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In short, and not very analytical, just because.

The Good Wife: This show has been making me kind of depressed. >_< I was never very fannish about it but I always looked forward to it, but the season 6 election storyline, combined with the showrunner's apparent unwillingness to actually shake things up, and many once-interesting recurring characters having outstayed their welcome, have me really very... bored. Last week's episode was a bizarre 42 minute exercise in treading water, and worst of all is that I don't think I like Alicia anymore. :-| There's something going wrong when I'm more on Peter's side in the whole infidelity issue than Alicia's, and having read some backstage gossip I wish I could unsee (but that would explain a lot), I'm having some RL bleedover too. It's all very sad.

Jane the Virgin: it's a bit funny in that like The Good Wife, this is a show I really wasn't going to touch because the title put me off. But damn, is that an adorable show.

The Fosters: I'm not really watching watching this, so technically this doesn't belong on the list. I checked this out last year, very belatedly, because somehow I had missed that there was a TV show about a lesbian couple and their biological-adopted mix of kids. It kind of sounded like something I would like and could potentially like a lot (lesbians! found families!), and, well. I will give it one thing: Teri Polo as one of the mothers is really amazing, and when the plot isn't too stupid, I really enjoy her character. But from the start the show wasn't helped by an ill-advised star-crossed lovers plotline, plus it turns out I have a limited patience for watching a particular style of American (TV?) parenting. Also, in general, this is a show where everyone continously makes terrible choices, and whenever the choice is, 'Do I do this slightly uncomfortable but basically sensible thing where I get help with my problem and, like, don't break the law?' vs. 'Do I do the thing that is easier for exactly five minutes but guaranteed to blow up in my face later?', GUESS WHAT THEY DO. I think hatewatching is too strong a term because I don't feel that strongly about it; I basically get an episode now and then to see who is picking door #2 this week. And get a kick out of Teri Polo being a nommy lesbian.

The Americans: is having an absolutely amazing third season. Somehow I don't click with the fandom at all, so I'm just enjoying it all by my lonesome, and quietly shipping the two married leads something fierce.

Second Love: Kame's spring drama, concluded last Friday with just seven episodes. Spoilers for the whole thing, though not very deep )

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: A recent trial. I don't know what to make of that one yet. The lead is extremely likeable and I enjoy the mix of funny with the macabre premise, but... IDK yet.
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I don't know if it's just the day I've had (looooooooooooooooooooooong and on low blood sugar) and that I'm feeling kind of loopy, but I think this may have been my favourite The Good Wife episode... ever?

Not deep. )

That is all.
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Post accumlated over a good while. I don't watch this much TV in the span of a week. >_>

Vikings: I gave this a shot because I read reviews that made it sound appealing. ('Spartacus without the up-close gore' was a summary that sounded very appealing to me.) I really enjoyed the first episode, Spoilers for eps 1-3, I guess. )

Bomb Girls: the unfortunately worst-written show I am currently watching, but I still mostly keep up with it because the premise is so good, and some of the characters are wonderful even if they have to bumble their way through not very great scripts. Some thoughts on the current season. )

Orphan Black: I'm not invested in this show but it is very, very good. The lead actress is fantastic, and they burn through an incredible amount of Stuff Going On in just 45 minutes while still giving the characters room to breathe. It's even funny, too! I have promised myself to pace this one out so I can use the eps for cycling, because they are excellent for distracting me from stupidbike for the entire 45 minutes.

Project Runway: my guilty pleasure show, which I hadn't watched in a while because it became boring and too much about the drama. So the whole team season idea turned me off; I expected that to be even more about just drama and personality, not people getting shit done. So when I was desperate for some mindless 11 pm entertainment, I was pleasantly surprised to realise that it's much less about drama and much more about 'professional cooperation', and at the moment looks like the most fun Project Runway season in years.

The Americans: I'm probably teasing [personal profile] jae most unfairly by mentioning it but then not writing much about it, but I get that out of my system in her DW every week, so. :-) This is a rec, though. Hands-down the best new show on the block, if you ask me. Though it probably helps a bit if you were at one point in your life a bit of a Cold War nerd.

The Good Wife: has had a few plot clunkers in a row, and is starting to get a little boring. That makes me sad. T____T
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Life, what life?
I kind of want to post an update on Things Wot Have Happened only They Were Mostly Boring and IDEK. Largely recovered from Meisa freak-out; discovered my emergency sleeping pills were making my heart race; got prescription-grade sleeping pills instead; developing a mouse arm no no no this will be so inconvenient; exercise bike is broken; suspected boss of sulking at me but was proven wrong; went on blind dates; got nice free shopping out of MAMAAA's broken arm; still not King.

On TV:
The Good Wife, episode 3.15: was it just me or was this episode... surprisingly boring, and actually kinda... bad? >.< These are not words I usually associate with TGW, but it just utterly failed to grab me.

I may have to stop watching Grey's Anatomy again. I've had an on-again, off-again low-stakes relationship with this show, where I get sucked in by some of their better dramatic arcs, and eventually get ticked off by some of the dumber dramatic arcs and a set of ethics where the person who ~feels the most~ tends to be in the right, no matter how illogical or unprofessional they are. But the last two seasons, I was practically enchanted -- I thought the shooting and the aftermath was incredibly intense and followed up well, and they've done the best 'Lesbians Want A Baby' storyline I've seen anywhere. (Seriously, I was so URGH when that started, and then it turned out AMAZING, complete with Mark's involvement. I loved it.)

This season, though, we have: Spoilers )

I've also watched all the episodes of Once Upon A Time that are currently out. When this show started, some of the reviews and promo materials totally put me off, and then it wasn't even a blip on my radar. But I was looking for stuff to watch while I was on the exercise bike, and gave this a shot, and... it's not Great TV, but some of the stuff it does, it does very well. I love the way they've remixed some of the fairytales -- for a show that's built on very well-known stories, it's managed to surprise me quite a number of times! I don't love so much the bad fanfic plot turns that hinge on people not telling each other things, or spoilers for episode 13 ) or telling each other useful things like 'if you really love me, meet me by the candystore at 12.03 on Sunday WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR BUS WAS LATE'.

But these whinges aside, I'm really finding it quite entertaining. I hope the bad fanfic plot turns won't frustrate me too much as they draw out the Queen's plotting and evil overlording.

On fannish things:
For the... third year in a row, maybe, I'm eyeing the Remix challenge with some... interest. I really love the idea of it, and that particular challenge, but somehow the reasons I never signed up before still haven't gone away. *SULK*

Basically, the dilemma is this. The qualifying rules work against me signing up as ME, because the only fandom I qualify in on my own is BSG. And since you have to offer to write in at least one of your qualifying fandoms, that does not make this a very appealing thought. I'm just over writing BSG.

The 'no pairing guarantees' rule, sensible as it is, works against me bullying Solo into signing [personal profile] haikuesque up. We'd qualify in JE easily as [personal profile] haikuesque, but if we get matched up with a writer of PIN and KOKAME my endless guilt will be... endless. (Not that I'd be keen to write Pin and Kokame as me, either, but I'm a little more ready to gamble than Solo.)

SO THIS IS HARD. I guess I could always try to write a few drabbles before sign-up starts, but really, where'd be the fun in anyone remixing a drabble that I wrote randomly just to qualify?

On Japan:
WE HAVE TICKETS TO ALL THREE TOKYO DOME SHOWS. Thanks to the amazing adorable [ profile] rindiggfelt! YAY!
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I didn't sign up for Yuletide this year, even though I've long wanted to, because at the time nominations rolled around I was such a stressbunny that I couldn't even think properly what I would want to request, let alone write. But I've been enjoying the reading part (all the fun! none of the work! hee) immensely this year, probably aided by my family having scaled wayyy down on the Xmas activities. Yay!

Something to Talk About: The Good Wife, Cary/Dana, Cary/Kalinda. Dana isn't my favourite character on The Good Wife, but this was a great outsider POV on a lot of the regulars and had really good character voices.

We Three Kings of Porridge and Stars, Cabin Pressure. Obscure fandom among the obscure fandoms: Cabin Pressure is a BBC radio show focusing on the adventures of a small airline company. It's one of my Favourite Things at the moment; people who've sat opposite me on the commuter train while I was listening to it probably thought they had a close encounter with a randomly giggling madwoman. (And that's not to mention the time I spewed water all over the exercise machine in the uni gym. Um.)

This story captures the tone and characters of the show and adds a side order of awww, and I really enjoyed it.

What This Means. Short and sweet Bend It Like Beckham story about Jess having inconvenient revelations, with a lovely Jules voice.

A wind that passeth away and cometh not again: a story for the other show nobody knows I'm watching, Homeland. Highly spoilery for the entire first season, it's got great Brody and Carrie characterisation, and is a great exploration of what the inside of Brody's head might look like. (Hint: it's complicated.)

In the City Hung with Stars. The Good Wife AU, Kalinda/Alicia. It shouldn't work, a dystopian fantasyish AU to a show that's so deeply steeped in realism, but I would so read more in that universe. It's short, but with some gorgeous images, and this Alicia is just... interesting.

I have another relatively slow, relaxing day coming up, and apart from catching up with hols (those three Akame-heavy days were busy busy busy ones here and I'm woefully behind -- though I'm terribly tempted to make a 'I'm guessing the author just by their author's notes' post *g*) I only have to do some laundry, so if anyone wants to point me in the direction of more good Yuletide fic...
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I have been an avid watcher of The Good Wife since it aired. You wouldn't know it from my posting habits don't hit me Jae but I am, kind of, like, a fan.

So now I've watched the finale of the second season, and never mind that I have sort of forgotten how to write about episodes, but I just have to say:

Spoilers up to the finale )


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