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This post isn't actually related to Jin's teasing teaser the other day -- I had three quarters of it written two weeks ago, but then I didn't have the time fill in the gaps and edit the edges. In any case, it's been brewing for a while.

So, this is a post about Jin, and my feelings on Jin, the evolution of my feelings on Jin, and some Jin theory. As such it's a bit of a messy post with some back and forth, because these things are related but only to a certain degree. Also, if you've had the misfortune/luck of being my roommate on certain fannish sleepovers or locked inside my car on long drives lately, you've heard most of this before as it was brewing away. ^_^

Please be advised that any speculation about how Jin felt or what Jin was thinking is speculation, and just because I don't go 'I think he might have thought' all the time doesn't mean I'm claiming I can read his mind. Okay? (This should be obvious but you never know, sometimes this fandom takes mind-reading very seriously.)

Part 1: Me&Jin )

Part 2: The Jincident and Unfair Ultimatums (or 'Jin is really fucking angry') )

Part 3: Jin Theory )

This post is open for discussion and also disagreement, but note that I will shut down any hatefests, should any be started.

Footnotes )
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So, Jin. JIN PUT OUT A TEASER FOR HIS COUNTDOWN TO JINDEPENDENCE. And it's making me very very optimistic that what's coming on July 4 is going to be AWESOME, rather than a sort of weird bzuh?, which I had been sekritly fretting about. I've had long convos with [ profile] b_akakame about the various possibilities for July 4 and everything that's come out since then has been pointing towards the AWESOME possibilities rather than the notsoawesome ones.

This is kind of a repeat from Twitter, but with more words because I'm me and also because I'm not ready to shut up about it yet.

 photo promo13.png

This is the closing image. And it's a STATEMENT. This guy still wants to go places and he's got a plan.

Seriously, I haven't been this fannishly happy in AGES. )

PS: Item #5

Mar. 7th, 2012 08:20 pm
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(The author does not exclude herself.)

Drinks, people. Let's all have a pina colada and imagine a footrub. (If you are actually getting a footrub, don't tell me about it, because that would be GLOATY AND EVIL.)
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In three words: oh god why. This is, you guessed it, referring to the specularly dumbest song of all dumb songs. I'm not going to go into the particulars here; I was quite shocked and disgusted last night, got largely over it, and now I'm mostly going, 'why Jin why. why so dumb.'

This is not a very thinky post, but as I have been whining at Solo: I think it's high time Jin did something that actually pleases people and doesn't piss off half his fanbase. You keep on pissing off half your fanbase, you're going to end up with... very small halves.

I may be looking at it from an overly critical position after the fun of reading those lyrics last night, but I don't actually remember him doing much at all since the split that was just joyful without some sort of BUT. Test Drive seems to have gone over well, but had a stupid PV that would leave a passerby with no clue what he actually looks like. His recent promotion material has some good stuff, and some stuff that is almost willfully fugly. People HATE the sunglasses and the hats, AND THE BEARD. (I realise I may be taking this disproportionately personally.) And then he went and got surprise!married, and while I personally disagree with the 'rules' saying that he shouldn't get married, it was handled rather badly and almost as if it was designed to piss off or hurt as many people as possible.

Now he has an album, and what's being talked about is his supposed DATE RAPE SONG, and I don't know if he could have shot himself in the foot more thoroughly if he'd... uh, hacked off the foot with an axe. This is just so DUMB. And a waste. And what was maybe once 'awww, Jin, you tough little hiphopper' when he was 19 and in a glittery band is just flat-out annoying in a 27-year-old with two years of solo experience.

I think Seasons is the one recent thing I can think of that didn't piss anybody off, but then AFAIK it didn't sell spectacularly well either and he didn't do an awful lot of promotion in Japan.

Please, shape up, Jin. Don't make it so hard to like you. :-(

My mother

(Yes, this is a sudden change in subject.) I do not understand some people. I do not understand people whom you call, and ask, 'Can you tell me when you're on holiday so I can plan my holiday with that in mind?', and they answer, 'Oh, the second two weeks of the holidays,' and then you ask, 'Which holidays?' and they go, 'The school holiday,' and you say, 'well, when are they?' and they go, 'I don't know...' and you go, 'well, when ARE YOU ON HOLIDAY?' and they say, 'the second two weeks of the holidays!'

And then you call your aunt and it's 'the last two weeks of the holidays' and you want to bang your head hard against something.


. . .

Who has everything all set up for shit to download while she's at work and then AS HER FINAL GESTURE BEFORE LEAVING shuts down the PC. *sigh* I could have watched The Good Wife with my dinner...
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And also about the fangirls visiting me and haunting train stations with me. And also not be quite so beat.

Today I'm just saying, as I said to Solo just now:
This is the Eternal I was hoping for. Thank you, world.

Hi there, new people from friending memes on Dreamwidth. I try not to always sound this cryptic. But see above comment about 'beat'. This is about a DVD rip of a concert of a guy of a band who's no longer in the band which broke my heart which is still healing which takes time and is helped by awesome songs. Which this one is.


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