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In case you missed it! [ profile] nightinbird is running an Akame fic exchange this summer! (I am humbly assisting her as the undermod. ^^)

 photo SummerLoving_blue-v1_cursive_banner_v2_700_zps2c3bf98c.jpg

[ profile] pt_pirates is the comm. Go check it out, at the very least for the lovely graphics that [ profile] frameofmind6 generously made for us. :D Sign-ups open tomorrow!
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What I have accomplished:
-- bought a suitcase, picked it up
-- half-packed. rest must wait for pants to dry.
-- did all my laundry. now the laundry needs to do its bit, see above.
-- found my remaining yen-in-cash
-- put passport in REALLY PROMINENT SPOT on the sofa
-- liberated backpack from the sludge of disintegrating shopping receipts, mints, old pens, band aids and the odd free-floating ibuprofen
-- charged netbook
-- wiped the stairs and cleaned the front door

What I just have, no accomplishment:
-- allergies
-- a cold sore (fucking allergies...)
-- allergy pills I hope will kick in any minute

What I must not forget tomorrow morning:
-- remaining pants
-- eReader
-- phone, phone charger
-- my passport in the REALLY PROMINENT SPOT

My shiny new suitcase!

When my old large trolley broke in London, I knew I had to get a new one, but I wavered for AGES between a) a really posh one, Investment For Life, b) another shoddy but cheap one, and c) something in the middle that might make me unhappy about the money spent one way OR the other.

When it turned out that several relatives had a different idea of what constituted a 'large' suitcase and couldn't actually help me out, I really had to get something QUICK. So I ordered this while I was still in Berlin, and after whining a lot at Solo, I went with the c) option, and I'm actually quite pleased with it. It's a four-wheel Samsonite that didn't burst my budget; heavier than the Investment Suitcases would have been but, well, and I'm kind of fond of the green.

I've been so up and down and all around that I haven't really had the time to appreciate that we posted the very last chapter of our whorefic yesterday. It felt weird for a moment, and then I was busy busy busy. Maybe it'll sink in on the plane.

But speaking of fic and planes. Can someone do me a favour and tell me which stories in k_x I might enjoy reading on the plane, and by 'enjoy' I mean 'not cry, feel depressed, or like I just saw puppies killed'? I am really, really not up for excessive angst, and also not for unhappy endings of other kinds. So, recommendations? You'd be committing a public service and I'd have stuff to read on the plane!

I'm leaving tomorrow morning, back on the 24th. And, it's weird, I'm soooo looking forward to the food and the karaoke and the meetings we've got lined up and the food and all that stuff that it also hasn't really sunk in that I'm going to my very first KAT-TUN concert in a week! Huh. :-)

PS: If anyone needs to urgently reach me... e-mail Solo? She's the one who'll have the data sim card, if we can get it activated.
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For [profile] je_holiday this year, [personal profile] haikuesque wrote Fall in Dream. We thought we were actually sneakier than usual, but those people who did guess over on [community profile] haikusociety mostly got us right.

We have also, somewhat amusingly, managed not to hear back from our recipient -- again. After Kizuna Exchange 2009, this gives us a two out of two clean streak. It's starting to be v. funny. I'm thinking we should go find ourselves some more exchanges in 2012 just to put that theme to the test. (But then [personal profile] solo will kill me.)

I also sneak-participated in Yuletide. As, um, just me. Which NOBODY (I talked to so far, anyway) guessed, which left me a little smug at my successful sneaking.

I was really keen to participate in Yuletide this year, but by the time nominations rolled around, I was too much of a stressbunny to even think what I would like to request, much less write, so I thought, ok, I'll see how December goes and if something grabs me, I'll write a treat for someone.

Which I did.

Mr Hayashi, married with one child, government worker, homeowner, enjoys gardening and afternoon tea.
A Youkai Ningen Bem story branching off after episode 9, written for [personal profile] threewalls. As I said over on [community profile] haikusociety, rated M for Mature, B for Bemangst, H for... other stuff. Beta'd by Solo.

A few thoughts on writing Bem. )

The funnest thing, though, was that through participating -- even sneak-participating and only writing a treat -- I felt much more involved, and I had a blast going through the archive on the 25th and more fun reading than in any other year. The gift-giving aspect worked very well for me at the time, and I was so excited along with everybody else! That part was truly great, and next year I definitely want to make the time and sign up all proper and non-sneaky and all that.
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I feel strangely devoid of blah blah. This story must have eaten up all the words. But anyway, we've started posting The Same Deep Water As You.

Chapter 1

Akame whorefic, RPF, explicit.

Our notes and acknowledgements

... and boy am I glad to have my internet back. People, I had no DSL for nine freaking days. Also no phone. I could sort of barely check e-mail via the mobile, and was 'surfing' the web with the pictures turned off, and with coffee breaks while the pages loaded. God.

Never leave me again, internetz.

I may be out of words but I have opened a little bottle of champagne. Whorefic. Two and a half years. Oh boy.
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It's hot here.

Well, not really hot hot. But somehow I'm not coping well with the arrival of summer. (And I wanted the cold to end as much as anybody.) Feeling very groggy and ready-for-siesta here, for no good reason.

I have mostly climbed out of my post-weekend blues and now only occasionally hate on small furry animals, English grammar, and dirty dishes. Also little brothers, printers, [censored], Solo's network connection, [also censored], and sometimes [you don't want to know], but... on the whole, better!

Here's some TV I've been watching that isn't about KAT-TUN and that I would feel moved to talk about more if I still remembered how.

The Good Wife: Hands-down my favourite non-Japanese show at the moment, and in a long while. I find pretty much everyone on it interesting, I find the cases interesting, and who would have thought that I would have a moment of HOLY WOW! over latest ep spoilers )

I'm a bit sorry I don't post about it more; I do love reading commentary on the episodes and I usually have to troll friendsfriends to find any. I'm weirdly unaccustomed to writing about shows where I'm not interested in fic or other creative engagement with the show, just enjoy watching.

In Plain Sight: Still works for me, and some eps Mary just knocks my socks off. They do the abrasiveness just right, where sometimes she's annoying but never so much it feels like writerly indulgence. Though it may be the rare show where I actively hope they won't go shippy with the lead couple.

Parenthood: ...yeah. Not something I necessarily expected to find interesting, either. I checked out the first two eps out of boredom and because of the involvement of some FNL people, and despite it being a show about, well, parenting in the widest sense, it has a surprising number of characters I find very charming and worth my time. The rhythm of the dialog and comedy also generally works well.

I thought I had to kick it off my viewing list a few weeks ago when two episodes in a row it seemed to dip into soap opera, and plot turns only came about because people didn't tell each other things in really stupid ways. (I'm also really not fond of a certain plot strand ) But then it picked up again, and I kinda wanna know how things work out.

Though I also wish that TV didn't constantly treat fathers acting like lunatics over their daughters' dating life as funny and lovable and cute, and instead called them out for being jerks. But again, I don't really expect any different anymore.

Master and Commander is still a fucking awesome movie, BTW. Also the only one I can recall where I've now watched the behind the scenes documentary three times.

Oh, and we posted our [ profile] kizuna_exchange story to [ profile] haikusociety: Amigo, rated Teen. Thank you again for the beta, [ profile] ina!

Final, non-TV word: Ya know, I am pretty uninvested in British politics, to the point where I'm astonished how uninvested I am that not even my usual across-the-globe social democrats-equivalent reflexes are stirring much. But I must say I'd be a little sadface if Gordon Brown lost because he called a bigot a bigot.
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News, of varying degrees of importance:

1. Today I have cut down the time it takes me to do my Japanese homework to four hours. Go me! (Kindly disregard the fact that it was only two exercises this time. They were LONG SENTENCES. So there.)

2. I did not get elected to the mysterious quasi-unimportant thing, which is maybe a good thing given how much fretting I managed to cram into one weekend. While my defeat was crushing and glorious, I did get told by a number of people that I looked much better than the other guy, which I guess is something. (He is bald.)

I did get elected as Person To Look At Cat Pictures, by parties that shall remain nameless, so hey, not like I hold no quasi-unimportant offices at all.

3. I may really go on the really frivolous holiday. I haven't had time to do anything about the booking but... mmmmmmmm. Might even take a scuba diving option. Mmmmmmm.

4. Regarding fannish things and angst and stuff, [ profile] solo____ and I have engaged in TheraPorn, and this time even bothered to type it up and remove third knees and -- we hope -- the majority of typos.

Lift me to the sky

Of course Jin will go.

Rated TheraPWP. (We mean it.) Other notes etc. iz over at the fic comm.

5. Is there such a thing as... summer boots? I've grown quite fond of the skirt-and-boots stuff over the winter, but what with the winter lining and all, it's getting kind of... sweaty.

6. I really need to do my laundry. Today was the second day in a row where I was already showered before I realised I had to sneak down to the laundry room in the cellar for a clean pair of panties. Whoops.

Now I must go and humiliate myself in class again.
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[personal profile] solo and I have concluded our break from writing epic whorefic romance for something just a little different. In just about every way. :-)

Unexpected Changes in Management
by Julia & Solo
Akame, rated adult. PWP. No, for realz! It's under 4000 words, people! With many thanks to Matchy for the beta. For more notes, see the post at [community profile] haikusociety. Where you can also find our new banner. *g*

'Fish don't get horny.'


Random scenes from our house this morning...

Me, to my mother: Yo, come here, there's a peacock in the garden!
My mother, comes and looks down balcony: ... that's a pheasant. City kid.

I wanted to take a picture anyway cause I thought it looked quite cool, but then it just kept circling Aunt Anneliese's tomato plants and refused to pose, so I only have some pics of tomato plant leaves.

Am currently waiting to hear back about an internship I applied for for November. The interview was yesterday, and I thought it went pretty well; they started talking about which project they wanted to put me on with me still sitting there. (This would be unpaid, but where I would work could give me a good learning experience.)

It does mean that I would have to drive out there tomorrow morning and listen to some conference, instead of just writing porn on my birthday. Oh well. :-)


More update-y fannish things: I meant to say earlier that November seems to be shaping up pretty good in terms of OMG NEW STUFF, with the News DVD coming out and the Bandage music release AND Pi's solo. Tasty, tasty. I've listened to the radio version of Loveless by now and.... hmmm. Not bad. I do like Pi's voice and this is much nicer than MOLA. Though I feel it gets a bit repetitive and doesn't really take off. Bandage is better as a song.

And now I have to go make some chili.
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Just in time for Easter! Christmas fic! For the second time! Done, edited, beta'd, posted, yay. Now back to the WIP of Doom! :-)

With many, many thanks to [ profile] lilmatchgirl007 and [ profile] cuizy for their betas.

Goodwill to all men, mice, wolves and trees (colour scheme pending)
by Julia & Solo

Akame. Rated adult. Ca. 16,000 words. Posted over at our fic comm, [ profile] haikusociety. JE RPS. See post for more notes and disclaimers.

Junno wants cake. Ueda wants sophistication. Jin wants cosplay. Koki wants to bring joy to the world. Nakamaru wants to save energy. Kame just wanted a cup of coffee, and what did it get him? -- KAT-TUN are having a Christmas party.

(Posted in two parts. Because we broke the maximum post length. Because these guys never shut up. Yes, I am totally blaming them.)


In other news, after very surprisingly getting my hands on a Dreamwidth invite code, and after agonizing if I wanted to be kjulia (which I wanted to be when I first got on LJ, but couldn't get) or stick with k_julia, it turned out I could just be... Julia. I haven't imported stuff yet and figured out the crossposting thing, but I plan to once I have some time I do not spend editing Christmas crack or writing WIP doom.

...yeah, un-announce-iest announcement ever. I'm having a slow day. I was out for brunch and had about half a bottle of sparkling wine, which was a whole lotta fun and then turned into a whole lotta slump. Poor [ profile] solo____, having to sit through posting fiddles with me and my zonky brain...


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