Greetings from Tokyo!

Apr. 24th, 2019 05:33 am
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I'm writing this while waiting for everyone to get ready to go out for Ebifry lunch in our hotel room on the 10th floor, and outside it is stormy and rainy and (apart from how wet we'll get when we head out for the Ebifry) it is glorious. I love rain and storm while in tall buildings! *___*

Vacation is proceeding as fairly vacation-y, and after the first somewhat frazzly Sapporo up-and-down trip we've settled into our home away from home in Sugamo, hung out a lot with [personal profile] bellemainec and [personal profile] mazauric, and are generally getting some good downtime.

I have so far:
watched Jin's concert-replacement documentary; eaten gyudon; visited the Jin x Gudetama café; visited Sapporo; learned that at least one of Helmut Schmidt's autobiographies was apparently translated into Japanese; eaten omurice; watched UNION concert with the local fangirls; been to the onsen (a lot); failed to find Guardian doujinshi in Ikebukuro; had my favourite Korean lunch set; had my favourite sushi in Ikebukuro; visited the Pokémon Center; went to karaoke; queued for two hours at the Johnny's shop to buy 28 shop pictures; bought not one but two dresses at Uniqlo; bought a Chu cloak at a small store in Sapporo because Solo and Frameofmind are terrible enablers; cashed concert ticket refund checks at a Japanese post office with only minimal hilarity & weirdness.

Still on the to-do list:
watch Jin's concert-replacement documentary more (in Osaka and Ibaraki); eat at Tenya; eat Sukiyaki (reservation for tonight, though!); watch CAST concert; watch Jindependence 2018 concert; visit Chinatown in Yokohama; do serious household shopping at Daiso; visit the virtual adventure park on top of Sunshine City building; watch at least one episode of Detective L; buy & eat ekiben.

I'm on Twitter a fair bit while on the road because I can't keep away from the shiny new fandom, and it's both great and a terrible terrible tease because OverexplainingJo is just not good at the Twitter format. (DrunkJo has it down pretty good, though, she thinks.) I'm keeping up with Dreamwidth to the extent that I read & comment on things that are comment-able-on on my phone, but anything that requires a keyboard or a non-travelling brain will have to wait until I'm back home. I'm seeing lots of fic posted for Guardian and I will be so behind when I get home, and that's like two weeks before the however-many-stories for the exchange get posted all at once, and how will I ever catch up?? (Another luxury problem, she says, looking at the last few years of Akame fic...)

Maybe at some point there will be pictures, but since most of the pictures so far have been of food or me clutching a giant panda (that Solo and Frameofmind also made me buy), maybe also not. *g* Hope everyone who got an Easter break had a good one!

And now Ebifry time! <3



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