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Disclaimer: Personal con report, things get blurry, and I don't claim to be a disinterested reporter, so you'll get my personal impressions mixed in with the descriptions. I still can't read Jin's mind. (DAMN!)

Administrative note: I don't live in Japan, though I am currently on an extended stay there, and Jin helpfully planned his tour so that I will get to go to a number of concerts. If you'll see future reports from me, I feel the need to put the crazy into perspective and point out that I did not take months off work for Jin, much as I like the guy. I don't know if you needed this disclaimer, but I, um, wanted to put it out there...

 photo Jin01.png

Saitama Concert Report )
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Assortment of posters and bonus goodies, scanned by [ profile] b_akakame and me, and puzzled together by me. (With assistance by [ profile] solo's superior computer in the home stretch.)

The resolution is generally either 300 or 600 dpi, though somehow, I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW, the large versions of the Come Here and the In Fact poster ended up being only 72dpi, and after fighting with these for about two weeks and starting over on one of them and still having the same result, I give up.

'Large/big': whichever size they first came out of the program before I started shrinking them. If you want to resize to a size of your choice, these might be the ones you want, but be warned that they are huge, and even opening them when your PC has less than 8GB RAM is going to be tricky.

And do let me know if any of the links don't work. These were a bugger to keep track of and I had some file-naming SNAFUS.

Kame Come Here Poster

 photo KameComeHere2400_tn.jpg

350 MB, large | 9 MB, 2400px | 2.1 MB, 1200px

In Fact, Mi Amor bonus )

Credit: [ profile] jo_lasalle & [ profile] b_akakame/[ profile] jo_lasalle & [ profile] RedTurtleNinja
Note: I'm normally not too fussed about credit, as there's a lot of give and take in fandom. But the last time I scanned a poster, I literally spent an entire day on it, and within half an hour of posting, someone had uploaded it on Twitter without credit or even commenting and passed it off as something they'd 'found'. This batch took me several days. I'm just saying, don't be that kind of dick.
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Disclaimer: I do not take notes during concerts, so it's possible that I'm confusing the order of events here and there. I also only have intermediate Japanese, so when I say, 'And Jin went blah blah' this is what I believe I heard, but I may have been wrong, though I also point out where I was especially unsure of whether I got it.

Crossposted to [ profile] jindependence.

Where we were at )

Jindependence 1 December )
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This exploratory study of recent developments in the relationship between one Jin A. and shirts refutes claims by colleagues in Shirt Theory that Jin A. has recently been shifting his focus from hoodies to one of the most esteemed garments, the Shirt.

Jin A., also sometimes known as Rat B., has a long and well-documented relationship with the Hoodie, sometimes in combination with the Poopypants. But in recent weeks, a shift seems to have occurred, and this article argues that contrary to expectations and the tenets of Shirt Theory, shirts have not been the main replacement.

The Argument )
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So, Jin. JIN PUT OUT A TEASER FOR HIS COUNTDOWN TO JINDEPENDENCE. And it's making me very very optimistic that what's coming on July 4 is going to be AWESOME, rather than a sort of weird bzuh?, which I had been sekritly fretting about. I've had long convos with [ profile] b_akakame about the various possibilities for July 4 and everything that's come out since then has been pointing towards the AWESOME possibilities rather than the notsoawesome ones.

This is kind of a repeat from Twitter, but with more words because I'm me and also because I'm not ready to shut up about it yet.

 photo promo13.png

This is the closing image. And it's a STATEMENT. This guy still wants to go places and he's got a plan.

Seriously, I haven't been this fannishly happy in AGES. )


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