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On Monday night, I became a Witness In A Criminal Investigation (tm). After my stolen bike, this is an awful lot of police interaction for a fluffybunny law-abiding (mostly) citizen.

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So I was out for a late-night walk, as is my habit especially at temperatures when post-10 is the only time you really want to be outside. And then there was this cat.

Now, the village, being a village, is full of cats. Half of them are suicidal car-lurkers who just wait to run across the street the second you drive up to them; I guess it's a pretty boring village for cats too.

But anyway, I was walking along one of the darker streets, and suddenly there was this cat, making rather pitiful noises. Pitiful loud noises, as I could hear it through KAT-TUN and noise-reduction earphones, so much that I stopped to see if the cat was all right. It was just sitting there (lurking behind a car, of course), until the first moment I touched it, when it started going round and round my legs and bumping into my knees and just brushing against me rather aggressively, and only stopping when I petted it. I couldn't decide if this was I am sooo looonely heeeelp or ha ha ahhaha ha going to give that sucker human all my flies or oops I have a brain tumor and can only walk in a circle, honestly.

At one point I picked it up, because, um, I had trouble interpreting the language of the aggressive circling, mmkay? And then I put it down again because, well, it's a strange cat and has claws and I only had a t-shirt on, and then it seemed really miffed to be put down.

And when I started walking away after like ten minutes of this, it followed me. For about the length of four houses, and it was kind of freaky and I was feeling like a very bad person for walking away.

But eventually it went back to what I think was the lurk-car, so my current theory is that it's a yard cat that would rather be a house cat and is just sulking and sharing her sulk with everyone who walks past.

And now I'm sneezy and getting allergic red patches in the bend of my arms. >.<

Also I am not sitting here and thinking about cats in thunderstorms. No.
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Things this post includes: Kame, whores, flexible work hours, pictures of Kame, candles.

Things this post does not include: tales of my nine hours in the emergency room last weekend, a review of my first research interview, pictures of my brain, bitching about travel reimbursement rules, peanuts, cats.

Today at 3, I rang in the weekend. Three long to really fucking long days, and a long staff meeting today, I decided I've worked enough for the week.

Oops, should I not say that out loud?

Anyway, tomorrow will be lazy Friday, and today is whoreday, and I'm having a glass of wine and trying to ignore that my 'long weekend' is not that long at all, because I'll spend all of Sunday manning one of the election stations here in the village.

And yes, we have posted Chapter 3 of the whores. To whom it may concern. :-)

In other news: is Kame adorable on the Shounen Club Premium or what? I haven't even watched all of it (slow downloads, rats!) but I did watch the adorable intro segment and the adorably sweet song, and also I've got a theory. Just to shorten this entry. )

Also I've got some pretty. Because it is VERY PRETTY. )
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I really, really wanted to write a post last weekend, just to get some updates out there. But first I had a guest, and then I had to prepare for my last scholarship interview on Monday. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, now with more politics and cheeseburgers. )

Things I meant to post about, all those days I meant to write posts:
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State of the Collaboration, 30:
The authors have finished k_x and returned to the whores. Kame is worried. Tego is worried, but not about the same thing. Jin is cautiously optimistic, and Koki is intrigued. Yassu is wriggly. The epic has eaten its last remaining beta. *nom nom*


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