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So, every once in a while, I annoy people -- usually on Twitter -- mightily by going THAT IS NOT A DRABBLE at them.

You may possibly have noticed: it drives me completely BANANAS that nobody in this fandom is using 'drabble' in its original sense, which is ONE HUNDRED WORDS, the end, period. People write 'lol a drabble' and it's like 2000 words long. THAT IS LIKE A SHORT STORY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CALL IT A DRABBLE YOU CAN STATE THE WORDCOUNT OK.

So, this is me on Twitter, at four- or five-months-intervals. I'm sure I annoy the drabblefailers a lot. (YOU ARE. YOU ARE DRABBLEFAILERS.) They probably go grrrr and set bear traps and hide all the bamboo. Because of course language evolves. And people can choose how they use words themselves and what those words mean to them and blah blah blah.


So, I post a story, Akame fluff, 15k, Adult.

You think, 'oh, might be fun', and you start to read, because now and then you like what I write, and it starts out with Jin and Kame having a slightly complicated friendship because of the baby and Meisa and their shared past, and towards the middle of the story they start having sexytimes affair, and then Meisa finds out, and Jin breaks it off with Kame and Kame sinks into the pits of depression and Jin writes Kame a text saying they should meet and they meet at Jin's home and Jin tells Kame that he likes him but never truly loved him because the baby is more important than anything else, and he has to be realistic about the same-sex thing, and now will work on repairing his marriage with Meisa, and we pan out on Kame alone in his apartment with a shot of vodka staring at the Sendai pictures where he's holding Jin's hand and thinking maybe he should be realistic too, maybe he should find himself a beard to marry too. The end.

And you go, 'wAAaaAAAH HOW IS THIS FLUFF?!?!'

And then I go, 'oh, but I use 'fluff' as 'nobody dies' XDD'

There is a point where 'evolving language' turns into 'this term is now completely useless'. And I would not be a pest about this at regular intervals if it were JUST YOU but omg it's like a spreading disease.


Also, it still makes me T_____T when people don't know how to punctuate dialog. Like, really T______T and ;______; and @@ and =8-(( In particular because, unlike words, of which there exist really an awful lot, especially if English is not your native language, this is something you really only have to learn once. ONCE! Just look at ONE REAL BOOK! And then your story would be like 25% more readable, all in one go!



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