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1. I hate packing. I have this utter certainty that I've forgotten something, and I usually have, though I always find something new to forget. I think I'm done except for Charles-Henry and toiletries, but you never know. Oh, and the fact that I had to pack four pairs of shoes into my small suitcase never fails to be ridiculous, yet necessary.

2. I think I'm having a bout of PMS. I don't usually get it severely enough that I need to keep track (and warn people); when I was in my teens I used to get very maudlin days, but now it's mostly a non-event. Combined with my very irregular periods, I just never really know where I am in my cycle. But today as I was getting lunch at the train station, some guy waved a flyer under my nose. And instead of stopping when I did the 'no thanks' thing, he kept waving it at me for like two meters, and I wanted to MURDER him. And then after work I had to go by the post office to pick up a parcel and as I was driving, I was considering the train to Berlin tomorrow, and my reservation -- which is not in an airline seat car but in a compartment, in the middle seat, which is like the absolute worst for train rides, if you're me -- and mentally gearing up for fighting it out over leg space with stupid entitled businessmen and their stupid sprawling legs and phrasing my arguments about how can you see I'm not a teeny tiny pixie and I'm entitled to my own fucking seat? and I wanted to murder them in absentia... then I went, 'hmmmm, Jo, might this totally unfounded anger come from mother nature?' So, yeah, that actually cracked me up then. *g*

3. I could also just be very tired, because I woke up at four in the morning going 'OMG I HAVE TO WRITE A PAPER BY 18 MAY OMG OMG I AM SO FUCKED'. I think of this as a little preview as we move further into April. (Oh, and I have another paper to write by 6 August, but I can have my little moments about that later. Where I'll Be When post updated, but locked.)

4. I'm sure most of you have been linked to this somewhere, but in case you haven't, look at baby owls in a cup. It will make your life improving.

5. Reposted from Twitter: from the category of how maybe not to name your business. Read more... )
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1. You know what I really respect? When people like to dish it out about other fangirls, but get flouncy on you at the first sign of disagreement. So classy!

2. You know what I would genuinely respect? If people -- random people, not people under 1. -- just came out and said 'I'm upset that Jin got married because he's less sexy to me with a wife/as a dad/ruined my tinhatting/ruined my daydreams of one day hitting it off with him in LEX.' I would respect that, because it's honest. I've been reading a lot on various comms and forums and shit that got linked and comments and whatnot ever since Jin's punishment brought the Jinpocalypse to boiling point again, and, you know? 'Oh, no, I have no problem with the marriage, but how dare he go behind Johnny's back?', 'I am happy for Jin for getting married but I hate him because he didn't tell his fans first', 'Jin can marry whomever he likes but now he really fucked it up for the senpai and he needs to be punished!!', 'The marriage is fine with me but he violated his contract he really has it all coming.', 'I was fine with the marriage but TWSS really made me hate him', 'I don't begrudge him the marriage but I read so many con reports that say he didn't have a good show and that is SO EVIL' -- this stuff is all over the place.

And I am not. buying. it. I actually think a lot of those reasons why I'm really really upset and not because I'm upset about the marriage are legitimate complaints; I am unhappy about some of them myself, and I fully understand if people just... burn out on Jin. Trufax, I was at a point myself where I wasn't sure if I still wanted to care about him.

But the people who are going around in a rage hating on Jin all over the place... I just don't buy that the small potatoes are really the cause of all that vitriol, and long-term fans turning into haters.

And yes, you may judge me now for ascribing motivations to people on the internetz. But that's what it looks like to me from here.

(And, you know what? I think being upset that Jin got married is okay. It doesn't mean you'll instantly look like you're going to hunt Meisa down and poison her drink. 4rlz.)

3. And a word on the contract thing. I am not saying that Jin has won himself many laurels of professional conduct lately; I sincerely wish he'd done it differently, and I'm not wringing my hands about the punishment -- I don't like it but I assume he knew this would come with a price tag. But if 'getting married' and 'keeping a baby' (people! she got pregnant! there is an actually existing pregnancy! are we really debating whether she owed her employer an abortion?) is the same kind of 'breach of contract' as 'he didn't show up for a concert' or 'he keeps missing meetings' for you, then you and I don't live in the same moral universe.

3b. I do wish the flailing, fretting, worrying fangirls would tone it down a bit on the hyperbole. But the 'human rights' argument, as much as the tone of it all makes me cringe, is not actually as stupid as it sounds, in my opinion. What sort of work contracts are ethical and what you can legitimately ask someone to sign away ('Can an institution fire a divorcee who chooses to remarry?') is exactly stuff that gets decided before high courts on the grounds of human rights and personal liberties. Not in Japan, I suppose. But, I'm just saying. Cringe on execution, point on instinct.

4. I also genuinely wish we had some better information. Even on very, very basic questions ('Is Warner currently running a loss on Jin or is he earning his keep?' - 'Were these venues Jin has to pay for ever really booked?') that would help get a better grip on the bigger questions we have no idea, and everyone who seems to know -- and I count 'make an educated, logical guess because they have some background with this shit' as knowing in a crunch -- is speaking from a place of bias. It's making me a bit crazy.

5. This is a public post. I will not flounce on you if you disagree with me. (Though if you don't like Kame's fat arms, we may have a problem.)

Dreamwidth Edit for [personal profile] jae, who doesn't like it when people post inaccessible cryptic stuff! After Jin got married without informing his agency (they learned it from the press the same way we did), they still let him have his America tour in March, but now that that's over it's been announced that an upcoming Japan tour he was supposed to hold in April and May was cancelled as punishment, and he has to pay the cancellation fees for the venues (tickets had not gone on sale yet). Jin's been getting a lot of hate ever since the marriage news; a few small scale things happened afterwards that haven't helped him with his critics, but then it's probably fair to say that nothing much would have helped him with those. The announcement of the punishment has led to ~very strong feelings~ and occasionally dodgy grammar from people who still like him and people who hate him now, and I got my ass defriended this morning for questioning someone's idea of 'it's essentially a breach of contract'. *g*
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Jo flakes
So I clearly flaked out on the March Posting Project two days in a row. The reason being a) that nothing interested happened and b) I was too tired to make anything interesting. (The latter being kind of the point of the March Posting Project.)

That's basically the summary of my last three days: very very tired. Which was a little weird, because I slept enough, and I had moderate-not-murderous exercise, and mentally I felt fine. But both on Friday and on Saturday I woke up tired, even after a solid seven and a half hours, with that kind of heavy-bones-lethargy I only know from being in a serious funk or having a flu, or seriously hungover. And I was neither in a funk, nor did I have the flu, nor had I had any booze.

I ended up wondering, what with the headaches last week, if I'd caught some sneaky bug that my body was fighting off so effectively I didn't notice and the fatigue and the headaches were the only symptoms. Or whether it was the weather.

Today it's better, though I woke up freakishly early after very weird dreams about fandom. (Someone on [ profile] fail_fandomanon was closing a thread that [personal profile] lulumeow was very interested in, and I had just opened the comment field to defend [personal profile] lulumeow's right to have that discussion, when I woke up. WTF, head, WTF.)

/my interesting life

Jo runs
On Friday morning, I went for a twenty-minute run, and on Saturday morning, a thirty-minute run. And while my legs felt like bloody CONCRETE, my back has not even twinged. I consider this AWESOMESAUCE, because I would love to be able to mix up the bike and the swimming with running again. I plan to up the time gradually and see how it develops; it would also help if I got a new pair of running shoes, but this is where I run into the finances of a grad student -- a pair of good running shoes is still this BIG INVESTMENT, and I'm shying away from the hassle. But YAY RUNNING!

Jo tries to be helpful NORLY
I came across this a few days ago on the DW network: Instapaper, a site that lets you collect and download-as-epub-or-mobi-or-PDF various types of online texts: very very handy for downloading fic that was posted to LJ, and even handier for downloading multi-chapter stories in a low-fuss kind of way. As someone who moved from printing everything to wanting everything on an eReader, I'm finding this an excellent resource.

Where I found it, and the instructions for downloading multi-chapter stories.

I've tested it with a few multi-chapters that were posted to [ profile] akame_, a website like, a blog post on blogspot, and random single-entry LJ posts. The blog post didn't work, and with the first multi-chapter, the epub file didn't produce all the line breaks, leading to run-on paragraphs. But that story in particular also had curly quotes, and I'm suspecting this was due to the author using special formatting and not the LJ default. With other stories, it worked perfectly fine, and I'm very pleased I found this. I always thought I would probably read more sporadically-updated-perhaps-never-finished multiparters if they didn't have to clear the hurdle of being worth the formatting hassle first. (SRSLY, with the stories that worked, it gave me just the text, no comments, and the chapters/parts neatly behind each other, like MAGIC!)

Oh, and it might come in very handy for eReader types when k_x starts posting and if it's still posting to LJ this year.
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This is actually prompted by a conversation I had yesterday, in migraine-induced stupor, with [personal profile] solo, in which she linked me to this picture:

This led, VERY SURPRISINGLY, to us starting to speculate about knight!Kame and peasant!Jin and their adventures and ~class-transcending~ love. Though then I thought, Hmm, wait a minute. It might also be fun if for once* Jin got to be the knight and have swordfights and stuff while Kame is the scruffy poor one who is impressed -- or, um, not -- by Jin on a horse.

I mean, I love me some Kame with a knife sword and on a horse, and I cop to having a thing for Kame rescuing Jin from shit, but Kame the most efficient hard-working peasant ever who has no time for foppish pretty princes (and grudgingly learning the error of his ways about this particular prince) could also be great fun.

So, I am surveying opinions! Knight!Kame/Peasant!Jin vs. Knight!Jin/Peasant!Kame -- which one is more romantic/hilarious/entertaining/adventurous/pretty/hot/different, in your view? What do YOU think should happen to them?

Feel free to use the back of the sheet.

*I realise it's not true everywhere that Jin defaults to the princess a certain way but, erm, for the sake of the argument in this place and in these social circles...
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But only very briefly. I cycled into work and back today, twenty kilometers each way. It was great fun, but now I can barely walk. I'm too tired to even whine about it much. But Tell Me Where is a great song for cycling.

In other news, I think Kame is trolling me. Turtletroll )
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So, Spartacus. I don't actually think I ever mentioned I am watching this. Well, 'watching', depending on how you define it. I am possibly a very very weird audience for this show. I 'watch' it because I am incredibly intrigued what kind of kink and nudity and insanity they're going to come up with next, because this show clearly lives to do crazy shit. On the other hand, I frequently 'watch' it shrunk to the size of two postage stamps in a corner of the screen and looking at other stuff, because I am actually a total wimp about on-screen violence. The spurting blood, I can handle, but Spartacus just loooooves cracking people's skulls open and having their teeth shatter and hearing bones break and things ripped off people, and while I read that this apparently all looks fake, it still wigs me the fuck out. Hence I 'watch' without actually looking at the screen much for long long stretches and only tune in for the kink-and-nudity bits. (Which, funnily enough, don't actually do anything for me either, but it is always interesting what they do. And frequently makes me go, 'in fandom, this would be called idfic.')

Here's my complaint, though. Has the dialog gotten noticeably worse? I know they've always done the very stitled faux-theatre-ish thing, but I don't remember it being this painful from the first season. And, really, if you're 'watching' a show at the size of two postage stamps in your screen corner, the dialog sucking really gets problematic!

ETA: LOL this week on Spartacus! Read more... )

PS: this is very random in the context of fucking, skull-crashing Romans, but in the context of TV-I-am-'watching': Saiko no Jinsei no Owarikata, aka Pi's Undertaker Drama. Oh. My. God. You know you're in trouble when you fail to meet the Kami no Shizuku standard of 'interesting.' I had high hopes for this show, because a) it seemed to have interesting, quirky characters, b) Pi has really good hair, c) and gets good lighting, d) I found the details of burials interesting (people in Japan apparently get put in gift boxes when they're dead!), e) the female detective is a little bit hot pretty, and f) did I mention Pi is pretty? But I'm up to ep 3 now and the plots? Just suck. Ep 2 had thirty minutes of plot and fifteen minutes waffle. Ep 3 had fifteen minutes of plot and thirty minutes of PREACHING. As much as I would love to know what happens to the disabled sister and watch the female detective puke all over Japan after more drinking rounds with Pi, I am afraid I am unable to stomach the preaching. And having five people explain what happened... ten minutes ago. On screen. (Srsly, this is like a record even for Jdramas.)

I'm sorry, Pi. ;__;

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Sorry, not very interesting. I have had a headache since 9 this morning, ibuprofen-proof and nasty. I decided at 2.30 this was a valid reason for taking sick time and went home, to try and throw some of my back pain meds at the problem. It helped a little, but not like normal either.

I am now sipping a carefully measured glass of wine, which I'm sure makes me sound like the ultimate druggie, but that has finally done a trick and I can stand up or bend down without feeling like my head is going to explode.

I've had more headaches in the last two weeks than in the last four months combined, and I'm wondering if there's a connection between my achy arm and the tension that's causing these headaches. Or if it's just my reward for not having gone for a fucking swim in fucking forever. #meep
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In three words: oh god why. This is, you guessed it, referring to the specularly dumbest song of all dumb songs. I'm not going to go into the particulars here; I was quite shocked and disgusted last night, got largely over it, and now I'm mostly going, 'why Jin why. why so dumb.'

This is not a very thinky post, but as I have been whining at Solo: I think it's high time Jin did something that actually pleases people and doesn't piss off half his fanbase. You keep on pissing off half your fanbase, you're going to end up with... very small halves.

I may be looking at it from an overly critical position after the fun of reading those lyrics last night, but I don't actually remember him doing much at all since the split that was just joyful without some sort of BUT. Test Drive seems to have gone over well, but had a stupid PV that would leave a passerby with no clue what he actually looks like. His recent promotion material has some good stuff, and some stuff that is almost willfully fugly. People HATE the sunglasses and the hats, AND THE BEARD. (I realise I may be taking this disproportionately personally.) And then he went and got surprise!married, and while I personally disagree with the 'rules' saying that he shouldn't get married, it was handled rather badly and almost as if it was designed to piss off or hurt as many people as possible.

Now he has an album, and what's being talked about is his supposed DATE RAPE SONG, and I don't know if he could have shot himself in the foot more thoroughly if he'd... uh, hacked off the foot with an axe. This is just so DUMB. And a waste. And what was maybe once 'awww, Jin, you tough little hiphopper' when he was 19 and in a glittery band is just flat-out annoying in a 27-year-old with two years of solo experience.

I think Seasons is the one recent thing I can think of that didn't piss anybody off, but then AFAIK it didn't sell spectacularly well either and he didn't do an awful lot of promotion in Japan.

Please, shape up, Jin. Don't make it so hard to like you. :-(

My mother

(Yes, this is a sudden change in subject.) I do not understand some people. I do not understand people whom you call, and ask, 'Can you tell me when you're on holiday so I can plan my holiday with that in mind?', and they answer, 'Oh, the second two weeks of the holidays,' and then you ask, 'Which holidays?' and they go, 'The school holiday,' and you say, 'well, when are they?' and they go, 'I don't know...' and you go, 'well, when ARE YOU ON HOLIDAY?' and they say, 'the second two weeks of the holidays!'

And then you call your aunt and it's 'the last two weeks of the holidays' and you want to bang your head hard against something.


. . .

Who has everything all set up for shit to download while she's at work and then AS HER FINAL GESTURE BEFORE LEAVING shuts down the PC. *sigh* I could have watched The Good Wife with my dinner...
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Why Solo Is Almost As Awesome As Yamapi, a paper by Jo Lasalle

Abstract: In this paper I investigate the relationship between the awesomeness of Yamapi and Solo, using a small-N comparative approach based on data gathered by the Scottish Centre for Pretty and OCD (2005-2012) as well as personal field research.

The working hypothesis of this article is that Solo is almost as awesome as Yamapi. I will test this hypothesis across a number of established categories. Individual results will be weighed according to the common awesomeness chart (K. Kamenashi: 2008) and added up for the final comparison. A preliminary survey of the data suggests that the question is not as clear-cut as it may appear at first, but that despite certain outliers in the findings, the hypothesis is confirmed.

With credit to my esteemed colleagues in the field.

The data. )

This article is open to peer review.
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I've been pretty busy, and so haven't had a lot of time for practicing, and so haven't made all that much progress. However, my piano teacher likes to leap on things his students are interested in, and so even at the relatively slow pace, the last few weeks have been a lot of fun. Below is what we're currently working on.

(Caveat: very LQ recording because of technological deficiencies. The other deficiencies... well. I'm not saying I'm an ARTIST, ok? I'm a beginner!)

(Yes, I'm always a bit wobbly on the second H chord; no, I'm usually not wobbly on the final G chord, only when I have someone listening -- apparently even when it's only my phone. *g*)

Next I'm supposed to work on the half-tone shift for the final chorus, which brings in A LOT OF EVIL BLACK KEYS, and we're going to try to find something for the e-guitar solo (given our lack of e-guitar), and mix up the accompaniment a bit more so it's more interesting than just-the-chords-ma'am.


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