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"Wegen der Verwurzelung der Gewerkschaften in der gut ausgebildeten und berufsbewußten männlichen Facharbeiterschaft war es für sie schwer, in die Kreise der ungelernten und der weiblichen Arbeiterschaft vorzudringen; und diese sahen sich vielfach von den Gewerkschaften nicht ausreichend vertreten, wobei bei den Frauen neben den vereinsrechtlichen Beschränkungen noch das traditionelle Rollenbild und die Mehrfachbelastung von Erwerbstätigkeit und Familienarbeit die gewerkschaftlichen Aktivitäten begrenzten."

Does anyone want to take a guess which period we're talking about here?

No? OK, I'll tell you. )

(This note is brought to you from a 36°C hot office, in which whiny pandas are on the brink of whiny collapse.)
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1. We finished writing #RedK. It clocked in at 85,500 and made us *facepalm* at ourselves. It was still interesting, though. That's the first time that we've written something that's real novel-length. At the start, it seemed to go really fast, and after the first six chapters I thought, wow, we'll finish a 60k story in three or four months. But then August was a loss because of holiday, September was almost a loss because of work, and October was half a loss because of Chibicon, and this baby turned out heavy in the butt, and here we are and we spent most of a year writing the same story again. I was quite shocked when I went to [ profile] haikusociety to post Solo's unicorn and realised how long it's been that we posted a full-size story.

It was also the first time we edited such a long story in one go, and let me tell you, OOF. Solo is a bit more resilient than I am in this regard and she did the heavy lifting in a lot of places, but there comes a time when you dream about tracked changes.

I'm looking forward to posting it now, and I'm also looking forward to getting back to other business, which is, in that order, charity fic we owe [ profile] naricina and [ profile] edogawa, the Deep Water ficlets we promised, and then a bunch of other stuff, like maybe getting that Akamepi finished where poor Kame has had a boner now for well over a year.

2. Speaking of which, if you were curious why I kept calling that story the unicorn, which also was the prompt for how [ profile] 1002unicorns was called, it comes from a dark, sad time in my past when I did not appreciate the beauty and sparkledom of unicorns. I actually made fun of them. (I was young, Peri! I didn't know any better! *cries*) So when I had started to write that story for Solo's 2010 birthday, and then it stalled, and I admitted to Solo some time after her 2010 birthday that there was an unfinished 500 words for her somewhere on my hard disc, I explained it like, 'You... may be offended that I thought this is what you'd like. It's a bit like showing up with a fugly music box with a unicorn on top and going I saw this and I thought of you. Here, this is your unicorn.'

3. I watched the Chain DVD... a while ago, with Jolli and Heli and Solo and Nari, and it was really interesting to watch it back after I've been there and saw the same show live. The main thing I realised was that I'm really weird about the Jin thing and the 6nin-sung-with-5nin songs. They work really well for me by now, but I think that's only because there is a sort of... dual thing going on. It works really well for me the way the rest of the band stepped up and didn't leave Kame hanging all the time, the way is obvious in some of the more painful performances from Jin's 2006 hiatus. Two of the guys working together to bring Jin's parts really gives me happy band feelings, and I'm just happy that they worked so hard and rallied. BUT. I think this only works for me against the backdrop of also having seen the two non-filmed shows in Tokyo Dome where they fucked up the Jin parts pretty much ALL THE TIME. Somehow, those two things together make it work for me. I wouldn't like it if Jin was perfectly replaceable; I wouldn't like it if the 6nin songs all sucked now, mostly because I would hurt for Kame. This mix really makes it easier, weirdly enough.

4. I'm going to be in London from 16-18 December and I get to meet Mec! That was the latest development in my work travelling; I guess I should make a where-I'll-be-when post after all, when I thought I didn't need it anymore!

5. My haircut is two weeks old and already getting too long. ;__________;

6. I'm watching MONSTERS. It is not a good show, but Shingo is growing on me.

7. My Primark shoes died and today I bought a far more expensive Rieker replacement that I hope will see me through the winter and keep my feet dry, thank you.

Oh, whatevs, have a pic of the shoes! )

0. I'm pretty sure when I started out writing this post, I had some other stuff I wanted to mention, and now it's gone. Oh well!
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Respecting Our Elders: Why We Should Work Hard to Pay Any Pension Insurance Contributions Needed, by Kamenashi Kazuya

This post is brought to you by a) my paper, which is not moving, b) my deadline, which is moving far too fast, c) my despair, and d) Solo.

Yesterday, as I was whining and despairing too, Solo kept sending me pretty pictures to cheer me up, and I went, at some point, 'Why can't Jin write my paper?' Solo then dared me to imagine, really imagine Jin writing my paper, and I admit it gave me a little gigglefit.

Then I amused myself even more by imagining Kame writing my paper, concluding that it would suck from an academic point of view and all the footnoting would be horrible, but it would also be the Most Determined Paper Ever and by god he will meet that deadline.

So while I continue to whine and despair, I ask YOU for more cheering up: stick your favourite characters in your job and tell me how they'd do.

No Ponies

Aug. 3rd, 2012 08:31 pm
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You may or may not have noticed my absence, but I've been kind of absent. Not literally offline, as I always have my phone, but I spent the last 7 days constantly doing stuff, thinking about stuff, discussing stuff, trying to catch planes or trains or free meals.

On the road again )

PS: Travelling back Sunday, and then I have to WRITE LIKE THE DEVIL for the next - but last of this year - conference. And then I have HOLIDAY.
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On Friday I submitted my first ever paper to my first ever real I-am-a-presenter conference. It's not a very good paper, and my presentation will be more about 'these are all the problems I had with my data, anyone got good ideas how to fix them?', but it is submitted, and I'm hoping I can have a bit of a life again now.

Today is my first day off in two weeks. Before that, things weren't exactly slow going either. I've now worked through two public holidays, a whole weekend, and I basically left the house at seven thirty to stumble back in between eight and nine every day last week. I submitted my paper on 20.30 on Friday evening, with three and half hours to spare on the 'deadline'. Yesterday I zombiliciously tried to draft my presentation (I am presenting this paper to the department on Monday, for a trial run), but could not get my brain to engage, and did it this morning then.

And I was constantly wavering between being a little bit impressed with myself that I really could put in this much focused work for an extended period (and not just an emergency night shift!) and being all waaaah because the paper was still just not very good. It was an interesting lesson in how long it really takes to write a draft paper; on the other hand, I'm thinking I ought to maybe break myself of the habit of thinking that whenever work piles up like that, it's entirely my fault for being lazy and I suck at work, because occasionally it also has to do with shit like being on the fucking road all the time for work and doing stuff for my bosses for work.

So, anyway, on Monday I have the presentation before boss & colleagues, and next weekend, I will take a long weekend to make up for my missed public holidays, feeling that I am both entitled and that this will be healthy.

Dear Kame, Jin, KAT-TUN, and Johnny, I am very appreciative of the fact that none of you brought about any of the still outstanding fandom catastrophes I keep bracing myself for, i.e. that you did not get hit by a bus (Kame), officially quit the entertainment business (Jin), disband (KAT-TUN) or fire Jin (Johnny), during a time when I really did not need the distraction. I am now mentally preparing myself for you to return to your usual one-disaster-a-month schedule, but I do thank you for the well-timed break.

Dear Bomb Girls, thank you for being my catnip when I really needed some catnip. (Jonip?) I will post about you soon.

Dear conference organisers, thank you for letting me come to your conference and even paying my travel fees. I swear that I am taking your conference seriously, despite any appearances to the contrary my paper may create!

Oh, and, let it not be said that I don't get some mileage out of all my goddamn travelling -- because it made no difference money-wise, I'm not flying out to the conference via Frankfurt (take that, Frankfurt airport! HA!) but Düsseldorf, which means I get to see [personal profile] solo on the way back when she visits her folks!

PS: for EXTRA SPECIAL WOEZ, on Saturday morning, I pulled up the shutters, and what did I see on my balcony? A dead bird, with a little puddle of blood next to it. Thank you, village cats, for this thoughtful gift. I don't consider myself a squeamish person in general, but what I really wanted to do was stand on a chair and squeal until someone rescued me. SO. GROSS. I put tissues on it and attempted to lift it with an inside-out trash bag, but at the moment I would have felt the weight I totally balked and ran back inside. I, um. May have called my mother, to ask if she could come over and help. But the line was busy and eventually I told myself to get over it. But srsly. So. gross.
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Hello, I'm back. Arrived at home at 9 last night, only to realise that my plan for energy saving by turning off the heating also meant no hot water #failbunny but eventually I made it into bed. And woke up again around 6.30, when what I really needed was a solid 12 hours of sleep or similar. (I had 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours before I got home.)

Stupid jetlag, I guess. So I went into the office earlier than planned and did some admin, figuring that was sufficienly low-brain for my first day back. And I'm sure it was, only doing expense claims when you can't even remember the days you were on your business trips much less the details of what you're supposed to have receipts for is not as low-brain as you may think. Though I am exactly as low-brain as you may think.

All in all, my flight was okay -- the flight attendants were nicer than on the trip to Japan, I had [ profile] vc_mel and [ profile] karu_chan for company, and I made my connection fine. But Frankfurt airport really had it in for me again. I missed my train by ten seconds (literally; I was there waving at the train lady through the just-closed door) and the next one was delayed and I nearly got sucked under a luggage cart and had my suitcase fall on me and wanted to get into a fistfight over it. (Though on the plus side, all that aggression and adrenaline very effectively killed the headache I'd carried around for nine hours.)

Also all you people who didn't cater to my whims and send me handy files of k_x stories suck, just so you know. Pffffft. #notthatimjudgy #orentitled

My Kame poster got squished in my suitcase, even though I had plenty of space. >.< Poor Kame. When I have BRAINZ back I'll take pictures of the goods I bought -- which will make all you old JE bunnies used to buying tons of stuff laugh, but at least this time I didn't do the 'omg can I really afford another fifteen euro INVESTMENT?' thing I did with Dreamboys. *g*

I also really want to write up what I still remember from the concerts, though that will take me another day or two. And a brain. And sleeeeeep.


The other admin thing I dealt with was follow up on interview dates. I just made an appointment for a trip in SEPTEMBER. The travelling, it never stops.


LJ admin notice: I have gone and defriended a bunch of people where it's become increasingly clear they have either left Livejournal or we are simply not in each other's orbits anymore. No hard feelings. It's been a good run with some of you, and maybe we'll run into each other sometime in other venues.
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I am in Berlin again. The train ride was awful -- super crowded, people standing behind me a lot, and then creating a bottleneck right behind my seat with their suitcases so that at every stop, I got bumped into by luggage and annoyed people and I ended up a bit grrrrRRRrrrr.

BUT in a stroke of accidental genius, my hotel turned out to be in walking distance of my last work location, and both the hotel and the work location are on a direct bus line to the main station, which will make my life much easier on Thursday when I go home. This is something I don't usually manage even when I try, so I am quite pleased with this.

The hotel as such is... artsy fartsy 'boutique', which means the desk is a weird shape and the bed is sorta built into the wall, but the carpets have a very English look to them (and by that I don't mean they resemble the Union Jack), and my room is literally the last room on the corridor, to which I get after passing literally three other corridors and two fire doors. (The entire hotel seems to be in a square with a courtyard in the middle, which would technically be lovely, only it makes for a long walk when there's still only one entrance you can use.) That whole silent-at-the-end-of-the-corridor thing was a bit creepy.

Oh, and they hid the coffee maker in the wardrobe. Huh.


Hope to be social tomorrow with a certain Berlin fan *waves* and not get lost among the fire doors.
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Preface: OMG is it the nineteenth of March? Those paper deadlines are starting to look a lot more deadliney this side of March.

I have the fourth headache in two and a half weeks, and the third that is immune to any of my meds. I got myself a doctor's appointment for Thursday, though. Despite being a leetle bit of the the OMG-WHAT-IF-ITS-CANCER school of medical serenity, I'm not worried as such, because the pain is pretty much exactly like my headaches of old. The duration and med-proofness is what's new, and I want some help with that, because I can't take a sick day every week for a stupid headache.

IN MUCH BETTER NEWS. I bid in the fannish fundraiser for Planned Parenthood -- after we wrote a story that occasionally had us concerned it might read a bit like an anti-abortion pamphlet (it's all Jin's fault, though!) I found that fitting atonement *g* -- and I won [ profile] peroxide_fic. The result is a cute Tego-and-Pi-and-NEWS-and-maybe-Tegopi story, of which there should exist more in the world, and I am very happy I won her! Thank you, [ profile] peroxide_fic!
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Because this is a Jo without a brain. I've been at work for 12 hours, seven of which were spent Listening To People About Complicated Shit.

I could never be Kame.
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1. During lunch break, I bought a new phone (for the landline), after the old one got very capricious about charging, showed only half of the display ('hmm, is this an 8 or a 3?'), and eventually started going CLACK -- CLACK -- CLACK during calls. It's amazing how much time you can spend being undecided about phones that all do the same thing and are roughly in the same price range.

2. Also bought new Sennheiser earphones -- or rather swapped the voucher I got for when my old Sennheiser earphones broke before warranty had expired and they didn't have that type anymore for a new set. This is... quite nice.

3. I'm not going to Japan for concerts this spring. I know I've been saying that, but with little caveats in my brain, remembering how I wish I'd just borrowed the money from someone and GONE in 2009. I don't even know if it would work with work; I could swing it financially if I emptied my savings account, especially with the tax refund I'll have coming, and I could even see a scenario where I just make this my 'big' holiday, and in the summer I just stay at home, or see a few friends in Germany.

But today I realised what it was: I'm lacking Fernweh -- desire for travel and new places, roughly translated. I would LOVE to go to the concerts, and I'm sure two weeks in Tokyo wouldn't ever suck, but that feeling of OMGJAPAN!1!!!1 I had before the last trip just hasn't had much time to rebuild. Probably all that work travel, but whatever the causes, I'm currently just not OMG enough to want to blow this much money, so shortly after I've blown that much money.

And I'm feeling quite zen about that.

(I even, god, still quite fancy the idea of just taking three weeks off in summer and spending them largely at home, doing Balkonien. Or maybe go diving for five days and spend the rest at home.)

4. Last night, when I couldn't sleep (I have holiday jetlag; I've been sleeping in until 9.30 for two weeks, going to sleep at half past eleven just isn't on the menu), I dug out my very first Akame WIP. Apologies to those who actually remember me talking about this, but I hadn't looked at that one in ages, so to me that was... interesting. It's the one set in 2018 where KAT-TUN broke up because Jin left the band for a small-potatoes career in the States ( rock, though) and still based on 2006/07 Kame characterisation (a.k.a neurotic!angstbunny!Kame). It's got various kinds of facepalming moments (people don't take their shoes off! Kame doesn't cook!) and the premise is admittedly jossed to the point of irrelevant, but the style and the snark (and even the kind of angst) struck a chord in my writer brain -- if I had ANY less to do fic-wise, I might actually go back and write The Terrible Irrelevant Angsty AU. But, well. There is only so much time. *sigh*

5. Does anyone know if Dreamwidth has an Android app, or some such?

6. My office is surprisingly busy. I spoke to seven people today. You usually only see these many people when there's a seminar or something.

7. The rest of my day shall contain the following: go on exercise bike, watch The Good Wife (YAY!), cook actual food for dinner, eat it, and write. (Preferably the porny frivolous one over the angsty serious biznes babies, but who knows.)

8. Are there any Pi downloads yet??? (Srsly, people, my squeal when I was informed that show would go on for three months probably scared the cat.)

9. *ignores Solo*
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Hello, hello!

I am back from Japan, and while my level of radiation poisoning has not yet been determined, my level of OMGITWASAWESOME is pretty...high.

It's slightly being interfered with by my level of arghdunwannadostuffIneedtodo, but since Monday is a public holiday here, I don't even feel too stressed about it. I'm currently trying to get all my photos on the same HD so I can sort through them both for developing and for holiday picture posts -- I was doing some on the go in the early days but that got totally swept away in holiday relaxation.

The nice thing is, I don't seem to have jetlag. I had two nights in a row I slept between ten and eleven hours, which must be making up for my two transit days, but they were all at decent, timezone appropriate hours. *fingers crossed*

I still need to watch the season opening of The Good Wife. I DL'd it first thing on Friday, but I was too zonky to retain any details. Then, I need to decide where to put my Kame poster -- I never really wanted posters again after I left my Star Trek Museum room behind in 1997, but the DB poster was too pretty not to get, and also I have a Pi poster that was to cheap not to get, and argh. IT IS HARD.

Randomly, because it amused me:
Sunday planning in #hashtags, by Teh Solo and some other person )

I'm also trying to ignore the fact that if all goes well, I'll have to be on a train to Paris on Wednesday for Srs Bsns, and will have like one day to reactivate French language semi-skillz last used in 2000. #izold
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So, I'm working. (Yes, I really am.) But because of the sort of work I do and the kind of office I work in, I can also have the livecast of the German parliament session on, which for once is actually really interesting.

The German parliament is currently debating whether to allow restricted screening of IVF embryos for fatal genetic diseases, with a vote to follow around lunchtime. All the media are pointing out that this has been an emotional but respectful cross-party debate, with party discipline lifted for the bills and the eventual vote, and for once they're right. With no disrespect to the seriousness of the topic, THIS IS THE PARLIAMENTARY GOOD SHIT. (Which is why I have it on in the first place.) Some truly great discussion, and while I wouldn't say great oratory, there have been some excellent contributions, from all sides.

And yet. Cut for IDK, don't want to randomly spring the political on people. )

That aside -- the parliamentary good shit.
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So, guys, I'm going to London on Thursday. I haven't packed and I haven't ironed, and until an hour ago I didn't have a suitcase. (Thank you, Grand Master Aldi.) Until two hours ago I also hadn't heard a peep from my boss on my questionnaire for the interviews, and had sekrit little horror scenarios where he's all 'OMG THIS SUX YOU ARE WASTING OUR MONEY' a day before STARTO in my head.

But when I got home, he'd replied to my 'hi there I'm sending you the questionnaire AGAIN *cough*' e-mail and found very nice things to say. So yay, at least that feels a little soothing.

I'm flying on Thursday morning, because on Thursday afternoon I got a very last minute interview with [someone very important] from [somewhere REALLY important], and to tell you the truth, I don't know if I'm more nervous about that, or about... the fact that we're going to post the most authorial-wibble-inducing chapter of the whores that same day.

P-R-I-O-R-I-T-I-E-S. Can I haz them?

Other things I'm going to do! I've actually ~looked around~ and am going to a newbie meet-and-drink of London lesbians in the first week -- while I haven't actually missed queer venues terribly much lately, I feel almost obligated to go to some parties if for once I'm in a city where queer things happen not just more than once a month, but, like different things to choose from in a day omg wow. Aaaand I'm going to go on a day trip to Cardiff and meet up with [ profile] beccatoria, wooo! And Solo is coming for a weekend, and I plan to freebie my way through some local gyms and eat mushy peas (they still have them, right? RIGHT?) and sit in cite cafés SIPPING CARAMEL LATTES LIKE A REAL ACADEMIC.*

Now for a weird thing: I really feel like... I will miss my piano. Given my skill level and everything, this is really rather unexpected. But I'm so enjoying having a realish piano standing around and just going over there a few times each night and playing some simple little song... Pi-chan, I will miss you!

*solely for the benefit of [personal profile] jae.
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One of them might be preparing for work meetings while wearing a bikini.

(Okay, so that's mostly to let the wound from a small operation air and not have to plaster it up, but still! I might be doing it for fun!)
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I signed the contract yesterday before noon. They gave me a bit of a fright when it said I had to go see the staff doctor for a general exam, and nobody had told me and I could already guess they'd give me an appointment sometime in January, and travelling all the way to Dresden just for that... and sure enough, when I called the earliest appointment they had was January 22. But after I made a few whiny noises explained the situation, they were very nice and flexible and basically said, If you can get here before we go on lunch break...

So that's done. I will be EMPLOYED from 1st of January, yay!

And unless something totally unforeseen happens, I will also have a small nice and quiet cheap flat from 15 January. YAY. My mother looked at it yesterday, said it looked great -- nice division of rooms, storage space, PVC flooring (but the nice-looking kind), and I'd have to put up wallpaper myself, but then again I can *choose* the wallpaper myself. And it has a balcony. It's on the ground floor, but the kind of ground floor with a cellar underneath, so the windows are actually too high to look in if you're just walking by. Has room for a washing machine in the cellar, a cellar compartment for all my CRAP. And it's social housing, so the rent is excellent.

So I called the woman at the council admin place who's responsible for flats and said YES PLEASE about an hour ago. She said she'd get the papers ready, and I -- or my mother, as I will be in Scotland -- can pick up the key early in January.

More on the flat story, the job, and possibly how things go with my former-professor-and-possible-future-supervisor at the Xmas event tonight coming up at some later point.

And now I'm sitting in the kitchen of another Dresden friend, with whom I'll stay the rest of the week, eating my way through her organic cheeses selection. Life's pretty good.
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OMG I am not sure I will get around to posting again before the internship is over. The summary: internship still going reasonably well, no news on Dresden contract, can finally book Dresden tickets because have more than € 19,20 in my bank account, my brain is broken.

Slightly more narratively... I haven't fully adjusted to the hours yet, but I don't know how much that is due to the fact that now it's *never* quiet. I aim to start work at 7 and am usually the first person in the entire department, and while I am a morning person in terms of work most of the *really* early start is about the fact that I have *an entire room to myself*, sometimes for as long as an hour and a half. And then it's six to eight hours being in an office where somebody's is ALWAYS talking. And I get home groggy and someone is ALWAYS fighting over homework. Family is actually pretty non-crazy at the moment, but the little things are enough to make me want to go wah wah wah sometimes, when people can have fifteen minutes of nag-fights over 'why didn't you take the lemonade out of your sports bag!?!' a meter and a half away from my desk.

Um, okay. Apparently I can post about things.

Tomorrow morning I'm seeing the lady from the town council admin-y place who is in charge of town-owned flats. To see if she might consider putting me on the list for small and affordable places. On Wednesday I'm looking at another flat here in town. I'd really like to stay in the town, though at least four streets removed from my mother, but unfortunately this isn't really the place where single people move to live. (And thus there are not many flats for single people.)

Also, I really like wind turbines. No kidding. I'm always happy when I see some.

And gyms. I love gyms.

And I have the most bizarre stress dreams. But if I write down the one with the Russian millionare or the one where I went on a third Japanese course and forgot I had to be at the internship place, this will turn into an actually lengthy post, omg.

Oh, and the unemployment agency in DRESDEN, where I was on benefits for May 2009, wrote me a letter telling me to produce documentation and a new full disclosure of my finances in *2008* because of some money I had in the bank back at my old bank *that I already told them about*. I was *right there* when the lady made the copies back in March 2008. I wrote them a friendly little letter asking them to CHECK THEIR FILES PLZ. If I weren't hoping to get a job in Dresden, I'd say that place is following me around and trying to bash me over the head all over again. Or nibble me to death, or something.

Oh, and back when I thought this was going to be a three-line post, I meant to repost this, because Solo linked me and it cheered me right up while people were arguing over whether people's fathers are right to take people shopping or whether they should have gone to some other place or what. fucking. ever.

This is like THE BEST ILLUSTRATION EVAR of the essential essentialness of NEWS, Kanjani8, and KAT-TUN in direct comparison. A mini guide to JE fandom.

Read more... )

State of the Collaboration, 26: Koki dreams of LA. Jaejoong dreams of cockroaches. Kame dreams of nothing, which he's not complaining about. The authors dream of editing eight thousand words of sex, Russian millionaires and forgetting to track livejournal posts. Jin dreams up tests.
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So, yo.

I have been lying a little low. The reason is that the thing I would most have liked to post about was a thing I didn't want to post about until I have it in writing in my dirty little hands, but that's not going to happen before December, and maybe it's better not to let the world think I've died.

So there's a black cat crossing from the right side... or left? )

In other news! I'm starting my internship with a local-ish renewable energy firm on 16 November. The thing will last four weeks, pays a little bit but little enough so I don't have to pay my own health insurance again, I got it okay'd by the unemployment agency and they're even helping me out with the commute costs. I'm actually looking forward to this. And not just because they had really nice sushi on their Open Door Day in August. (Though it helps.)

I also got my interview date for the next step in the scholarship application. I've never heard of the guy, though if I'm unlucky, he's part of a program I applied for this spring, where I was rejected. Still, I'll have this week, where I'm not working yet, to prepare for that.

Aaaand for once I'm not going to spend half a day going OMG WHAT WILL I WEAR and fretting over the growth of my ass vs. the tolerance of my one pair of suit trousers, because last weekend I spent most of the Saturday on birthday-money enabled clothes shopping with my mother, and what promised to be an exercise in hair-tearing turned out very successful, with three pairs of office-appropriate trousers, two blouses, one dressy pair of black shoes AND proper winter boots. (After getting through a Dresden winter on a pair of light sneakers and woolen socks I decided... not to do that again.)

State of the collaboration, 22: Kame has to freeze some pasta. Jin has to unfreeze Kame. The authors are making bad puns and drinking wine for the longest sex scene ever. (Well, not quite, but we don't ever want to write that one again anyway.)


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