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Just in time for Easter! Christmas fic! For the second time! Done, edited, beta'd, posted, yay. Now back to the WIP of Doom! :-)

With many, many thanks to [ profile] lilmatchgirl007 and [ profile] cuizy for their betas.

Goodwill to all men, mice, wolves and trees (colour scheme pending)
by Julia & Solo

Akame. Rated adult. Ca. 16,000 words. Posted over at our fic comm, [ profile] haikusociety. JE RPS. See post for more notes and disclaimers.

Junno wants cake. Ueda wants sophistication. Jin wants cosplay. Koki wants to bring joy to the world. Nakamaru wants to save energy. Kame just wanted a cup of coffee, and what did it get him? -- KAT-TUN are having a Christmas party.

(Posted in two parts. Because we broke the maximum post length. Because these guys never shut up. Yes, I am totally blaming them.)


In other news, after very surprisingly getting my hands on a Dreamwidth invite code, and after agonizing if I wanted to be kjulia (which I wanted to be when I first got on LJ, but couldn't get) or stick with k_julia, it turned out I could just be... Julia. I haven't imported stuff yet and figured out the crossposting thing, but I plan to once I have some time I do not spend editing Christmas crack or writing WIP doom.

...yeah, un-announce-iest announcement ever. I'm having a slow day. I was out for brunch and had about half a bottle of sparkling wine, which was a whole lotta fun and then turned into a whole lotta slump. Poor [ profile] solo____, having to sit through posting fiddles with me and my zonky brain...
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On the subject of our just-in-time-for-Easter Christmas porn...


We have written 15,157 of 15,000 words.
That means we are done!*


I love this counter so much, you have no idea. Isn't it the cutest thing ever? I'd stare at it for a bit and feel all happy and accomplished except I need to go to bed.

*'done', except for the monster edit, and hopefully hunting up an Akame beta for this one, something we have so far woefully failed at.
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Updated counter here!

In other news, provided we can find a new tenant, which shouldn't be that hard aaaiiii the jinx!!!, the deadline for my move home is now end of May. Woo! *fingers crossed*


Mar. 21st, 2009 09:08 pm
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Right, this is starting to qualify as spam. :-) But I'll shut up after this.

Despite my serious sleep deprivation this turned out a semi-productive day, so that [ profile] solo____ has been able to put up the shiny and adorable counter for our current short-term project. (Since we're taking a little break from our long-term project, because occasionally, you have to write about sane people.)

Have a look: Shiny and Adorable Counter

It's so motivating! (And yes, we're writing Xmas fic in March. We might write New Year's fic in the summer. We're resigned.)
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Right, so this lacks context. Also, subtitles.* So you will have no clue what this actually is! But [ profile] solo____ was kind enough to clip the girlfriend scene in question. If I were less tired I might write more of an intro. But it's still about wine!

Cute! )

More cute! Meet cute! Ish. )

*Because the subbers don't allow uploading to streaming sites, not because I have magically acquired mad Japanese skillz and am watching without subs, obviously.

I really need a happy!Kame icon.
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I guess there was a reason I was on sleeping meds the rest of the week. Finally went to sleep around four, was done sleeping half past seven. It's going to be a bright sunshiny day. :-)

Oh, and my next kindergarten cold has caught up with me. I'd been keeping this one in check for a few days, but apparently not sleeping finally did it.

Sometime this weekend I will also get my hands on the BSG finale and watch it (as opposed to click through it and be disappointed when Adama still isn't dead), even if I almost managed to miss the gravity of the occasion as I spent the last night watching a drama about wine where people have visions and make interesting sounds during tastings.

Also, found a new fictional girlfriend. Somewhat unexpected. :-)

Hint: It's not the one in the fur. )

Unfortunately, the clip that finally made me go, 'I want a girlfriend just like her. Seriously.' to [ profile] solo____ isn't on Youtube. But, really! She is dorkily amazing.

And now... more coffee. And I'm tempted to run a JE Hair of Doom deathmatch poll, but I should probably try to round up some awake brain cells and do some... work-ish things.
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Especially when I'm fighting with the same 'chapter'* for like the third weekend straight (third, yes, [ profile] solo____? or does it just feel like that?) and wondering idly if this story will end up giving me an alcohol problem...

And that would be Jin's facial hair. OMG WHY, Jin, WHY? I'm looking at the April Myojo pics, and there's some nice stuff there, but there's also, tragically, weird stuff growing on Jin's chin! It's so tragic!!! It looks terrible! At first glance I was glad because it wasn't the even more terrible mustache-y beard-shadow he seems oddly fond of lately that's made me flail (and not in a good way) over other recent photo shoots, and then he does the goat thing. Why so heartless, Jin?

On the other hand, I'll admit that the Countdown shop pictures making the rounds are making me very happy indeed, and I have been randomly staring at this just to cheer myself up: )

*Currently just under 22k words before bracket-filling edit. Just wait for more flocked groaning.


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