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I'm just back from a weekend in Düsseldorf, which included the lovely company of [ profile] ina, [ profile] nightinbird, [ profile] b_akakame and [ profile] aya_3003, my first booze since the Great Gorilla Hangover of 2014, not a great deal of sleep, fic exchange matching at [ profile] solo's mom's kitchen table, and the first time I was at a ramen restaurant in Düsseldorf and didn't order ramen.

That last part is probably the most shocking. ^_^

Being a cheapo, I opted for bus over train, and while that meant a long-ass trip, I had no crazy ladies sitting next to me. (I did have a hen night party and various 'travelling to Cologne to get drunk' parties on the same bus as me, but them's the breaks.) I arrived at home yesterday at 4 and had to hit the ground running as I had an English student and then politics until late, so I'm feeling kind of knackered, but I honestly had a wonderful weekend that was a proper break from work stress and current work deadlines -- much thanks to the fangirls who came out to play! <3

Now for the obligatory JLPT recap!

(1) Vocabulary & kanji
I think I did pretty well. There were three terms I'd never heard of before and three more where I was more guessing, but I'd still kind of expect a score around 80% on this part. The most interesting difference to N4 was that the 'how to use this word correctly' part (as in, you get a term like 内容 and then four sentences using this word, and only one is correct) got noticeably trickier in that all four sentences, literally translated, seemed potentially correct (in the 内容 example, they were all about some type of 'content') and you needed to know which context the word is normally used in. To me that was new, and N4 was still more 'I put the elephant in the drawer' vs. 'I see the elephant at the zoo'. At the end I had five minutes to spare.

(2) Grammar & reading
Not great. I made a strategic error, in part because I underestimated my reading comprehension -- not that that's OMG SUPER AWESOME but in relation to my grammar skillz, it was unexpectedly better. During N4, I'd done okay on the grammar and then struggled with the MASS OF READING, and I'd also struggled with understanding the answers. Meaning back then I generally understood the texts fine but didn't always know WTF the potential answers meant. So now I did the exam part in order, starting on grammar because I figured those points would still be 'easier' (more points in less time) than the reading points. But I was utterly terrible at the grammar -- I'm pretty sure I didn't get a single of the 'arrange the words into the correct order' questions right, and I spent a lot of time on those. And then I found the reading part surprisingly enjoyable. Time-consuming, yes, but I felt much less bamboozled by the answers and actually had fun with the texts. But then I did run out of time and for one text, with four questions, I ended up just making random dots on the answer sheet because the time was up. After this section, I figured I hadn't yet failed; I don't think I did so badly that I'll fall below the 'sectional minimum', and I was thinking that if I did well on the listening, the vocab & listening could still cancel out the grammar problems. I'm kind of expecting a 40-50% score on this one.

(3) Listening
Well. Let's just say that I did not to 'really well' on this one. Better than at grammar and reading, but probably not well enough to pull up my overall score to 'pass'. It was an interesting experience in that I felt exactly what the step up from N4 was (the 'near-natural speed' part of the speaking), and this was also exactly what I struggled with. No lie, I knew nearly all the words and the grammar constructions or baby keigo didn't throw me, but I could feel my brain going 'wait!!! WAIT!!! GIVE ME TWO SECONDS TO PROCESS!!' all the time. Basically, I still would have needed a two second break after each sentence just to sort it in my head, but the 'near natural speed' part was still beyond me. I'm guessing I'll score around 50-60% on this? Maybe?

If all my guesses are correct, I'm probably somewhere just around the fail/pass threshold. My gut feeling is 'failed but not totally tanked'. Exept of course all my guesses could be wrong, too! We will see come September. ^_^

Anyone else take the test this July?

I still owe some comment replies on other matters -- they will be gotten to shortly!
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Yay, spring has finally arrived! (I noticed it was for real when my daily use of asthma spray tripled. *g*)

Stuff I have been up to:

Two weekends ago I had guests in the form of [ profile] solo____, [ profile] b_akakame, [ profile] aya_3003 and [ profile] ina.

I'm going to be lazy and link to Solo's posts for the documentation, which you may have seen, of course: the tech quiz is well worth looking at, even if you've now been spoiled, and here's a Summary Of Events.

Moving people around the varying sleeping places was like musical chairs (musical beds!) and you will have seen the picture of the night Pandarella slept in the kitchen. We also figured out more features of the karaoke Wii; we are getting really good at this! (The tech, not necessarily the karaoke.) But I did end up writing notes to myself; if I ever do this again, one thing I'll keep in mind is that after three hours of karaoke and boozing, I really won't want to get up and cook Real Food (tm). Always learn, always learn...

Enabled by pretty much everybody and having fondled all those phones for comparison, I also, um, bought a new smartphone.

Le shiny )

Phone is indeed excellent for Renshuu, so basically I just bought myself a very expensive vocabulary trainer. >_>

Randomosity: Because I always do what Solo tells me to, I played with the Chibi creator a few days ago.

This is me. )

Stuff I will be up to in the future:

-- I'm on the wait list for a bento class next weekend. So I don't know yet whether I get to go, but it could be interesting.

-- I'm going to meet up with [ profile] solo____ for the Japan Day in Düsseldorf at the end of May. Am very curious what that's going to be like, and mostly hoping for lots of yummy fuds.

-- In June, there's NipponConnection in Frankfurt. No program yet, so I don't know how many of the films will be to my liking, but the general program around it will mean I'll probably want to go for a day or two.

-- On Thursday, after a long, long delay and many timing complications, we are going to buy BUDGIES. For my grandpa, because he could do with a pet that is interactive but doesn't require too much walking. My mother hit on this genius idea about two months ago but left all the research to me, and didn't know what she was getting herself into when I focused my post-break-up energy on reading all the advice on and yourbudgieandyou.ocd and all that, and we learned that everything we ever knew about budgies was false. (OK, mostly we learned that getting my grandpa 'a budgie' was a really bad idea, and that those cages our old budgies, some 25+ years ago, were kept in were not very nice for the budgies.) So the first time I informed her we needed two budgies and a cage the size of #RedK Jin's apartment, she was all 'oh, okay, THINKING TIME-OUT.' But by a stroke of luck my mother has now purchased a two-year-old budgie pallazzo from her hairdresser (the ways of the village are wonderous...) and on Thursday we are picking up two budgies from a budgie-loving hobbyist breeder who comes with recommendations, and I am really sad about my asthma because I currently think budgies are awesome. (Maybe I am just still processing my break-up, who knows!)

No Ponies

Aug. 3rd, 2012 08:31 pm
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You may or may not have noticed my absence, but I've been kind of absent. Not literally offline, as I always have my phone, but I spent the last 7 days constantly doing stuff, thinking about stuff, discussing stuff, trying to catch planes or trains or free meals.

On the road again )

PS: Travelling back Sunday, and then I have to WRITE LIKE THE DEVIL for the next - but last of this year - conference. And then I have HOLIDAY.
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Today I installed Whatsapp. [ profile] aya_3003 took my n00bish cluelessness under her wing and explained to me about emoji. Emoji practice turned into Akame fic. *g*

Read more... )

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