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Assortment of posters and bonus goodies, scanned by [ profile] b_akakame and me, and puzzled together by me. (With assistance by [ profile] solo's superior computer in the home stretch.)

The resolution is generally either 300 or 600 dpi, though somehow, I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW, the large versions of the Come Here and the In Fact poster ended up being only 72dpi, and after fighting with these for about two weeks and starting over on one of them and still having the same result, I give up.

'Large/big': whichever size they first came out of the program before I started shrinking them. If you want to resize to a size of your choice, these might be the ones you want, but be warned that they are huge, and even opening them when your PC has less than 8GB RAM is going to be tricky.

And do let me know if any of the links don't work. These were a bugger to keep track of and I had some file-naming SNAFUS.

Kame Come Here Poster

 photo KameComeHere2400_tn.jpg

350 MB, large | 9 MB, 2400px | 2.1 MB, 1200px

In Fact, Mi Amor bonus )

Credit: [ profile] jo_lasalle & [ profile] b_akakame/[ profile] jo_lasalle & [ profile] RedTurtleNinja
Note: I'm normally not too fussed about credit, as there's a lot of give and take in fandom. But the last time I scanned a poster, I literally spent an entire day on it, and within half an hour of posting, someone had uploaded it on Twitter without credit or even commenting and passed it off as something they'd 'found'. This batch took me several days. I'm just saying, don't be that kind of dick.


Sep. 4th, 2014 11:09 am
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I want to watch this film NAOOOOOOOO!

I mean, like. When he looks sad! And when he smiles!! AND GETS IN FIGHTS!!! And has the most adorably weird nose in serious depri profile. <3

(And I've only watched it with the sound off because I'm in a certain place where I'm not supposed to be watching videos on Youtube. It makes the serious depri profile even more serious.)

(Dear Jin: be a dear and time your concerts so I can WATCH THIS MOVIE, ok?)

(([personal profile] jae, Kame is in a film about a Canadian baseball team!! I suspect this is not at all relevant to your interests but I felt like pointing it out anyway!!!))
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For [community profile] kamesanctuary's Kame birthday bash, I somewhat foolishly offered to contribute a scan of Kame's 2011 Dreamboys poster.

Sharing it here now as well. Comments if you take are appreciated, as this ate a day, but also not required. Enjoy if you haven't yet. ^^

Smaller preview:

 photo Kame_DreamBoys20011_1200.png

High res downloads:
2400p, 5,7 MB
3600p, 13,2 MB
BIG, 117 MB
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When I went to Japan in 2011, I went to Dreamboys. (Twice, on ticket prices that broke my brain at the time, and I spent the next two years framing most major purchases in terms of, 'Wow, that's almost a Dream Boys ticket!') There was a DreamBoys pamphlet that at the exchange rate at the time would have cost around €30. So I didn't buy it, because thirty frivolous Euros seemed like too much of a waste. I think I bought three shop pics in Harajuku.

In 2012, when I was in Tokyo for the Chain tour, I bought maybe twenty old shop pics, most of them bargain basement Jin deals for 50 yen*, and hesitated slightly before buying the Chain pamphlet and the penlight, because penlights are kind of silly.** (I did buy both, though, having learned from the Dreamboys experience and my pamphlet regrets.)

This is what I came home with this time:

Read more... )
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Back in March, I was going nuts not knowing about the next KAT-TUN tour. I'd saved up like such a good little squirrel, and this is the last year where I have really predictable employment, and I was so ready to go for three or four weeks again and make the flight worth it, and all that.

By now I've reached a weird state of zen about it. Admittedly my state of zen is sometimes enforced by me going SHUDDUP at people when they're about to freak me out. (Put three fangirls in a room these days, and within fifteen minutes, the freak-out starts.) But on my own, I've stopped freaking out.

Much as I reached a weird state of zen about Jin. He's due for a comeback, for anything, but has been for so long that I have adjusted to this being a permanent state of affairs, where something is about to happen any minute but there will never be the real minute when it happens.

We continue to be about to hear something about concerts. We continue to be about to see Jin's comeback in whichever form. As long as we hear nothing from Jin, we won't hear that he's leaving the agency or retiring. As long as we don't hear anything about concerts, we won't learn that they're in September when I can't go, or in November when it'll be very hard to go.

Everything is eternally just around the corner.

On a less philosophical note, I've started to wonder if the continued state of uncertainty about both those issues is somehow connected; if there is some weird Johnny's policy involved about how either Jin and KAT-TUN can't be on at the same time or they can't be on at different times or there can't use the same venue without at least two other groups having performed in it in between, or whatever, some weird JE logic that is not 'logic' as we know it but is somehow still Very Important and somehow they're unable to sort it out.


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While my copy is in the mail... random notes on the new single!

Lame PV, nice song. I look forward to more performances. Kind of rock-ish, kind of dark. Vocally it's not much of a standout song for anyone, but the driving beat and the rough sound (for JE) is very nice indeed. I love the bit when it starts to build up steam for the chorus and the bass really gets going. (Good reminder that sometimes the PC speakers really don't do a song justice.

I want to see this one in concert.

Even more random note on the Music Station performance: a bit surprising that Kame has the least cool outfit of them all. (Hey, Junno, you look pretty good!) Less surprising that he has the best hip roll.

Awwwww. :D This is a very sweet song, but has a not-entirely-straightforward underlying beat that I really dig, so I'm grooving by the time we got to the chorus. The transition to which is pretty shameless and manipulative, but also very very enjoyable. ('LET US CHASE THE SUN TOGETHER', anyone?)

Oh, and that one chorus towards the end when the instrumentation drops away almost entirely is really lovely. And I approve of Koki's singing, he gets some really nice showcase bits in this.

Definitely a keeper.

I also want to see this one in concert.

Connect & Go
This, right after 遙か東の空へ starts more like LET US CHASE THE BEER PITCHER IN IBIZA, but it redeems itself pretty well by being less predictable than I originally thought. Not brilliant, but fun enough, and the part around the actual break away, connect and go lyrics makes me bounce.

I also want to see this one in concert.

Steps to Love
This is a strange one. Mood-wise, its mellowness reminds me of Sweet Chain; then it has some harmonies that are almost exactly like 儚い指先 from CHAIN. I... think this is basically friendly background music; harmless and not too lounge-y and sort of not going anywhere either.

I don't need to see this in concert. But I'm sure Kame will look pretty singing it, so I won't complain.

Brand New Day
So, after we have chased the sun together, we are now either winning the J-league, or the Women's Soccer World Cup, or whichever sport tournament is central to the anime we're all in. *g* It's just... adorable. The song is adorable and Kame sings adorably (and is totally captain of the football team) and I feel uplifted.

(Move on slowly heart? Is that correct? That is not really how you win the J-league, though.)

I wish I could run ATM, because this would be an excellent running song.

I want to see this one in concert.

Oh, Nakamaru. *g* I confess I was relieved when the real PV started, and it turned out to be not, in fact, four minutes of someone playing with MS Paint and then Windows Movie Maker. The actual song is quite sweet, and has some lovely harmonies. It also shows off well that Nakamaru can sing. (Nakamaru dancing is, I'm afraid, still like watching your accountant try hip-hop.) Much like [ profile] solo____, I'll probably like having that on my mp3 player, but without the beatbox. (Which is not actually bad beatboxing, but, well.)

I am very fine with watching this one in concert. (Dear Nakamaru: just lay off the glow sticks this time, ok?)

Summary 1: not a bad crop at all. yay!
Summary 2: OMFG I need concert dates. REALLY.

What did you guys make of it?
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So these two pictures popped up right below each other on my flist. (They're in reverse chronological order, for readers not up to date on the Kame Hair Timeline.)

Cut for photobucket weirdness. )

Scroll down effect much? *g*

I would say it was about damn time for that haircut! :D
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Respecting Our Elders: Why We Should Work Hard to Pay Any Pension Insurance Contributions Needed, by Kamenashi Kazuya

This post is brought to you by a) my paper, which is not moving, b) my deadline, which is moving far too fast, c) my despair, and d) Solo.

Yesterday, as I was whining and despairing too, Solo kept sending me pretty pictures to cheer me up, and I went, at some point, 'Why can't Jin write my paper?' Solo then dared me to imagine, really imagine Jin writing my paper, and I admit it gave me a little gigglefit.

Then I amused myself even more by imagining Kame writing my paper, concluding that it would suck from an academic point of view and all the footnoting would be horrible, but it would also be the Most Determined Paper Ever and by god he will meet that deadline.

So while I continue to whine and despair, I ask YOU for more cheering up: stick your favourite characters in your job and tell me how they'd do.
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I also scanned the Kame shop and papa pics I bought in September, partly for my own reference. Since Kame does not live in basement grab tables, they're not that many. :D

I noticed a trend... )
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As a more ambitious project, I've scanned my Kame poster from the Chain tour. Downloads below, various sizes because the original size is HUGE. Who would have thought that the thing most driving me mad would be the background...

Preview and links. )
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I don't often announce fic here because I assume the people who are interested know our regular avenues of posting for our regular kind of stuff, but I still wanted to squee a little about the ART we have for it here -- I bid on [ profile] deshisoraba in a fannish auction and it was the first time I bid & won in one of those in general. And I'm so glad I did, because she is just lovely and I'm so glad we met. And apart from discovering all her other gorgeous art, we had this awesome banner made for us and I wanted to show it off because we loved it so much we ended up writing fic for it.

Aren't they yummy?

The other thing that I found interesting was that this was the first time we wrote, well, a first time after Jin went and got hitched. One of my original fears when I was worrying about the potential of Jin getting married (ha!) was whether that would mean I couldn't enjoy stories set earlier anymore, or write them, or always feel some looming doom in the shape of a break-up even in the happy ending stories.

Well, turns out we just wrote a first time story set in 2007, and the marriage, as far as I could tell, was no problem at all. I consider that... a good sign. :DD

IN OTHER NEWS, I think I am finally HALF caught up. I should really get in the habit of bookmarking. ;___; LJ and DW are so slow these days that I usually get by with scroll-back but I know there were some posts I meant to read again in peace & quiet, and now I have to dig for them. And IDK how this long, long weekend is already almost over...

Also, I bought shoes.

I couldn't help it. I was just shopping for a few last groceries before the long weekend and then this shoe sale assaulted me, held me down, put frilly pink pumps on my feet and was all you know you want it, bitch, and, um, I did.

IDK when I started being able to fit frilly pink pumps into my self-image, but I couldn't resist them, they're real leather and feel like well-worn sneakers and were half-priced and will go great with my blue dress. :D

Proof. )
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On Friday I submitted my first ever paper to my first ever real I-am-a-presenter conference. It's not a very good paper, and my presentation will be more about 'these are all the problems I had with my data, anyone got good ideas how to fix them?', but it is submitted, and I'm hoping I can have a bit of a life again now.

Today is my first day off in two weeks. Before that, things weren't exactly slow going either. I've now worked through two public holidays, a whole weekend, and I basically left the house at seven thirty to stumble back in between eight and nine every day last week. I submitted my paper on 20.30 on Friday evening, with three and half hours to spare on the 'deadline'. Yesterday I zombiliciously tried to draft my presentation (I am presenting this paper to the department on Monday, for a trial run), but could not get my brain to engage, and did it this morning then.

And I was constantly wavering between being a little bit impressed with myself that I really could put in this much focused work for an extended period (and not just an emergency night shift!) and being all waaaah because the paper was still just not very good. It was an interesting lesson in how long it really takes to write a draft paper; on the other hand, I'm thinking I ought to maybe break myself of the habit of thinking that whenever work piles up like that, it's entirely my fault for being lazy and I suck at work, because occasionally it also has to do with shit like being on the fucking road all the time for work and doing stuff for my bosses for work.

So, anyway, on Monday I have the presentation before boss & colleagues, and next weekend, I will take a long weekend to make up for my missed public holidays, feeling that I am both entitled and that this will be healthy.

Dear Kame, Jin, KAT-TUN, and Johnny, I am very appreciative of the fact that none of you brought about any of the still outstanding fandom catastrophes I keep bracing myself for, i.e. that you did not get hit by a bus (Kame), officially quit the entertainment business (Jin), disband (KAT-TUN) or fire Jin (Johnny), during a time when I really did not need the distraction. I am now mentally preparing myself for you to return to your usual one-disaster-a-month schedule, but I do thank you for the well-timed break.

Dear Bomb Girls, thank you for being my catnip when I really needed some catnip. (Jonip?) I will post about you soon.

Dear conference organisers, thank you for letting me come to your conference and even paying my travel fees. I swear that I am taking your conference seriously, despite any appearances to the contrary my paper may create!

Oh, and, let it not be said that I don't get some mileage out of all my goddamn travelling -- because it made no difference money-wise, I'm not flying out to the conference via Frankfurt (take that, Frankfurt airport! HA!) but Düsseldorf, which means I get to see [personal profile] solo on the way back when she visits her folks!

PS: for EXTRA SPECIAL WOEZ, on Saturday morning, I pulled up the shutters, and what did I see on my balcony? A dead bird, with a little puddle of blood next to it. Thank you, village cats, for this thoughtful gift. I don't consider myself a squeamish person in general, but what I really wanted to do was stand on a chair and squeal until someone rescued me. SO. GROSS. I put tissues on it and attempted to lift it with an inside-out trash bag, but at the moment I would have felt the weight I totally balked and ran back inside. I, um. May have called my mother, to ask if she could come over and help. But the line was busy and eventually I told myself to get over it. But srsly. So. gross.
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Hello, I'm back. Arrived at home at 9 last night, only to realise that my plan for energy saving by turning off the heating also meant no hot water #failbunny but eventually I made it into bed. And woke up again around 6.30, when what I really needed was a solid 12 hours of sleep or similar. (I had 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours before I got home.)

Stupid jetlag, I guess. So I went into the office earlier than planned and did some admin, figuring that was sufficienly low-brain for my first day back. And I'm sure it was, only doing expense claims when you can't even remember the days you were on your business trips much less the details of what you're supposed to have receipts for is not as low-brain as you may think. Though I am exactly as low-brain as you may think.

All in all, my flight was okay -- the flight attendants were nicer than on the trip to Japan, I had [ profile] vc_mel and [ profile] karu_chan for company, and I made my connection fine. But Frankfurt airport really had it in for me again. I missed my train by ten seconds (literally; I was there waving at the train lady through the just-closed door) and the next one was delayed and I nearly got sucked under a luggage cart and had my suitcase fall on me and wanted to get into a fistfight over it. (Though on the plus side, all that aggression and adrenaline very effectively killed the headache I'd carried around for nine hours.)

Also all you people who didn't cater to my whims and send me handy files of k_x stories suck, just so you know. Pffffft. #notthatimjudgy #orentitled

My Kame poster got squished in my suitcase, even though I had plenty of space. >.< Poor Kame. When I have BRAINZ back I'll take pictures of the goods I bought -- which will make all you old JE bunnies used to buying tons of stuff laugh, but at least this time I didn't do the 'omg can I really afford another fifteen euro INVESTMENT?' thing I did with Dreamboys. *g*

I also really want to write up what I still remember from the concerts, though that will take me another day or two. And a brain. And sleeeeeep.


The other admin thing I dealt with was follow up on interview dates. I just made an appointment for a trip in SEPTEMBER. The travelling, it never stops.


LJ admin notice: I have gone and defriended a bunch of people where it's become increasingly clear they have either left Livejournal or we are simply not in each other's orbits anymore. No hard feelings. It's been a good run with some of you, and maybe we'll run into each other sometime in other venues.
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1. You know what I really respect? When people like to dish it out about other fangirls, but get flouncy on you at the first sign of disagreement. So classy!

2. You know what I would genuinely respect? If people -- random people, not people under 1. -- just came out and said 'I'm upset that Jin got married because he's less sexy to me with a wife/as a dad/ruined my tinhatting/ruined my daydreams of one day hitting it off with him in LEX.' I would respect that, because it's honest. I've been reading a lot on various comms and forums and shit that got linked and comments and whatnot ever since Jin's punishment brought the Jinpocalypse to boiling point again, and, you know? 'Oh, no, I have no problem with the marriage, but how dare he go behind Johnny's back?', 'I am happy for Jin for getting married but I hate him because he didn't tell his fans first', 'Jin can marry whomever he likes but now he really fucked it up for the senpai and he needs to be punished!!', 'The marriage is fine with me but he violated his contract he really has it all coming.', 'I was fine with the marriage but TWSS really made me hate him', 'I don't begrudge him the marriage but I read so many con reports that say he didn't have a good show and that is SO EVIL' -- this stuff is all over the place.

And I am not. buying. it. I actually think a lot of those reasons why I'm really really upset and not because I'm upset about the marriage are legitimate complaints; I am unhappy about some of them myself, and I fully understand if people just... burn out on Jin. Trufax, I was at a point myself where I wasn't sure if I still wanted to care about him.

But the people who are going around in a rage hating on Jin all over the place... I just don't buy that the small potatoes are really the cause of all that vitriol, and long-term fans turning into haters.

And yes, you may judge me now for ascribing motivations to people on the internetz. But that's what it looks like to me from here.

(And, you know what? I think being upset that Jin got married is okay. It doesn't mean you'll instantly look like you're going to hunt Meisa down and poison her drink. 4rlz.)

3. And a word on the contract thing. I am not saying that Jin has won himself many laurels of professional conduct lately; I sincerely wish he'd done it differently, and I'm not wringing my hands about the punishment -- I don't like it but I assume he knew this would come with a price tag. But if 'getting married' and 'keeping a baby' (people! she got pregnant! there is an actually existing pregnancy! are we really debating whether she owed her employer an abortion?) is the same kind of 'breach of contract' as 'he didn't show up for a concert' or 'he keeps missing meetings' for you, then you and I don't live in the same moral universe.

3b. I do wish the flailing, fretting, worrying fangirls would tone it down a bit on the hyperbole. But the 'human rights' argument, as much as the tone of it all makes me cringe, is not actually as stupid as it sounds, in my opinion. What sort of work contracts are ethical and what you can legitimately ask someone to sign away ('Can an institution fire a divorcee who chooses to remarry?') is exactly stuff that gets decided before high courts on the grounds of human rights and personal liberties. Not in Japan, I suppose. But, I'm just saying. Cringe on execution, point on instinct.

4. I also genuinely wish we had some better information. Even on very, very basic questions ('Is Warner currently running a loss on Jin or is he earning his keep?' - 'Were these venues Jin has to pay for ever really booked?') that would help get a better grip on the bigger questions we have no idea, and everyone who seems to know -- and I count 'make an educated, logical guess because they have some background with this shit' as knowing in a crunch -- is speaking from a place of bias. It's making me a bit crazy.

5. This is a public post. I will not flounce on you if you disagree with me. (Though if you don't like Kame's fat arms, we may have a problem.)

Dreamwidth Edit for [personal profile] jae, who doesn't like it when people post inaccessible cryptic stuff! After Jin got married without informing his agency (they learned it from the press the same way we did), they still let him have his America tour in March, but now that that's over it's been announced that an upcoming Japan tour he was supposed to hold in April and May was cancelled as punishment, and he has to pay the cancellation fees for the venues (tickets had not gone on sale yet). Jin's been getting a lot of hate ever since the marriage news; a few small scale things happened afterwards that haven't helped him with his critics, but then it's probably fair to say that nothing much would have helped him with those. The announcement of the punishment has led to ~very strong feelings~ and occasionally dodgy grammar from people who still like him and people who hate him now, and I got my ass defriended this morning for questioning someone's idea of 'it's essentially a breach of contract'. *g*
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This is actually prompted by a conversation I had yesterday, in migraine-induced stupor, with [personal profile] solo, in which she linked me to this picture:

This led, VERY SURPRISINGLY, to us starting to speculate about knight!Kame and peasant!Jin and their adventures and ~class-transcending~ love. Though then I thought, Hmm, wait a minute. It might also be fun if for once* Jin got to be the knight and have swordfights and stuff while Kame is the scruffy poor one who is impressed -- or, um, not -- by Jin on a horse.

I mean, I love me some Kame with a knife sword and on a horse, and I cop to having a thing for Kame rescuing Jin from shit, but Kame the most efficient hard-working peasant ever who has no time for foppish pretty princes (and grudgingly learning the error of his ways about this particular prince) could also be great fun.

So, I am surveying opinions! Knight!Kame/Peasant!Jin vs. Knight!Jin/Peasant!Kame -- which one is more romantic/hilarious/entertaining/adventurous/pretty/hot/different, in your view? What do YOU think should happen to them?

Feel free to use the back of the sheet.

*I realise it's not true everywhere that Jin defaults to the princess a certain way but, erm, for the sake of the argument in this place and in these social circles...
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But only very briefly. I cycled into work and back today, twenty kilometers each way. It was great fun, but now I can barely walk. I'm too tired to even whine about it much. But Tell Me Where is a great song for cycling.

In other news, I think Kame is trolling me. Turtletroll )
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Because this is a Jo without a brain. I've been at work for 12 hours, seven of which were spent Listening To People About Complicated Shit.

I could never be Kame.
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For [profile] je_holiday this year, [personal profile] haikuesque wrote Fall in Dream. We thought we were actually sneakier than usual, but those people who did guess over on [community profile] haikusociety mostly got us right.

We have also, somewhat amusingly, managed not to hear back from our recipient -- again. After Kizuna Exchange 2009, this gives us a two out of two clean streak. It's starting to be v. funny. I'm thinking we should go find ourselves some more exchanges in 2012 just to put that theme to the test. (But then [personal profile] solo will kill me.)

I also sneak-participated in Yuletide. As, um, just me. Which NOBODY (I talked to so far, anyway) guessed, which left me a little smug at my successful sneaking.

I was really keen to participate in Yuletide this year, but by the time nominations rolled around, I was too much of a stressbunny to even think what I would like to request, much less write, so I thought, ok, I'll see how December goes and if something grabs me, I'll write a treat for someone.

Which I did.

Mr Hayashi, married with one child, government worker, homeowner, enjoys gardening and afternoon tea.
A Youkai Ningen Bem story branching off after episode 9, written for [personal profile] threewalls. As I said over on [community profile] haikusociety, rated M for Mature, B for Bemangst, H for... other stuff. Beta'd by Solo.

A few thoughts on writing Bem. )

The funnest thing, though, was that through participating -- even sneak-participating and only writing a treat -- I felt much more involved, and I had a blast going through the archive on the 25th and more fun reading than in any other year. The gift-giving aspect worked very well for me at the time, and I was so excited along with everybody else! That part was truly great, and next year I definitely want to make the time and sign up all proper and non-sneaky and all that.


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