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You know, Dark Thoughts didn't seem to have any new promo pics the last time I checked, and after my reaction to Downloaded was one of benign not caring, I didn't hurry to look if there were any new pretties.

I did look now.

*is dead*

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Could she be any hotter? At all?

Seriously, I thought she looked good in the ep, but what with the overall lack of caring... I have a feeling I'll be rewatching the ep after all. Funny how that goes.
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For [ profile] deborah_judge, who was good yesterday and agreed to ship squee as a reward.

Water wasn't the shippiest of episodes, but it had its moments. Documented by picspam. )
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[ profile] asta77!! Thank you very much! I was so busy with cleaning and packing today, I only checked my mail now; bestest Christmas card ever, and a present, too! You so rock!! I blame you if I end up putting that poster on the wall; god, I haven't done that since I was fifteen and had my room wallpapered with DS9 posters. :-)

In other news, DSL is back. And we shall never disclose why it was in a coma, as I might have to change my name and move to another country from the shame. Okay: it was totally my fault. However, I still blame T-Com, because for once, they didn't try to blame me or my provider. I'm told on Sunday morning, "Yes, this is a problem at our end. We'll get back to you." Today, they tell me that no, they cannot find a fault, and did I check with my provider? Well. At least it's comforting to know that I can continue to resent them. Right after I stop banging my head against the desk. Should I add that I'd probably have the deleted scenes from the mini by now if I'd had access the last two days? *sigh*

To celebrate my return to a civilised connection speed: picspam, from my recent endeavours to defeat the screencap conspiracy. Read more... )

I'm taking the train to my parents' house tomorrow, but I'll be around. They have DSL now, too. *bangs head some more*
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Hm. The cryptic tag cut brought to you by my desire not to warn for spoilers in a way that reveals said spoilers. I had some thoughts on the thing I was spoiled for the other day -- if you know what I mean, it's safe to click, as there are no other spoilers -- and this happened. With my tongue firmly in cheek I present you...

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And a slightly more serious question. )
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So, after fighting with technology for a bit, I watched the new BSG.

The squee. )

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I seem to have a lot of shallow first thoughts about the new BSG ep on my flist, so I thought I'd share mine: Read more... )
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The kind that brings out my need to squee. Strangeness ensued. Beware.

Warning for BSG season one spoilers, extreme geekiness in the shape of a List of Favourite Things, unfriendliness to dial-up access due to pictures, repetitions of things I've said elsewhere, and the very long answer to the question, "Aren't you done yet talking about season one?"

Seven Scenes of Infatuation, or Why Laura Roslin? )


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