter out the spam?

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Yes, mwahahah.
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No, lumping in two line posts about Pi being awesome with longer posts is inappropriate.
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Which substantial posts about her exciting life should Jo write?

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What It Feels Like To Be A Slob: A Field Guide For Non-Slobs
9 (75.0%)

Life in the Village: A Photo Story
5 (41.7%)

How To Go Japan Twice in 12 Months on a Grad Student Budget: The Life of a Squirrel, or Saving When You Hate Excel Sheets
8 (66.7%)

Why I Honestly Think Kame Is Gay, aka The One With The Potential Wank
8 (66.7%)

Japan Pictures That Are Only Six Months Old
5 (41.7%)

All The Plants I Ever Killed: A Retrospective
8 (66.7%)

The Proto-Femslash Of My Youth
5 (41.7%)

Something else, which I will comment about.
3 (25.0%)

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and there is a noise coming out of the wiring boards that makes it sound like a bunch of cicadas are trapped under there.

I have been following the wank around the revival of the '100 ways to end up in a Canadian Shack' meme with secret fascination and horror, but this utter gem, found on failfandomanon, is to me the high point this whole debate:

"It's not that 'shack' is a bad word. It's that the revival of the meme is threatening to erase a very high-profile social problem that no one outside Canada seems to be aware of."

Fandom: Destroying the world since 2009 1968 FOREVER
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I am back from my traditional New Year's holiday at Chez [personal profile] solo, where there was much boozing, some laziness, some whore epilogue writing, much being snubbed by the cat *sob*, fangirl visitors ([personal profile] mec and [personal profile] threewalls), YAMAPI IN A CAR CALLED AKKUN, Scottish breakfasts at garden centers, and rain. LOTS of rain. RAIIIN.

But have made it home, and have the weekend to resign myself to going back to the office in Monday.

As many of those Present And Snubbed By The Cat were involved in some sort of fic bingo writing, we were at some point joking and wondering about an Akame fic bingo, and, well, the idea had some appeal to me and sort of sunk claws into my brain.

I haven't given much thought to how exactly this would go, in part because I am currently brain-free, but I wanted to throw this out there to gauge general interest. The best-known example in fandom is probably [community profile] kink_bingo, just for cards and rules and concept, though obviously that has a a different thrust than an Akame-centric challenge.

So, basically, I'm asking: If there was a bingo-like challenge about Akame themes -- you get a bingo card with randomized prompts and try to fill those in by writing fic of a to-be-specified length over a to-be-specified-time-period -- would you be interested in participating?

The sort of prompts those cards would include would probably involve a communal brainstorming exercise and some more coherent thoughts on feasibility. I could see both specific things like 'Okinawa' or 'conbini sightings' or 'Yukan Club' and more generic things like 'hair' or 'rumours' or 'dating'. There'd also have to be some thoughts on how to deal with getting too specific -- if seven people have cards with 'pinky rings', it might not be the most interesting thing to have seven pinky ring stories, is my thinking, etc.

But that's sort of... detail. Mostly I'm curious if there'd be enough interest to maybe put some thought & work into how something like this might... work.

Any thoughts / discussion / votes?

Oh, votes: on DW I can haz poll!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 7

If there were an Akame_Bingo...

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I would be tentatively interested in playing
7 (100.0%)

ETA: Feel free to link this to potentially interested parties. I move in a small circle. *g*
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Generally speaking, I don't think I have a very stressful life. I have a lot more time to waste than most people I know. Last week was bad, but I should be over that by now. However, for a variety of reasons, I'm feeling rather stressed at the moment. A handful of small things I need to do, and should have done last week, actually, feel like so much work, it's pathetic.

It's the kind of mood when I start feeling unusually protective of my fannish opinions, and bail from reading a lot of things.

It's also when I fret about stuff. But in this particular case, I decided to get it off my chest.

Hey, this is actually [ profile] deborah_judge's fault! :-)

Navel-gazing. Feedback and recs. )

Apparently, it's also the kind of mood that makes me rambly. I had a whole other navel-gazing item about friending, but I'll boil it down to a question that's intrigued me for a while. I came fairly late to LJ and missed it when the etiquette was hashed out; with everybody spelling out that you don't need to ask them before you friend them, are there actually people who do/did want you to ask first?

PS: Spoiler-phobe that I am, I'm staying away from any of the official BSG information. Until recently, I wasn't even aware that there was going to be a mid-season break. Can someone tell me about that? Is that after this week's episode? And for how long?
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I found this through [ profile] galacticanews, so I suppose most of you have already seen it, but reading [ profile] fairestcat's thoughts on shipping and slashing issues in BSG fandom here yesterday, I found myself nodding in agreement quite a lot, and it made me try to pull some things together that have been going through my head about BSG fandom. Read at your own risk.

Cut for OMG! more meta ramble. )


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