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On JE fannish things:
I am very, very much in love with Pi's Ai, Texas. I hadn't really paid attention to any of the promos because a) I admit the title made me suspect it might be a bit st00pid and b) the outfit he's wearing in performances made me suspect it might be a bit st00pid EVEN MORE. But people, I love this song. I love the melody -- I really want a word for these melodies that Pi sometimes has, because there's definitely a pattern, and normally it's in his love songs, where... I want to say 'ordinary', only not in a boring, everyday sense. You know, where love songs can be like OMG DRAMA OPERA I WILL DIE FOR YOU and then you have a melody that's more like 'yeah, I love you, now let's go and milk the cows'. This song is bouncier than Gomen Ne or Love Song, but it still does that, with the melody.

And I love the quirky drums on the chorus, and what his voice does on the bridge, and I just want to SQUISH THIS SONG.

Fannnish bitchiness:
I have been following the discussions on the Smallville fanfic archive moving to the AO3 with some interest, in various places. And, you know, I concede that it's a multi-faceted issue, and I really want to read those discussions in the spirit of openness to both sides. But then inevitably I come across the comment that goes, 'I uploaded my stories fifteen years ago and I moved fandoms since then and I changed my pseud and I don't even use that old e-mail address anymore and I haven't spared my fic in that archive a thought in the last fifteen years BUT NOW THE AO3 WANTS TO ARCHIVE IT THEY ARE EVIL EVIL EVIL. PS: yes I totally, consciously only wanted my fic archived for ~the natural lifespan of an archive~ when I put it up.' And I just end up wanting to mock people TO THEIR FACE for being special snowflake idiots.

*sigh* Fandom, always good for bringing out my impartial and dispassionate side.

On journal admin:
Inspired by [personal profile] solo, I've been wondering if I should try for 'a post a day' in March, too. They'd probably vary in substance, and IDEK. But I actually like DW/LJ being a bit livelier. (Well, in theory.)


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Should Jo do A Post A Day in March?

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Yes, dooo eeeet.
9 (75.0%)

No, I'd rather see fewer but longer posts.
1 (8.3%)

Who is Jo?
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Should Jo tag those posts so you can filter out the spam?

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Yes, mwahahah.
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No, lumping in two line posts about Pi being awesome with longer posts is inappropriate.
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Which substantial posts about her exciting life should Jo write?

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What It Feels Like To Be A Slob: A Field Guide For Non-Slobs
9 (75.0%)

Life in the Village: A Photo Story
5 (41.7%)

How To Go Japan Twice in 12 Months on a Grad Student Budget: The Life of a Squirrel, or Saving When You Hate Excel Sheets
8 (66.7%)

Why I Honestly Think Kame Is Gay, aka The One With The Potential Wank
8 (66.7%)

Japan Pictures That Are Only Six Months Old
5 (41.7%)

All The Plants I Ever Killed: A Retrospective
8 (66.7%)

The Proto-Femslash Of My Youth
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Something else, which I will comment about.
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