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I had just started to finally start typing up some thoughts on In Fact when I saw that [ profile] b_akakame had just had the same idea. I wrote this up before reading hers, and afterwards was pleased that for once someone else was wordier than I was! *g* Go check out her review too, which includes analysis of visuals, static and moving! >_>

Below are my thoughts on In Fact, in a mix of review and rambling impressions.

The short version: Kusabi, it ain't. Kusabi was an excellent mini-album, and in my opinion you could tell that they wanted to throw some songwriting power and skillz behind their 4nin re-debut. There were some truly excellent songs on that one.

I don't know if for In Fact they lost that kind of focus or had to make to with the replacement crew or what, but... I don't think this is a great single. It's one third 'not bad', one third 'okay', and one third awful.

The songs )

After I'd listened through the single, I thought, well, maybe the album will be better, there's lots to look forward to there with the solos and stuff.

Now we can listen to previews of four songs and I'm admittedly a bit less hopeful.

In order )


Aug. 4th, 2013 05:48 pm
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Okay, here's some non-KAT-TUN fannish content:


No, okay, I have to clarify: the single is terrible. But the b-sides, they are soooo cool! If they haven't found their way to your mp3 player yet, I got my downloads here, and they're also available on Jpopsuki.

Summer Nude as a song is awful, just a step up from Hadakanbo. But it redeems himself with a PV that basically consists of a half-naked Pi rolling around in the sand and showing off his flawless skin in HD. Oh, and swimming naked underwater.


Nocturne, on the other hand, has a super-whacky green glowing tentacle porn PV, but the song is highly danceable, Pi's voice is lovely, and even the electro stuff really works for me.

And then there is 月の幻, which goes right under my skin. It makes me want to dance, but differently, and the melody doesn't really go in leaps and bounds but I looove what it does. I could imagine these two songs going well together with Hey What's Up, as three different stages of the same summer day. >_>

I'm also really enjoying Summer Nude, the drama. It's pretty soapy, with no real episodic plots, I'm really liking most of the characters and Pi looks even better than he does in that PV, and sometimes he cries and gets drunk and is adorable and heartbreaking and T_____T That drama was a gift to fangirls, really.


I also want to say, just randomly, that I'm really not worried about KAT-TUN not getting 'enough to do' at the moment. (Yes, there is a KAT-TUN section to the post after all.) My take on reality is that there was a tour, and for whatever weird reason it got cancelled, which sucked and is stupid, but when you cancel a three month tour, it's kind of natural to me that you end up with a bit of a gap and don't necessarily have three months' worth of other projects you can substitute at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, as I was going over stuff for this week's KTCafé, I noticed that the pace for singles really got faster in recent years, and outside of 2011-2012, a few months without a single is... not actually all that odd.

So, yeah, I still want concerts, but that's more wannnnnt rather than panic, which seems to sweep Twitter every few days.
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Back in March, I was going nuts not knowing about the next KAT-TUN tour. I'd saved up like such a good little squirrel, and this is the last year where I have really predictable employment, and I was so ready to go for three or four weeks again and make the flight worth it, and all that.

By now I've reached a weird state of zen about it. Admittedly my state of zen is sometimes enforced by me going SHUDDUP at people when they're about to freak me out. (Put three fangirls in a room these days, and within fifteen minutes, the freak-out starts.) But on my own, I've stopped freaking out.

Much as I reached a weird state of zen about Jin. He's due for a comeback, for anything, but has been for so long that I have adjusted to this being a permanent state of affairs, where something is about to happen any minute but there will never be the real minute when it happens.

We continue to be about to hear something about concerts. We continue to be about to see Jin's comeback in whichever form. As long as we hear nothing from Jin, we won't hear that he's leaving the agency or retiring. As long as we don't hear anything about concerts, we won't learn that they're in September when I can't go, or in November when it'll be very hard to go.

Everything is eternally just around the corner.

On a less philosophical note, I've started to wonder if the continued state of uncertainty about both those issues is somehow connected; if there is some weird Johnny's policy involved about how either Jin and KAT-TUN can't be on at the same time or they can't be on at different times or there can't use the same venue without at least two other groups having performed in it in between, or whatever, some weird JE logic that is not 'logic' as we know it but is somehow still Very Important and somehow they're unable to sort it out.


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While my copy is in the mail... random notes on the new single!

Lame PV, nice song. I look forward to more performances. Kind of rock-ish, kind of dark. Vocally it's not much of a standout song for anyone, but the driving beat and the rough sound (for JE) is very nice indeed. I love the bit when it starts to build up steam for the chorus and the bass really gets going. (Good reminder that sometimes the PC speakers really don't do a song justice.

I want to see this one in concert.

Even more random note on the Music Station performance: a bit surprising that Kame has the least cool outfit of them all. (Hey, Junno, you look pretty good!) Less surprising that he has the best hip roll.

Awwwww. :D This is a very sweet song, but has a not-entirely-straightforward underlying beat that I really dig, so I'm grooving by the time we got to the chorus. The transition to which is pretty shameless and manipulative, but also very very enjoyable. ('LET US CHASE THE SUN TOGETHER', anyone?)

Oh, and that one chorus towards the end when the instrumentation drops away almost entirely is really lovely. And I approve of Koki's singing, he gets some really nice showcase bits in this.

Definitely a keeper.

I also want to see this one in concert.

Connect & Go
This, right after 遙か東の空へ starts more like LET US CHASE THE BEER PITCHER IN IBIZA, but it redeems itself pretty well by being less predictable than I originally thought. Not brilliant, but fun enough, and the part around the actual break away, connect and go lyrics makes me bounce.

I also want to see this one in concert.

Steps to Love
This is a strange one. Mood-wise, its mellowness reminds me of Sweet Chain; then it has some harmonies that are almost exactly like 儚い指先 from CHAIN. I... think this is basically friendly background music; harmless and not too lounge-y and sort of not going anywhere either.

I don't need to see this in concert. But I'm sure Kame will look pretty singing it, so I won't complain.

Brand New Day
So, after we have chased the sun together, we are now either winning the J-league, or the Women's Soccer World Cup, or whichever sport tournament is central to the anime we're all in. *g* It's just... adorable. The song is adorable and Kame sings adorably (and is totally captain of the football team) and I feel uplifted.

(Move on slowly heart? Is that correct? That is not really how you win the J-league, though.)

I wish I could run ATM, because this would be an excellent running song.

I want to see this one in concert.

Oh, Nakamaru. *g* I confess I was relieved when the real PV started, and it turned out to be not, in fact, four minutes of someone playing with MS Paint and then Windows Movie Maker. The actual song is quite sweet, and has some lovely harmonies. It also shows off well that Nakamaru can sing. (Nakamaru dancing is, I'm afraid, still like watching your accountant try hip-hop.) Much like [ profile] solo____, I'll probably like having that on my mp3 player, but without the beatbox. (Which is not actually bad beatboxing, but, well.)

I am very fine with watching this one in concert. (Dear Nakamaru: just lay off the glow sticks this time, ok?)

Summary 1: not a bad crop at all. yay!
Summary 2: OMFG I need concert dates. REALLY.

What did you guys make of it?
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1. We finished writing #RedK. It clocked in at 85,500 and made us *facepalm* at ourselves. It was still interesting, though. That's the first time that we've written something that's real novel-length. At the start, it seemed to go really fast, and after the first six chapters I thought, wow, we'll finish a 60k story in three or four months. But then August was a loss because of holiday, September was almost a loss because of work, and October was half a loss because of Chibicon, and this baby turned out heavy in the butt, and here we are and we spent most of a year writing the same story again. I was quite shocked when I went to [ profile] haikusociety to post Solo's unicorn and realised how long it's been that we posted a full-size story.

It was also the first time we edited such a long story in one go, and let me tell you, OOF. Solo is a bit more resilient than I am in this regard and she did the heavy lifting in a lot of places, but there comes a time when you dream about tracked changes.

I'm looking forward to posting it now, and I'm also looking forward to getting back to other business, which is, in that order, charity fic we owe [ profile] naricina and [ profile] edogawa, the Deep Water ficlets we promised, and then a bunch of other stuff, like maybe getting that Akamepi finished where poor Kame has had a boner now for well over a year.

2. Speaking of which, if you were curious why I kept calling that story the unicorn, which also was the prompt for how [ profile] 1002unicorns was called, it comes from a dark, sad time in my past when I did not appreciate the beauty and sparkledom of unicorns. I actually made fun of them. (I was young, Peri! I didn't know any better! *cries*) So when I had started to write that story for Solo's 2010 birthday, and then it stalled, and I admitted to Solo some time after her 2010 birthday that there was an unfinished 500 words for her somewhere on my hard disc, I explained it like, 'You... may be offended that I thought this is what you'd like. It's a bit like showing up with a fugly music box with a unicorn on top and going I saw this and I thought of you. Here, this is your unicorn.'

3. I watched the Chain DVD... a while ago, with Jolli and Heli and Solo and Nari, and it was really interesting to watch it back after I've been there and saw the same show live. The main thing I realised was that I'm really weird about the Jin thing and the 6nin-sung-with-5nin songs. They work really well for me by now, but I think that's only because there is a sort of... dual thing going on. It works really well for me the way the rest of the band stepped up and didn't leave Kame hanging all the time, the way is obvious in some of the more painful performances from Jin's 2006 hiatus. Two of the guys working together to bring Jin's parts really gives me happy band feelings, and I'm just happy that they worked so hard and rallied. BUT. I think this only works for me against the backdrop of also having seen the two non-filmed shows in Tokyo Dome where they fucked up the Jin parts pretty much ALL THE TIME. Somehow, those two things together make it work for me. I wouldn't like it if Jin was perfectly replaceable; I wouldn't like it if the 6nin songs all sucked now, mostly because I would hurt for Kame. This mix really makes it easier, weirdly enough.

4. I'm going to be in London from 16-18 December and I get to meet Mec! That was the latest development in my work travelling; I guess I should make a where-I'll-be-when post after all, when I thought I didn't need it anymore!

5. My haircut is two weeks old and already getting too long. ;__________;

6. I'm watching MONSTERS. It is not a good show, but Shingo is growing on me.

7. My Primark shoes died and today I bought a far more expensive Rieker replacement that I hope will see me through the winter and keep my feet dry, thank you.

Oh, whatevs, have a pic of the shoes! )

0. I'm pretty sure when I started out writing this post, I had some other stuff I wanted to mention, and now it's gone. Oh well!
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Note: reposted from [ profile] 6nin for archiving purposes.

Owner's Manual: these are my reactions to the new single. They may be different from yours. They are also... well, reactions, and I try to put them in a way that makes them discussable, but I have no music knowledge to speak of, so explanations tend to sound more like 'that thing over there, with the tinkly thingie.'

Just so you know! Now on the songs! Cut because of length. )

Three out of four ain't bad.
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Much like 'What LA Was Really About' fic, I believe one is required by the union.

Or not, but I've had parts of this floating around in my head and Solo and Rheasilvia are off watching Kame being cute with a nun, and at some point I wanted to get this out there.

Note #1: This post has melodrama. I'm saying it so you know that I know that you know, but it's on the whole pretty uncensored. It is also about a thirty-year-old woman being upset over a boyband's break-up.

Note #2: I realise some people like KAT-TUN with no Akame bias, or a smaller Akame bias, and might find all the wah wah over one out of six leaving annoying and disrespectful to the rest of the group. I'm sorry, and I totally understand that someone like that might occasionally get the urge to go 'Jin leaving is not the end of KAT-TUN!!'. Any 'end of KAT-TUN' rhetoric that might slip in here is meant in the 'as I know them and fell in love with them' sense, and I'm happy for anyone who had a better time adjusting to a new KAT-TUN.

Notes #3: I considered posting it in chapters.

So, I don't know if this is what they call 'healing', but I no longer feel quite so like someone ripped the fannish rug out from under me.

What I think )

Where I was, where I am )

Fandom: handling things (or not) )

Things I worry about that are not about shipping or fanfic (or melodrama): KAT-TUN's music, Jin's music )

Final words (for today, I'm sure you're glad) )

I have been writing this for two and a half hours and I still find gaps where I didn't 'explain myself right'. TL;DR, if I've ever managed it. But here they are, My Thoughts On The Jin Thing.

Note #4: I like comments, a lot. I totally understand people being upset or even angry at Jin, and that's fine and we can be exasperated together. And I don't normally ask for comments to be... well, particularly sanitized. But if you're going to call Jin a jerk or a douche or whatever, I'd appreciate it if you did it somewhere I don't have to see it, i.e. not here. Thank you.


Jun. 5th, 2010 02:56 pm
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For reasons that don't need explaining at this juncture, I ended up joining my mother, my brother, my mother's BFF and three other kids on a trip to a climbing adventure park yesterday. The weather was gorgeous, the forest was lovely, the mosquitos were huge and the Julia was a big scaredycat. But it was fun. :-)

Climbing adventures with pictoral proof! )


Brief KATTUN-related musings: I was very very pleased when No More Pain leaked; after Going! I was really worried the whole album would be like that -- maybe an overreaction, but SRSLY, the music they did the other time Jin was gone really didn't work for me either. So when I heard NMP and thought 'wow, this is actually cool!' I got way more hopeful about the rest of the album.

As for Kame: not happy with Sweet. :-/ I did finally watch some fancams of the vampire solo, though (I'm sorry, Kame! I am a rare freak who really doesn't care about vampires! It wasn't you!) and am wildly entertained that Kame has progressed to essentially making out with people on stage. Go Kame!


In other news, this morning I bought sunscreen FOR MY FRIVOLOUS HOLIDAY WHICH IS STARTING NEXT FRIDAY YAY. I have been mostly laid back about the holiday; I was still in a slightly different place when I booked it and that desire to 'get away from it all' has abated. But standing in front of the sunscreen shelf, I had a little Moment that I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY WITH SUN AND COCKTAILS AND SURFING LESSONS AND POOLS AND YAY!! I bought four different types (two for face, two for body); my forearms notwithstanding I currently resemble feta cheese, but I do hope I won't need to slather on the level 30 protection at the end of the week anymore. And it felt just like buying... really nice clothes or something. It was AWESOME.
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State of the flat: I have a shower curtain. On a shower spider. Which I'm totally going to keep calling it even though the brand I bought called it something else. Very useful!

Deep fannish meta of the night: you know, the Love Yourself PV is really weird. And yet Jin manages to look even weirder and like he's in a totally different PV. My current theory is he showed up for 15 minutes wearing the wrong outfit, drunk, and got pastede in yay.

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I wish I had more time to write proper posts! I'm not dead! Just moved! And my floors are still dirty! And my books are still in my grandpa's basement! And I have a cold! And stuff!

However, in the process of some traditional and very much needed unwinding, I was hit by the odd fannish thought.

1582 (the song, the performance, the concept) is essentially Kame's version of Idfic.

Y/N? Discuss.

(If you know what I'm talking about, you really don't need this, but I feel it's necessary for the sake of completeness. Also, pretty.)
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In light of my departure for Scotland and [personal profile] solo's cupboard under the stairs tomorrow morning, I figured it was a good opportunity to get at least one efficient day in. And I think I kind of managed.

Today I:

-- Did my taxes for 2008.
this is actually very small potatoes if you were a) poor and b) 'self employed' in 2008, but I like saying I did my taxes anyway
-- Cancelled my contract with the place where my furniture is stored.
-- Went for a run.
-- Wrote list of instructions re: flat/key-giving-person for mother.
-- Wrote to internship boss about internship documentation and for keeping up with my former project
-- Made my mother's small trolley fit for Ryanair cabin baggage regulations

Proof. )

-- Copied sparklyboy video essential data onto my portable HD.
-- Packed.

Postponed project:
-- Editing all the currently open chapters.

I will be gone for 10 days, and generally online but possibly busy/drunk/braindeadfrompretty. Countdown! SMAP/KAT-TUN show! Cat! Cocktails! Food! And an actual room of my own. *g*

State of the Collaboration, 28: Jin, Kame, and the authors want out of the 5 chapters that are currently under edit again. The world ahead is so much nicer, why did we all have to go back?
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[personal profile] solo and I have concluded our break from writing epic whorefic romance for something just a little different. In just about every way. :-)

Unexpected Changes in Management
by Julia & Solo
Akame, rated adult. PWP. No, for realz! It's under 4000 words, people! With many thanks to Matchy for the beta. For more notes, see the post at [community profile] haikusociety. Where you can also find our new banner. *g*

'Fish don't get horny.'


Random scenes from our house this morning...

Me, to my mother: Yo, come here, there's a peacock in the garden!
My mother, comes and looks down balcony: ... that's a pheasant. City kid.

I wanted to take a picture anyway cause I thought it looked quite cool, but then it just kept circling Aunt Anneliese's tomato plants and refused to pose, so I only have some pics of tomato plant leaves.

Am currently waiting to hear back about an internship I applied for for November. The interview was yesterday, and I thought it went pretty well; they started talking about which project they wanted to put me on with me still sitting there. (This would be unpaid, but where I would work could give me a good learning experience.)

It does mean that I would have to drive out there tomorrow morning and listen to some conference, instead of just writing porn on my birthday. Oh well. :-)


More update-y fannish things: I meant to say earlier that November seems to be shaping up pretty good in terms of OMG NEW STUFF, with the News DVD coming out and the Bandage music release AND Pi's solo. Tasty, tasty. I've listened to the radio version of Loveless by now and.... hmmm. Not bad. I do like Pi's voice and this is much nicer than MOLA. Though I feel it gets a bit repetitive and doesn't really take off. Bandage is better as a song.

And now I have to go make some chili.
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It has been brought to my attention that coming out with callous cat comments can cast uncomfortable questions upon my character.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that as soon as I can afford a rename token, I shall change my LJ name to [ profile] kind_to_cats. I am sure this will benefit my social integration, help me make friends and influence people, and present me as a balanced, well-rounded personality.


More KAT-TUN leakage! When [ profile] solo____ did her solo predictions poll, I shuffled 'Moon' around a bit because I thought it sounded kinda bland and non-descript. But I like! I like a lot! Looking forward to a HQ version. And I cannot wait for proper album promotion to start. I really hope there's going to be a performance of the solos, even in a medley, like they did for Queen of Pirates. April could be a lot of fun...


Also, I just got an invite code for Dreamwidth that is not spoken for. If you want to create a DW account before 30 April and make sure you beat me to getting [ profile] kind_to_cats (or just, like, secure your own name, if you must), comment and claim. (OMG I'm not even doing it on purpose at this point...) First come, first serve.


ETA: Oh, Yamapi, how so adorable? :-) If he won a million $, he'd make sure NewS got a decent PV for a change! I love it. At least the trend in NewS PVs to kind of... suck has not gone unnoticed. *sigh*

I also love the comment about little dishes of gourmet food. Gourmet is all nice and well, but can we get some quantity here? *g*


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