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This exploratory study of recent developments in the relationship between one Jin A. and shirts refutes claims by colleagues in Shirt Theory that Jin A. has recently been shifting his focus from hoodies to one of the most esteemed garments, the Shirt.

Jin A., also sometimes known as Rat B., has a long and well-documented relationship with the Hoodie, sometimes in combination with the Poopypants. But in recent weeks, a shift seems to have occurred, and this article argues that contrary to expectations and the tenets of Shirt Theory, shirts have not been the main replacement.

The Argument )
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This post isn't actually related to Jin's teasing teaser the other day -- I had three quarters of it written two weeks ago, but then I didn't have the time fill in the gaps and edit the edges. In any case, it's been brewing for a while.

So, this is a post about Jin, and my feelings on Jin, the evolution of my feelings on Jin, and some Jin theory. As such it's a bit of a messy post with some back and forth, because these things are related but only to a certain degree. Also, if you've had the misfortune/luck of being my roommate on certain fannish sleepovers or locked inside my car on long drives lately, you've heard most of this before as it was brewing away. ^_^

Please be advised that any speculation about how Jin felt or what Jin was thinking is speculation, and just because I don't go 'I think he might have thought' all the time doesn't mean I'm claiming I can read his mind. Okay? (This should be obvious but you never know, sometimes this fandom takes mind-reading very seriously.)

Part 1: Me&Jin )

Part 2: The Jincident and Unfair Ultimatums (or 'Jin is really fucking angry') )

Part 3: Jin Theory )

This post is open for discussion and also disagreement, but note that I will shut down any hatefests, should any be started.

Footnotes )
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1. You know what I really respect? When people like to dish it out about other fangirls, but get flouncy on you at the first sign of disagreement. So classy!

2. You know what I would genuinely respect? If people -- random people, not people under 1. -- just came out and said 'I'm upset that Jin got married because he's less sexy to me with a wife/as a dad/ruined my tinhatting/ruined my daydreams of one day hitting it off with him in LEX.' I would respect that, because it's honest. I've been reading a lot on various comms and forums and shit that got linked and comments and whatnot ever since Jin's punishment brought the Jinpocalypse to boiling point again, and, you know? 'Oh, no, I have no problem with the marriage, but how dare he go behind Johnny's back?', 'I am happy for Jin for getting married but I hate him because he didn't tell his fans first', 'Jin can marry whomever he likes but now he really fucked it up for the senpai and he needs to be punished!!', 'The marriage is fine with me but he violated his contract he really has it all coming.', 'I was fine with the marriage but TWSS really made me hate him', 'I don't begrudge him the marriage but I read so many con reports that say he didn't have a good show and that is SO EVIL' -- this stuff is all over the place.

And I am not. buying. it. I actually think a lot of those reasons why I'm really really upset and not because I'm upset about the marriage are legitimate complaints; I am unhappy about some of them myself, and I fully understand if people just... burn out on Jin. Trufax, I was at a point myself where I wasn't sure if I still wanted to care about him.

But the people who are going around in a rage hating on Jin all over the place... I just don't buy that the small potatoes are really the cause of all that vitriol, and long-term fans turning into haters.

And yes, you may judge me now for ascribing motivations to people on the internetz. But that's what it looks like to me from here.

(And, you know what? I think being upset that Jin got married is okay. It doesn't mean you'll instantly look like you're going to hunt Meisa down and poison her drink. 4rlz.)

3. And a word on the contract thing. I am not saying that Jin has won himself many laurels of professional conduct lately; I sincerely wish he'd done it differently, and I'm not wringing my hands about the punishment -- I don't like it but I assume he knew this would come with a price tag. But if 'getting married' and 'keeping a baby' (people! she got pregnant! there is an actually existing pregnancy! are we really debating whether she owed her employer an abortion?) is the same kind of 'breach of contract' as 'he didn't show up for a concert' or 'he keeps missing meetings' for you, then you and I don't live in the same moral universe.

3b. I do wish the flailing, fretting, worrying fangirls would tone it down a bit on the hyperbole. But the 'human rights' argument, as much as the tone of it all makes me cringe, is not actually as stupid as it sounds, in my opinion. What sort of work contracts are ethical and what you can legitimately ask someone to sign away ('Can an institution fire a divorcee who chooses to remarry?') is exactly stuff that gets decided before high courts on the grounds of human rights and personal liberties. Not in Japan, I suppose. But, I'm just saying. Cringe on execution, point on instinct.

4. I also genuinely wish we had some better information. Even on very, very basic questions ('Is Warner currently running a loss on Jin or is he earning his keep?' - 'Were these venues Jin has to pay for ever really booked?') that would help get a better grip on the bigger questions we have no idea, and everyone who seems to know -- and I count 'make an educated, logical guess because they have some background with this shit' as knowing in a crunch -- is speaking from a place of bias. It's making me a bit crazy.

5. This is a public post. I will not flounce on you if you disagree with me. (Though if you don't like Kame's fat arms, we may have a problem.)

Dreamwidth Edit for [personal profile] jae, who doesn't like it when people post inaccessible cryptic stuff! After Jin got married without informing his agency (they learned it from the press the same way we did), they still let him have his America tour in March, but now that that's over it's been announced that an upcoming Japan tour he was supposed to hold in April and May was cancelled as punishment, and he has to pay the cancellation fees for the venues (tickets had not gone on sale yet). Jin's been getting a lot of hate ever since the marriage news; a few small scale things happened afterwards that haven't helped him with his critics, but then it's probably fair to say that nothing much would have helped him with those. The announcement of the punishment has led to ~very strong feelings~ and occasionally dodgy grammar from people who still like him and people who hate him now, and I got my ass defriended this morning for questioning someone's idea of 'it's essentially a breach of contract'. *g*
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This is actually prompted by a conversation I had yesterday, in migraine-induced stupor, with [personal profile] solo, in which she linked me to this picture:

This led, VERY SURPRISINGLY, to us starting to speculate about knight!Kame and peasant!Jin and their adventures and ~class-transcending~ love. Though then I thought, Hmm, wait a minute. It might also be fun if for once* Jin got to be the knight and have swordfights and stuff while Kame is the scruffy poor one who is impressed -- or, um, not -- by Jin on a horse.

I mean, I love me some Kame with a knife sword and on a horse, and I cop to having a thing for Kame rescuing Jin from shit, but Kame the most efficient hard-working peasant ever who has no time for foppish pretty princes (and grudgingly learning the error of his ways about this particular prince) could also be great fun.

So, I am surveying opinions! Knight!Kame/Peasant!Jin vs. Knight!Jin/Peasant!Kame -- which one is more romantic/hilarious/entertaining/adventurous/pretty/hot/different, in your view? What do YOU think should happen to them?

Feel free to use the back of the sheet.

*I realise it's not true everywhere that Jin defaults to the princess a certain way but, erm, for the sake of the argument in this place and in these social circles...
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Much like 'What LA Was Really About' fic, I believe one is required by the union.

Or not, but I've had parts of this floating around in my head and Solo and Rheasilvia are off watching Kame being cute with a nun, and at some point I wanted to get this out there.

Note #1: This post has melodrama. I'm saying it so you know that I know that you know, but it's on the whole pretty uncensored. It is also about a thirty-year-old woman being upset over a boyband's break-up.

Note #2: I realise some people like KAT-TUN with no Akame bias, or a smaller Akame bias, and might find all the wah wah over one out of six leaving annoying and disrespectful to the rest of the group. I'm sorry, and I totally understand that someone like that might occasionally get the urge to go 'Jin leaving is not the end of KAT-TUN!!'. Any 'end of KAT-TUN' rhetoric that might slip in here is meant in the 'as I know them and fell in love with them' sense, and I'm happy for anyone who had a better time adjusting to a new KAT-TUN.

Notes #3: I considered posting it in chapters.

So, I don't know if this is what they call 'healing', but I no longer feel quite so like someone ripped the fannish rug out from under me.

What I think )

Where I was, where I am )

Fandom: handling things (or not) )

Things I worry about that are not about shipping or fanfic (or melodrama): KAT-TUN's music, Jin's music )

Final words (for today, I'm sure you're glad) )

I have been writing this for two and a half hours and I still find gaps where I didn't 'explain myself right'. TL;DR, if I've ever managed it. But here they are, My Thoughts On The Jin Thing.

Note #4: I like comments, a lot. I totally understand people being upset or even angry at Jin, and that's fine and we can be exasperated together. And I don't normally ask for comments to be... well, particularly sanitized. But if you're going to call Jin a jerk or a douche or whatever, I'd appreciate it if you did it somewhere I don't have to see it, i.e. not here. Thank you.
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State of the flat: I have a shower curtain. On a shower spider. Which I'm totally going to keep calling it even though the brand I bought called it something else. Very useful!

Deep fannish meta of the night: you know, the Love Yourself PV is really weird. And yet Jin manages to look even weirder and like he's in a totally different PV. My current theory is he showed up for 15 minutes wearing the wrong outfit, drunk, and got pastede in yay.


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