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In short, and not very analytical, just because.

The Good Wife: This show has been making me kind of depressed. >_< I was never very fannish about it but I always looked forward to it, but the season 6 election storyline, combined with the showrunner's apparent unwillingness to actually shake things up, and many once-interesting recurring characters having outstayed their welcome, have me really very... bored. Last week's episode was a bizarre 42 minute exercise in treading water, and worst of all is that I don't think I like Alicia anymore. :-| There's something going wrong when I'm more on Peter's side in the whole infidelity issue than Alicia's, and having read some backstage gossip I wish I could unsee (but that would explain a lot), I'm having some RL bleedover too. It's all very sad.

Jane the Virgin: it's a bit funny in that like The Good Wife, this is a show I really wasn't going to touch because the title put me off. But damn, is that an adorable show.

The Fosters: I'm not really watching watching this, so technically this doesn't belong on the list. I checked this out last year, very belatedly, because somehow I had missed that there was a TV show about a lesbian couple and their biological-adopted mix of kids. It kind of sounded like something I would like and could potentially like a lot (lesbians! found families!), and, well. I will give it one thing: Teri Polo as one of the mothers is really amazing, and when the plot isn't too stupid, I really enjoy her character. But from the start the show wasn't helped by an ill-advised star-crossed lovers plotline, plus it turns out I have a limited patience for watching a particular style of American (TV?) parenting. Also, in general, this is a show where everyone continously makes terrible choices, and whenever the choice is, 'Do I do this slightly uncomfortable but basically sensible thing where I get help with my problem and, like, don't break the law?' vs. 'Do I do the thing that is easier for exactly five minutes but guaranteed to blow up in my face later?', GUESS WHAT THEY DO. I think hatewatching is too strong a term because I don't feel that strongly about it; I basically get an episode now and then to see who is picking door #2 this week. And get a kick out of Teri Polo being a nommy lesbian.

The Americans: is having an absolutely amazing third season. Somehow I don't click with the fandom at all, so I'm just enjoying it all by my lonesome, and quietly shipping the two married leads something fierce.

Second Love: Kame's spring drama, concluded last Friday with just seven episodes. Spoilers for the whole thing, though not very deep )

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: A recent trial. I don't know what to make of that one yet. The lead is extremely likeable and I enjoy the mix of funny with the macabre premise, but... IDK yet.
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I also scanned the Kame shop and papa pics I bought in September, partly for my own reference. Since Kame does not live in basement grab tables, they're not that many. :D

I noticed a trend... )
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Things this post includes: Kame, whores, flexible work hours, pictures of Kame, candles.

Things this post does not include: tales of my nine hours in the emergency room last weekend, a review of my first research interview, pictures of my brain, bitching about travel reimbursement rules, peanuts, cats.

Today at 3, I rang in the weekend. Three long to really fucking long days, and a long staff meeting today, I decided I've worked enough for the week.

Oops, should I not say that out loud?

Anyway, tomorrow will be lazy Friday, and today is whoreday, and I'm having a glass of wine and trying to ignore that my 'long weekend' is not that long at all, because I'll spend all of Sunday manning one of the election stations here in the village.

And yes, we have posted Chapter 3 of the whores. To whom it may concern. :-)

In other news: is Kame adorable on the Shounen Club Premium or what? I haven't even watched all of it (slow downloads, rats!) but I did watch the adorable intro segment and the adorably sweet song, and also I've got a theory. Just to shorten this entry. )

Also I've got some pretty. Because it is VERY PRETTY. )
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And Not In Honour of Kame's Hair Which Needs a Cut If You Ask Me Which Of Course You Did

Is it just me, or are the pants Kame wore to Music Japan the hottest pants he's worn since the bondage pants from Real Face?

Pants. )

Also, was very happy to see Kame much more energetic than on Music Station and (especially) Shounen Club. I don't really know what was going on, but the Music Japan talk was funny, at least to my non-comprendo ears.


In very different news, [personal profile] solo and I just finished the chapter that... basically concludes the main dramatic arc of the whore epic.

I realise that 'basically concludes the main dramatic arc' does not sound as snappy as 'guys, we're DONE', but guys, we BASICALLY CONCLUDED THE MAIN DRAMATIC ARC! We actually finished all the chapters that are still outlined in our outline!

We have... a bit of mop-up, maybe three chapters of denouement & conclusion, and then we might actually be done. and freeeeee. Free for editing, anyway.




In less bouncy news... I already complained to Solo about this earlier -- the fancams of Jin's Time Square broadcast have started to appear, and I have to say, I am so, so GRRRRRRR that it's been 9 months since his first solo concerts and 5 months since the next solo concerts, and we STILL haven't got ANY official source of Jin's new songs (any of them -- I'm not even greedy, I'd take a *few*) that would be rip-able in decent quality that I can hardly enjoy the cuteness of the fancams. I WANT SOME SEMI-DECENT VERSIONS OF SOME JIN SONGS FOR ALL MY HEARTACHE. Grrrrrrrr.


ADMIN NOTE about LiveJournal and Dreamwidth: I realise this may be totally irrelevant to most of you given how little I post, but just so you know: I will generally continue to crosspost from Dreamwidth to Livejournal and while I've let my paid account lapse, I don't see myself stopping with crossposting any time soon. However, any posts that contain work-sensitive comments will only go on Dreamwidth in the future.

Long version: I don't think Dreamwidth is a perfect fit for me (though they let me have more icons on my free account, whee!), and I've whined about the downsides of the fannish landscape over there before, to a couple of you. And I didn't care about a number of the snafus LJ committed that had other people all up in arms. But I found the recent accounts of LJ staff sockpuppets and breaking of flock and stalkerish comments on locked entries both creepy and believable. Thus my new rule of thumb is going to be, everything I really, really wouldn't want my boss to read, ever, is going to be on DW only. (While I'm not particularly keen to ever have a conversation with my boss about the gay porn I write on the internets, it is -- in theory -- a conversation I would be willing to have and able to survive. A conversation about how I called Badly Anonymized Colleague X a douche is one I might not. And while I trust all the people I have on my 'work, boys/girls & psychotic episodes of my mother' filter, I don't trust random LJ staff who snoop around in flocked entries and delete your journal for disagreeing with them.)

You won't miss much -- a dating-only post (or, god forbid, a psychotic mother-only post) on that filter will still show up here on LJ. Only work content will make a post a DW-only post. So if you really, really don't want to miss anything, you might wanna friend me on DW.

Just FYI.

My admin note is longer than anything I've posted in the last two months. Um, yay?


whores. climax. squeak.
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So, who else thought spoilers )

I apologize for certain formatting choices that I once would have frowned upon.


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