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When I went to Japan in 2011, I went to Dreamboys. (Twice, on ticket prices that broke my brain at the time, and I spent the next two years framing most major purchases in terms of, 'Wow, that's almost a Dream Boys ticket!') There was a DreamBoys pamphlet that at the exchange rate at the time would have cost around €30. So I didn't buy it, because thirty frivolous Euros seemed like too much of a waste. I think I bought three shop pics in Harajuku.

In 2012, when I was in Tokyo for the Chain tour, I bought maybe twenty old shop pics, most of them bargain basement Jin deals for 50 yen*, and hesitated slightly before buying the Chain pamphlet and the penlight, because penlights are kind of silly.** (I did buy both, though, having learned from the Dreamboys experience and my pamphlet regrets.)

This is what I came home with this time:

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My Jin tag has never been more accurate.

Cut for the benefit of anyone who really does not want to read about a relatively lucky person agonizing over her luck.

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So. There are still a few factors in play, and I don't think I'll book anything before I know for sure the ticket thing will work, but: at the moment, it's looking NOT UNLIKELY that I'll try to go to Pi's concerts in December, and be in Tokyo (generally) for a not-quite-decided timespan. Exact timing will depend on plane tickets and which concerts seem feasible, but I ran through various options between two and three and a half weeks, covering Pi's Tokyo concerts, with wiggle room at the start and at the end.

I've done some research and I'm feeling cautiously optimistic that a Pi trip would not necessarily kill a potential Jin trip, not unless Jin's timing is atrocious. (And I think I'll just have to accept that I can't plan for that.)

I will be going alone, and while I'd find it not totally out of the realm of possibility that I'll meet other Pi fans, I can't really plan for that. I've done holidays on my own before, twice, but neither really compares. (I spent a week on my own at a French camp site in my final year of high school and came home a week early because I was bored out of my mind, and I had a one-week club holiday in Turkey in 2010, which was fine and just what I needed at the time, but one week was enough.) This would be longer, but it would also be in Tokyo. (Solo also pointed out that I was miserable for the two and a half weeks I was in London for work in 2011, but I also don't really think it compares because, well, it was London, and work.)

So, while I am still trying to figure out how long I would want to go, and how exactly to go about a few things, I wanted to ask for advice on a few issues from you people who've been to Japan, people who've travelled alone, and people who've travelled alone in Japan.

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Aug. 4th, 2013 05:48 pm
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Okay, here's some non-KAT-TUN fannish content:


No, okay, I have to clarify: the single is terrible. But the b-sides, they are soooo cool! If they haven't found their way to your mp3 player yet, I got my downloads here, and they're also available on Jpopsuki.

Summer Nude as a song is awful, just a step up from Hadakanbo. But it redeems himself with a PV that basically consists of a half-naked Pi rolling around in the sand and showing off his flawless skin in HD. Oh, and swimming naked underwater.


Nocturne, on the other hand, has a super-whacky green glowing tentacle porn PV, but the song is highly danceable, Pi's voice is lovely, and even the electro stuff really works for me.

And then there is 月の幻, which goes right under my skin. It makes me want to dance, but differently, and the melody doesn't really go in leaps and bounds but I looove what it does. I could imagine these two songs going well together with Hey What's Up, as three different stages of the same summer day. >_>

I'm also really enjoying Summer Nude, the drama. It's pretty soapy, with no real episodic plots, I'm really liking most of the characters and Pi looks even better than he does in that PV, and sometimes he cries and gets drunk and is adorable and heartbreaking and T_____T That drama was a gift to fangirls, really.


I also want to say, just randomly, that I'm really not worried about KAT-TUN not getting 'enough to do' at the moment. (Yes, there is a KAT-TUN section to the post after all.) My take on reality is that there was a tour, and for whatever weird reason it got cancelled, which sucked and is stupid, but when you cancel a three month tour, it's kind of natural to me that you end up with a bit of a gap and don't necessarily have three months' worth of other projects you can substitute at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, as I was going over stuff for this week's KTCafé, I noticed that the pace for singles really got faster in recent years, and outside of 2011-2012, a few months without a single is... not actually all that odd.

So, yeah, I still want concerts, but that's more wannnnnt rather than panic, which seems to sweep Twitter every few days.
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So, Spartacus. I don't actually think I ever mentioned I am watching this. Well, 'watching', depending on how you define it. I am possibly a very very weird audience for this show. I 'watch' it because I am incredibly intrigued what kind of kink and nudity and insanity they're going to come up with next, because this show clearly lives to do crazy shit. On the other hand, I frequently 'watch' it shrunk to the size of two postage stamps in a corner of the screen and looking at other stuff, because I am actually a total wimp about on-screen violence. The spurting blood, I can handle, but Spartacus just loooooves cracking people's skulls open and having their teeth shatter and hearing bones break and things ripped off people, and while I read that this apparently all looks fake, it still wigs me the fuck out. Hence I 'watch' without actually looking at the screen much for long long stretches and only tune in for the kink-and-nudity bits. (Which, funnily enough, don't actually do anything for me either, but it is always interesting what they do. And frequently makes me go, 'in fandom, this would be called idfic.')

Here's my complaint, though. Has the dialog gotten noticeably worse? I know they've always done the very stitled faux-theatre-ish thing, but I don't remember it being this painful from the first season. And, really, if you're 'watching' a show at the size of two postage stamps in your screen corner, the dialog sucking really gets problematic!

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PS: this is very random in the context of fucking, skull-crashing Romans, but in the context of TV-I-am-'watching': Saiko no Jinsei no Owarikata, aka Pi's Undertaker Drama. Oh. My. God. You know you're in trouble when you fail to meet the Kami no Shizuku standard of 'interesting.' I had high hopes for this show, because a) it seemed to have interesting, quirky characters, b) Pi has really good hair, c) and gets good lighting, d) I found the details of burials interesting (people in Japan apparently get put in gift boxes when they're dead!), e) the female detective is a little bit hot pretty, and f) did I mention Pi is pretty? But I'm up to ep 3 now and the plots? Just suck. Ep 2 had thirty minutes of plot and fifteen minutes waffle. Ep 3 had fifteen minutes of plot and thirty minutes of PREACHING. As much as I would love to know what happens to the disabled sister and watch the female detective puke all over Japan after more drinking rounds with Pi, I am afraid I am unable to stomach the preaching. And having five people explain what happened... ten minutes ago. On screen. (Srsly, this is like a record even for Jdramas.)

I'm sorry, Pi. ;__;

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Why Solo Is Almost As Awesome As Yamapi, a paper by Jo Lasalle

Abstract: In this paper I investigate the relationship between the awesomeness of Yamapi and Solo, using a small-N comparative approach based on data gathered by the Scottish Centre for Pretty and OCD (2005-2012) as well as personal field research.

The working hypothesis of this article is that Solo is almost as awesome as Yamapi. I will test this hypothesis across a number of established categories. Individual results will be weighed according to the common awesomeness chart (K. Kamenashi: 2008) and added up for the final comparison. A preliminary survey of the data suggests that the question is not as clear-cut as it may appear at first, but that despite certain outliers in the findings, the hypothesis is confirmed.

With credit to my esteemed colleagues in the field.

The data. )

This article is open to peer review.
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On JE fannish things:
I am very, very much in love with Pi's Ai, Texas. I hadn't really paid attention to any of the promos because a) I admit the title made me suspect it might be a bit st00pid and b) the outfit he's wearing in performances made me suspect it might be a bit st00pid EVEN MORE. But people, I love this song. I love the melody -- I really want a word for these melodies that Pi sometimes has, because there's definitely a pattern, and normally it's in his love songs, where... I want to say 'ordinary', only not in a boring, everyday sense. You know, where love songs can be like OMG DRAMA OPERA I WILL DIE FOR YOU and then you have a melody that's more like 'yeah, I love you, now let's go and milk the cows'. This song is bouncier than Gomen Ne or Love Song, but it still does that, with the melody.

And I love the quirky drums on the chorus, and what his voice does on the bridge, and I just want to SQUISH THIS SONG.

Fannnish bitchiness:
I have been following the discussions on the Smallville fanfic archive moving to the AO3 with some interest, in various places. And, you know, I concede that it's a multi-faceted issue, and I really want to read those discussions in the spirit of openness to both sides. But then inevitably I come across the comment that goes, 'I uploaded my stories fifteen years ago and I moved fandoms since then and I changed my pseud and I don't even use that old e-mail address anymore and I haven't spared my fic in that archive a thought in the last fifteen years BUT NOW THE AO3 WANTS TO ARCHIVE IT THEY ARE EVIL EVIL EVIL. PS: yes I totally, consciously only wanted my fic archived for ~the natural lifespan of an archive~ when I put it up.' And I just end up wanting to mock people TO THEIR FACE for being special snowflake idiots.

*sigh* Fandom, always good for bringing out my impartial and dispassionate side.

On journal admin:
Inspired by [personal profile] solo, I've been wondering if I should try for 'a post a day' in March, too. They'd probably vary in substance, and IDEK. But I actually like DW/LJ being a bit livelier. (Well, in theory.)


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Should Jo do A Post A Day in March?

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Yes, dooo eeeet.
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No, I'd rather see fewer but longer posts.
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Who is Jo?
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Should Jo tag those posts so you can filter out the spam?

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No, lumping in two line posts about Pi being awesome with longer posts is inappropriate.
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Which substantial posts about her exciting life should Jo write?

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What It Feels Like To Be A Slob: A Field Guide For Non-Slobs
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Life in the Village: A Photo Story
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How To Go Japan Twice in 12 Months on a Grad Student Budget: The Life of a Squirrel, or Saving When You Hate Excel Sheets
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Why I Honestly Think Kame Is Gay, aka The One With The Potential Wank
8 (66.7%)

Japan Pictures That Are Only Six Months Old
5 (41.7%)

All The Plants I Ever Killed: A Retrospective
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The Proto-Femslash Of My Youth
5 (41.7%)

Something else, which I will comment about.
3 (25.0%)

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Main post item:

[ profile] haikuesque is offering to write Akame fic to spec in the [ profile] help_pakistan fandom auction. We started out as a bargain basement, though at the moment we're... medium-cheap.

We are for sale here.


Secondary post item:

I really liked this interview with Pi, mostly because it talked about World is Yours, my favourite recent b-side. (The girl stuff is puzzling and interesting and practially invites comparisons with Jin and Jin's conservative streak. In a tangent with Solo, it's lead to some interesting questions about how Kame probably perceives women, though unfortunately I don't have the time to make that into coherent Kame theory fit for public consumption...)

It's probably just that I don't hang out in the Pin lairs, so maybe they get their tinhats on just as I would over Akame if Kame started making statements about an 'encouragement song' right now. If I were a Pin shipper, I'd be all over that like vanilla sauce on chocolate pudding, and even not being a a Pin shipper... I've been having little warm fuzzies over World is Yours ever since I looked at the lyrics. Is it possible to get a Pin friendship hat? ... would that be a pinhat?
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So, Yamapi's new single is out. With the song already leaked in advance, I was mostly curious about the b-sides, but I also only watched the PV today, so this has been a nice package experience. And I decided to write an actual post about it instead of a one-liner

One in a Million - single - the short version is, I like it not quite as much as Loveless, but it's probably on par with MOLA, which is nice solid music for the car or for running.

One in a Million - PV - okay, you know... I kinda like it?

Cut for embedded video and more commentary. )

In conclusion: satisfactory. But dear Pi: lay off the hoodies.
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First of all, if you haven't seen it, [ profile] becroberts has written a story for [ profile] solo____ and me, illustrating perfectly why Jin should just quit it already with the hats and sunglasses (and get a haircut). It's very cute and hilarious and there are even no Yamazombies just for me: Sleeping Jin and the Unholy Trinity.So sometimes you get nice things for whining, even if you can't get Jin to leave off the sunglasses.

Thank you very much, [ profile] becroberts, for writing our prompt! :-)


In other news: I have a dishwasher!!! It took two hours, a fairly wet kitchen, a number of 'switch off the water!!' runs into the cellar and an emergency trip to the DIY to finally connect it without leaks, but now it is, and the wall looks dry and the towel I left under it overnight feels dry, and I think I can really use this thing now. I've been joking about the social climb this represents ('from unemployment to dishwasher owner!') and the truth is I never would have bought a dishwasher just for me even if I had a full-time job, even with dirty dishes being somewhat of a health hazard in my household on occasion. BUT THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! And it's actually a pretty good one, a very well-kept Bosch that would have served my aunt and uncle for a good while if my aunt wasn't on a wild 'this will be the last kitchen I ever buy!' spending spree and wanted a dishwasher with a timer and, I'm told, special lighting effects.

Oh, and in more hand-me-down-and-come-around goings-on, the grandpa car, of which I'm still in charge, has a CD player now! Which used to belong to my mother, and she didn't need it anymore when she got her new car so she gave it to a friend, and then that friend bought a new car recently and didn't need the second CD player anymore, and now we got it back.

That is a very pointless story. But I like the CD player.


Next backlog post I'm going to write: Japanese class. Because you all need to appreciate the full horror of 8 hour homework and the fact that I start going nnnnng now over a class that is on Thursday.


Brief admin note: I've taken some LJs off my flist that I friended randomly in the first flush of new fandom love without realising they were so flocked or empty there wasn't actually anything for me to read, or the owner had already moved on to other fandoms. You shouldn't even know I'm gone, but if you do, and internet psychology being what it is, rest assured it's nothing personal.
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[personal profile] solo and I have concluded our break from writing epic whorefic romance for something just a little different. In just about every way. :-)

Unexpected Changes in Management
by Julia & Solo
Akame, rated adult. PWP. No, for realz! It's under 4000 words, people! With many thanks to Matchy for the beta. For more notes, see the post at [community profile] haikusociety. Where you can also find our new banner. *g*

'Fish don't get horny.'


Random scenes from our house this morning...

Me, to my mother: Yo, come here, there's a peacock in the garden!
My mother, comes and looks down balcony: ... that's a pheasant. City kid.

I wanted to take a picture anyway cause I thought it looked quite cool, but then it just kept circling Aunt Anneliese's tomato plants and refused to pose, so I only have some pics of tomato plant leaves.

Am currently waiting to hear back about an internship I applied for for November. The interview was yesterday, and I thought it went pretty well; they started talking about which project they wanted to put me on with me still sitting there. (This would be unpaid, but where I would work could give me a good learning experience.)

It does mean that I would have to drive out there tomorrow morning and listen to some conference, instead of just writing porn on my birthday. Oh well. :-)


More update-y fannish things: I meant to say earlier that November seems to be shaping up pretty good in terms of OMG NEW STUFF, with the News DVD coming out and the Bandage music release AND Pi's solo. Tasty, tasty. I've listened to the radio version of Loveless by now and.... hmmm. Not bad. I do like Pi's voice and this is much nicer than MOLA. Though I feel it gets a bit repetitive and doesn't really take off. Bandage is better as a song.

And now I have to go make some chili.
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It has been brought to my attention that coming out with callous cat comments can cast uncomfortable questions upon my character.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that as soon as I can afford a rename token, I shall change my LJ name to [ profile] kind_to_cats. I am sure this will benefit my social integration, help me make friends and influence people, and present me as a balanced, well-rounded personality.


More KAT-TUN leakage! When [ profile] solo____ did her solo predictions poll, I shuffled 'Moon' around a bit because I thought it sounded kinda bland and non-descript. But I like! I like a lot! Looking forward to a HQ version. And I cannot wait for proper album promotion to start. I really hope there's going to be a performance of the solos, even in a medley, like they did for Queen of Pirates. April could be a lot of fun...


Also, I just got an invite code for Dreamwidth that is not spoken for. If you want to create a DW account before 30 April and make sure you beat me to getting [ profile] kind_to_cats (or just, like, secure your own name, if you must), comment and claim. (OMG I'm not even doing it on purpose at this point...) First come, first serve.


ETA: Oh, Yamapi, how so adorable? :-) If he won a million $, he'd make sure NewS got a decent PV for a change! I love it. At least the trend in NewS PVs to kind of... suck has not gone unnoticed. *sigh*

I also love the comment about little dishes of gourmet food. Gourmet is all nice and well, but can we get some quantity here? *g*
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I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be ironic. You can never quite tell, but once the waitresses and the old guys started dancing, I figured the OMGAWFUL and the WTF?? were intentional. But can someone explain to me why everyone, everyone still manages to look surprisingly attractive in a terrible choreography and a dodgy plot, EXCEPT Yamapi?

Somehow he manages to look like he's in a different PV from the others altogether.

Either he's the only one who really got the parody angle and is playing it for all it's worth, or he got different directions, or he really does not want to be there. Or he's drunk or something.

But I cannot cope. I knew the hair was terrible, but when Koyama and Massu look hotter than you, you've got a problem! Seriously, Pi, WTF?!

Will be interesting what happens to this in the TV performances. But... please, Yamapi, CUT YOUR HAIR.

By secret request... embedded under cut. )
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Can someone tell me what Yamapi is up to with that hair?

I mean, seriously...

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ETA: It's a slightly questionable post to start my long overdue Yamapi tag, but he really is! Really! Only the hair, not so much. :-)


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